Pavitra Bhagya 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Jugnu is heartbroken to see Pranati’s state

Pavitra Bhagya 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi questions Reyansh as to why he brought Pranati home. We had a golden opportunity! Reyansh wonders if he should tell Dadi he couldn’t do it as he was helpless because of his heart. I think this is the right time. Dadi asks Reyansh what he wants to do. Reyansh tells her to relax. There was so much media there. What would have happened if I had left her there? They would have come after our family too. This would have affected our name and business. Pranati is still the DIL of this house in front of the world. You have worked so hard to bring us here but we could have lost it today. I did that only for you and for this house. You were my priority. She says I agree but I just don’t want her to live in this house. I will have to think of a new excuse to throw her out of here. Reyansh heaves a sigh of relief. I could handle Dadi today but what will I do in future.

Riya is showing all the options to Jugnu. Let me know what you like. I will pack everything for you. Jugnu says why do I feel that it was Nayi Ma only. Riya denies. She tries to divert her but Jugnu requests her to be honest with her. Riya declines but Reyansh tells her the truth. Jugnu asks him about Pranati. Is she fine? Reyansh says she is not well. Go and meet her. Jugnu runs to meet Pranati. Riya asks Reyansh why he had to tell her the truth. Reyansh says Jugnu is a kid but she is smart. You should not hide anything from kids. Tell them as much as you can honestly. They understand everything. It is important for raising them right. Jugnu is smart as she has our blood. She nods.

Kesar has put Pranati to bed and is rubbing her feet when Jugnu comes with a glass of turmeric milk. Kesar asks her what it is. Jugnu says I made turmeric milk for Nayi Ma. It is easy to make. Kesar says you could have told me. Jugnu sits next to Kesar. I wanted it to boil perfectly so Nayi Ma gets well the moment she drinks it. She keeps Pranati’s feet on her lap and rubs it emotionally. Since when are you doing this? Kesar says it’s been a long time. Jugnu says she should have woken up by now in that case. Kesar tells her to have faith on God. Jugnu is in tears. Why isn’t she conscious yet? She touches Pranati’s forehead. She has fever. How did it happen? Kesar says it might be because of shock. Doc will be here soon. She will be fine. Jugnu picks up the water jug and some tissues. She puts cold tissues on Pranati’s head. Kesar asks Jugnu why she fights with her Nayi Ma if she loves her so much. Jugnu says I never understood love. I only learnt how to fight and that is what I had been doing. Till date no one has taught me how to love and what is love. Is Nayi Ma upset with me because of this? Is this why she is unconscious and not talking to me? Kesar denies. No mother can be upset from her kid. She is just unwell. She will talk to you once she is conscious. Jugnu says even I have a lot to say to her. I will listen to everything that you say from today. I will never fight with you again. Please wake up once and talk to me, Nayi Ma. I will do homework on time and dress up the way you want me to. I wont act naughty. I will go to school daily. Please forgive me and wake up once, Nayi Ma. She requests Kesar to convince Pranati. I swear upon Ganpati Bappa, I will be nice to her. I am not bad at all. I just look bad but I am not bad from heart. Please tell her Dayi Ma. She hugs Pranati. Reyansh is watching it from the door and moved to tears. Kesar tells Jugnu to calm down.

Reyansh receives Archit’s call. He remembers what he saw at the hotel and heads to his room.

Maan asks Reyansh why he is bothered if Pranati was with Archit. Reyansh notices vermilion on the sleeve of kurta and recalls what happened downstairs. Maan asks his brother if he is telling the truth. Reyansh says it is true. Why would I care about her when she is neither my girlfriend nor wife? Maan says you are right but your words don’t match with your expressions at all. Look inside your heart. Tell me honestly. What do you want? Armaan says why do you bother when he is saying he does not care. He liked Pranati during the college time. He left her then. He is with her because of Jugnu now but it does not matter. Maan insists that it does matter to Reyansh. She is unconscious but Reyansh keeps going to check on her. Why? Everyone can see everything clearly. You agreed to throw Pranati out of the house because of Dadi but do what you want. Armaan says Bhai wants the same thing. Maan tells Reyansh to follow his heart. Reyansh lashes out on both. Think well before talking to me next time. I am your elder brother. He walks out of the room. Armaan tells Maan to stay in his limits. Maan notices Archit’s incoming call on the phone and asks about Pranati. Maan asks him how he knows this. Archit asks him to first tell how she is. Maan says we are waiting for doc. I will call you later. Archit decides to go to Khurana House to meet Pranati.

Doc checks Pranati. It will be a tough night for her. Jugnu says she is unconscious since so long. What has happened to her? When will she wake up and talk to me? Reyansh assures her that she will be fine soon. Doc says I cannot say anything right now. We must wait till morning. Reyansh suggests shifting her to hospital in that case. Doc disagrees. It would be better to let her rest her. Everyone in the hospital would know and might create some fuss. She will be awake tomorrow morning hopefully. Riya suggests Jugnu to let Pranati rest tonight. We will check on her in the morning. Jugnu goes with Riya reluctantly. Doc tells Reyansh he can leave a nurse with Pranati. Tonight is critical for her. Reyansh denies. I will take care of her. Doc tells him to call him in case he needs anything. Reyansh thanks him.

Pranati is sleeping in her room. The room is fully decorated with candles and lights. Reyansh thinks Pranati loved this fragrance. He smiles as he looks around but his smile disappears as a text flashes on Pranati’s phone. It is from Archit. I agree that it is hurting a lot but I accept your relation with Archit.

Precap: Few women have come to Khurana house and they speak badly about Pranati and call her characterless. She shouts enough. Vardhan is behind all this. Vardhan and Khurana family is stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good lord even I don’t like Archit, but Reyanch needs to talk to him so they can get to the bottom of what happened with Pranati. Surely they don’t think she was involved in some nefarious deeds if she was drugged

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