Qurbaan Hua 14th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat decides to bring back Saraswati’s son

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Chahat leans against the stall she thinks that she feels her father is near her, she praises Ahad for his pure nature, she exclaims that she is really missing her father. Chahat sees a man walking with a lamp then remembers when she was young and she got lost when her father assured her that he will always find her by using a lamp which they will release in the air, she goes to buy the lamp then prays that she sees that lamp of her father.

Godamabari is walking in the market she exclaims that she is the only one who ahs the strength to buy the groceries for the Pooja and now she will take rest for a long time, she hands Chahat the groceries before leaving.

Naveli hears the knock on the door but before opening the door exclaims her love however she is shocked to hear that it is her mother, who exclaims that she tell her the truth and when she threatens to throw water on her which gets on her nerve and she tells the entire truth, Godamabari then forces her on the terrace, Naveli feels that her mother will push her from the edge but she asks her to open her eyes exclaiming that she wants her to see the entire village which she will rule after marrying Baleq, Naveli is happy to realize that her mother is with her, Naveli exclaims that she is only worried about Chahat who might not try to stop her, Godamabari exclaims that she will make sure Chahat never dares to come in their way.

Neil is preparing the packages that will be distributed amongst the poor, Naveli exclaims that she cannot pick the weight, Godamabari says that she will ask Chahat to pick it however Jamanpura stops her and takes it by himself.

Chahat asks Neil if he will not go but he mentions that he will leave after doing one important thing, he tries to lock Chahat but he himself gets stuck amongst them, which angers him, but he leaves.

The preparations are made for the Pooja but they are shocked to see that the crows are not coming, Viyas Jee mentions that he knows what is stopping, he asks Jamanpura to ask Neil so that he can bring Chahat, Neil mentions that they are still not married but Viyas says that it was the wish of Saraswati so he must bring her.

Chahat is about to dial the number of her father when Neil enters, she immediately pushes’ it away, he forces her to come with her but she is not ready then he takes her in her arms, he exclaims that in their religion it is a belief that until the crows eat the food the soul of the died person cannot rest in peace, she gets ready to go with him if his father has called her, they are about to leave when the phone rings, Chahat gets scared which makes Neil wonder if it is her father, he answers the call and is shocked to hear that it is the number of Mr Baig but the person who answered it is not him upon inquiring he pleads with Neil to ask Mr Baig to come and take his phone from him, Neil turns to Chahat exclaiming that he will deal with her later but for now she must come with him.

Chahat reaches the Pooja, Jamanpura mentions that she has come however it has no effect on the crows who do not come to eat, Viyas steps forward mentioning in open that his daughter has won and now Neil will marry the women whom he likes. Baleq also acts as if he is really worried about the soul of Saraswati, Viyas Jee gets emotional and takes the blame mentioning that it is because 9of him as he was angry with his daughter during her last moments which is why her soul is restless, he starts hitting his head against a rock. Everyone stops him from doing it which even makes Chahat nervous who thinks that she knows the person whom Saraswati is wanting to see so she will bring him to the family.


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