Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 14th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Hanuman witnesses Vaishnavi’s Sherawali Avatar

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 14th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaishnavi thinking of an idea to clear Hanuman’s doubt. She makes Shri Ram’s dhanush come in her hand. Hanuman gets surprised and comes to her. He greets her. Jai Maa plays….Vaishnavi smiles and thinks he came infront of me seeing Shri Ram’s arrow, but seems like he is still having doubt in his heart. Hanuman thinks if she is really divine. Vaishnavi asks if he has some doubt. Hanuman tells that he came for her protection, but feeling very thirsty. Vaishnavi says lake is near, we shall go there. Hanuman says I can’t drink water from that lake as I drink only Ganga Jal. Vaishnavi says Ganga Jal here. Hanuman thinks if she is really divine and have divine powers then she will help me. Vaishnavi asks him to search Ganga water, himself. Hanuman searches for the water and then comes to Vaishnavi, tells that he is very thirsty and asks her to make him drink Ganga jall. Vaishnavi says lets try and see what outcome comes. Vaishnavi prays to Ganga and asks the Goddess to relieve Hanuman’s thirst. Narayan says Devi Ganga got Mata Rani’s call. Mahadev makes Ganga water appear before hanuman and vaishnavi. Hanuman asks how to believe that this is Ganga water. Ganga mata appears before him and tells that the water is of her. She prays to Vaishnavi and asks her to make them see their divine avatar.

Vaishnavi appears in her sherawali avatar. Hanuman apologizes to Vaishnavi for testing her. Vaishnavi says you have obeyed Shri Ram. Ganga feels blessed by Vaishnavi’s darshan. Vaishnavi pours water on her hair. Ganga mata tells that the place will be called as Bal Ganga. Vaishnavi tells Hanuman that she will call him when she needs his help, asks him to rest till then. Bharti waits for Vaishnavi and thinks why Mata Rani haven’t returned till now for Sadhna. Vaishnavi returns and sits for her Sadhna. Shridhar calls her and asks her to guide him. The little Vaishnavi comes infront of him and says you have seen many bad times and bear people’s taunts and humiliations. Shridhar asks you remember everything. He says I came empty handed.

Vaishnavi says when you have a wish, you will find the way to fulfill it. Shridhar asks how? Vaishnavi gives him something and it becomes fruit in Shridhar’s hands. Shridhar presents the fruit to little Vaishnavi. Devi lakshmi says Mata Rani fulfills all small and big wishes of her devotees. Shridhar asks her to guide him. Vaishnavi says I know that you have suffered a lot and says if you want a child then you have to make 9 girls have food at your house. She says you shall be determined and do kanya puja at home. Shridhar agrees. Vaishnavi asks him to take the fruit as her blessings and says your kanya pujan shall be successful. The grown up Vaishnavi opens her eyes. Bharti asks did you guide Shridhar? Vaishnavi says yes. Bharti offers her bhog. Just then Bhairavnath shouts calling Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi hears him and stops. Bhairavnath asks Guru ji’s shishya to leave from there. Vaishnavi asks Bharti to call everyone. Bhairavnath thinks why he couldn’t reach Vaishnavi and this there is something magical.

Narayan says Mata Rani’s call haven’t come till now. Vaishnavi says until I call my devotees, they can’t reach me. Bhairavnath realizes that he is seeing a tree again and again and burns the tree with his hand. He comes near the tree and says I will break your magical trap and will reach you. Bharti asks what about Shridhar. Vaishnavi says his wish will be fulfilled as he is truthful devotee. Shridhar gives the fruit to his wife Sulochana. Sulochana thanks Mata Rani and then apologizes to Shridhar, says that she was always doubtful that if they will get the child. Shridhar says it is all Mata Rani’s blessings. He says we have to make the arrangements. Sulochana says we have to do Mata Rani’s puja’s first, then only we will invite 9 girls and feed them. She says we don’t have her idol. Shridhar says if our devotion is truthful then we will get something in our house for the idol placement. Sulochana searches and tells that they shall offer the grains to mata rani. They show the grains around their house. Shridhar says we don’t have anything to be kept on your name. He prays and Vaishnavi’s sherawali idol appear infront of them. They get surprised.

Precap: Bhairavnath comes infront of Vaishnavi while blindfolded. He removes his blind fold and looks at Vaishnavi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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