Shaadi Mubarak 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: KT defends Preeti’s hardwork


Shaadi Mubarak 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT arguing with the client. Preeti says we will do the work. Agarwal says explain him to stay in limits, client is like Lord. He goes. KT says I don’t find him right. KT and Preeti decorate the frame. Ik tara….plays…… They smile seeing the lights. KT says its right connection, so light is glowing, I didn’t work since I didn’t had any right connection with anyone, I met you and then got to know that I can do well if I get an amazing partner like you, you are thinking why do I want to work with you. She thinks and goes. She says Kusum told him everything.

Kusum says Priyanka has got angry on you, its not good. Juhi says no, maybe she got angry, she is worried. Kusum asks her to say what’s the matter. She gets a call. Juhi goes to Priyanka and says if you tell me anything in front of Kusum, then I have to tell everything to Kusum, please control your anger. Priyanka makes a face. KT asks yes or no. Preeti doesn’t answer. He says I also have this talent. Agarwal asks Preeti to check the water connection in kitchen. She says it will be done. KT says this is not your work, he is taking an advantage. She manages work.

She sees KT working. She gets snacks for him. KT likes it. He says its best way to say yes, I love it. She asks him to have the aamchur chutney with matar samosa. He says you know me well, then you ay how will you work with a stranger, its proved that I m not a stranger, you can find out, people will say my film’s dialogues. Agarwal comes. Preeti says I will come on time tomorrow. He says no need, take the half payment and leave. She asks why, I have done all the work. He says client should be happy, but I m not. She asks him to say what’s lacking. He scolds her and sends her away. She leaves. KT looks on. Agarwal says I made her do all the work in half amount, I shouted on her and she left, she can’t do any business, its imp to show their real place. KT gets angry. Preeti thinks this happened on the first day. She sadly walks on the road. She comes home.

Kusum tells a funny story. Everyone laughs. Kusum asks Preeti to come and have tea. She thinks no one is asking me about my work, everyone is busy. Kusum recalls KT calling her and telling everything. KT says you are talented, I think you are the film’s heroine, keep Preeti awake at night. Kusum agrees.

She acts and asks Preeti to find the cockroach in the bedroom. They clean the room. Agarwal comes and argues with Preeti. He asks where are the blankets, guests are shivering in the cold. KT comes and says you won’t get all the work done in half money, don’t say you are my fan. He argues with Agarwal. Agarwal says no one is ready to come to help at this time, Preeti has to manage, else people will laugh on me. KT says you did wrong to make her work hard and pay her half money. Agarwal gets a call. He says stop the relatives, if they leave the function, I will be in problem. He gives money to Preeti and asks her to do the work. Kusum signs KT. KT takes the money and says thanks, you got late in making the payment, what’s the use now, where will we get the blankets at night. Preeti says I can try. She makes a call to arrange the blankets. KT asks Agarwal to learn from Preeti, how to talk with manners. Preeti says you will get the blankets delivery in an hour, you can go home. KT asks Agarwal to apologize to Preeti. Everyone looks on. Preeti looks at KT.

Preeti says when I make a new start, I come to this temple, so I called you here, we should take blessings. KT says it means you…..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Preeti will learn slowly by slowly to stand up for herself. I like KT, he’s already standing up for her. I like the bond between them, it’s growing on me.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Preeti need confidence to convey her things to others and to take stand for herself.. hope KT help her build in this…

  3. I just love everything about this serial. Pretty Preeti and handsome KT. But my best friend is Kusum. So intelligent

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