Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga’s husband brings an alliance for Manjula

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Bhima takes his father inside. He advises the villagers to leave this town and go somewhere else where no one knows them. Don’t tell your caste. Someone asks Bhima if it isn’t wrong. He nods. We should be proud of it but it is better to hide it till the time people learn to respect us for who we are. We aren’t making any mistakes by doing it. We are instead finding ways to live. They ask him if they must lie everywhere. He denies. Lie only where people recognize / accept you only because of your caste. Slowly they will understand that we are humans too. Puranjan claps. Everyone joins him. They address him as Bheema, Bhima, Bheem Rao. Ram ji looks proudy at his son. This is your first victory. You will be remembered in history if you will take the right path. Puranjan says these cheers aren’t an ordinary thing. It isn’t also an ordinary thing that Bhima has shown them a path to live. It is a different path than what we have walked on till date. Don’t know who will succeed or fail on this path but I am sure things will change one day. We all want to celebrate what is about to happen. We want to do something in his honour. Ram ji tells him it isn’t required. This way he will become a leader. He has to become a warrior and not a leader! Warrior is hungry for victory and not for any honour. Do you understand? Bhima nods. Villagers cheer for him yet again.

Bhimbai scolds Manjula for focusing more on studies and not on household chores. This wont help you after marriage. Manjula is reluctant. Bhimbai insists that girls her age manage their entire house. Manjula heads inside unhappily.

At night, Bhimbai tells Ram ji she does not think she will ever recover. He tells her not to say this. Doctors have said you will be fine. Bhimbai does not fall for it. I had heard about someone else in Mhow who had a similar disease. She died. He retorts that not everyone dies because of their illnesses. Bhimbai cannot leave Ram ji alone. I wont let you die. They both become emotional. Bhimbai says okay, I wont die. She repeats it sweetly while looking him in his eyes. I want my daughters to marry. I want to see them go to their homes from eyes atleast. He says it will happen whenever it is destined to be. She says I have found few options and I have even asked Ganga to find a nice guy for Manjula. We will get her married if we find a nice guy. Meera asks her what they should cook in dinner. Anand gives a suggestion. Ram ji happily supports him. Meera and Bhimbai happily agree.

Next morning, Ram ji watches Manjula while she is studying. He sits next to her and pats her head lovingly. I am sure you will top the examination. Keep studying like this! Bhimbai looks on. Their SIL comes just then. He shares that they have found a good match for Manjula. Bhimbai is thrilled whereas Ram ji and Manjula get tensed. Manjula refuses to marry. Bhimbai sends her inside to make tea. Manjula tells her Baba she wants to study. Bhimbai scolds her. Ram ji gestures her to be calm. Bhimbai tells Manjula it isn’t good for girls to speak on such matters. It is parents who decide about the marriage of their kids. Manjula reasons that it is about her marriage after all. Ram ji requests her to go inside. Manjula complies. Bhimbai complains that he has spoiled both the girls. She tells her SIL to resume his discussion with the groom’s family. Ram ji wants to wait a little and discuss this matter with Manjula. Bhimbai stays put. Ram ji says it isn’t good to find a match in haste. This decision isn’t right. She gets emotional. I told you last night I want to see my daughters settle down while I am still alive. She asks her SIL if this hasn’t happened to the girls living around them. Bhima says those girls don’t study like our sisters. Neither do their Baba’s get them enrolled for exams. Bhimbai tells him he isn’t grown up enough to have a say in this matter. Go to school. He says the one who is about to marry should have a say in the matter. Bhimbai asks Meera if her parents asked her when her alliance was fixed. No one asked me. Parents do this for their kids’ sake. No one is immature here. bhima asks his Baba if he is in for this idea too. Bhimbai announces that this wedding will happen even if the entire family is against this decision. She tells her SIL to take things forward. He nods.

Bhimbai tells Manjula to understand it is better to get married early and settle down in life. Manjula cries. I want to study. Why did you take me to Pune to enrol for the exam if that is what you wanted? Why did you make me study? Bhimbai asks her if she will question her now. Manjula says I know how many daughters speak and how many daughters are heard. You think I will argue or question you? I will marry whoever you will choose for me.

Ram ji tells his wife not to do something which hurts you. She says how to make you understand that it becomes difficult to marry the girls who are motherless. Her husband will help her study if she is bound to study. She does not let him argue. You must stand with me in this.

Bhima decides to stop this wedding at any cost. Baba appears to be helpless in front of Aayi right now.

Precap: Anand tells his parents that Bhima is nowhere to be seen and has left a note behind for them.

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