Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th April 2013 Written Update
Viren is discussing something with his clients as he gets a call from Riya. She says that she’s quite bored at home and she wants to go out with him for lunch since Sambhav is busy as well. While he tries to refuse cause of his busy schedule, he worries that she may do something to herself, which is why he agrees to meet her for lunch and cancels his meetings. He calls Sambhav up and tries to get him to come along, but he says he’ll meet them straight at the restaurant.

At the Vadhera Mansion, Virat asks Jeevika to surprise Viren with lunch in the office. Maanvi loves the idea and encourages him to go along. Jeevika is hesitant, but on Virat-Maanvi’s insistence, she agrees to go off and bring him lunch.

In Chandigarh, Beeji and Badi Beeji are sitting and discussing stuff. Beeji spots Lakshmi wearing the suit Jeevika had bought for her from her first salary and asks her as to where she got it from. Lakshmi tells her that Sweety gave her the suit, and at the same time, she comes out. Beeji is furious and admonishes Sweety for giving off her clothes without asking, that too something that was so precious to her. Sweety denies having anything to do with the suit and yells at Lakshmi. Lakshmi yells back at Sweety for lying, but Dabboo gets mad at her. Sweety cries and complains to Dabboo but Lakshmi effectively yells back and shuts her up and leaves the job. Dabboo is furious and yells at her while she leaves.

As Viren is leaving his office, Jeevika is entering at the same time. A hit and miss sequence where the two of them miss and don’t see each other. Jeevika is told by the office workers that he’s just gone off for a meeting. She decides to sit and wait in the office for him to return.

Viren and Riya reach a restaurant and the two of them engage in small talk where Viren praises Jeevika which doesn’t go too well with Riya. Riya sees a family of 3 dining and goes all melancholic as she remembers her abortion. Viren asks her to order as he leaves to use the washroom. Riya is continually staring at the little kid and she goes up to him and tries to make small talk with him. Viren returns from the washroom and is surprised to find Riya missing. At the same time, the family of three is surprised to see that their son went missing as well. Viren tries to look around and locate her while the parents of the kid are frantic as well.

Viren runs along and finds Riya playing with the kid in some godforsaken place. He admonishes her for bringing the kid without informing his parents. At the same time the kid’s parents come and take the kid away rather angrily. Riya runs off, and Viren runs behind her. She runs off into the store room of the restaurant and Viren follows her, closing the door behind them. The two of them try and talk things out regarding the incident that just took place. She tries to hold his hand, but he shrugs her off. Viren says that they need to leave and Riya apologises for her actions. Some people outside the storeroom pass crude and vulgar comments about Viren and Riya inside the store-room which embarrasses the two of them and slightly annoys Viren. To their astonishment, the entire restaurant is outside the store-room as they are made to leave. Note that Viren takes Riya’s hand in his and takes her out.

A troubled Viren returns home. Jeevika goes up to him and informs him about how she’d gone over to meet him for lunch but he wasn’t there. He’s about to tell her about the incident with Riya when Virat comes in and asks for his car keys as he wants to take Maanvi out shopping. Maanvi jokes around about Viren’s absence and tells him to have all meals with Jeevika the next day. Viren is in an awkward situation and goes off to shower.

As Virat takes the car keys from the chauffeur, he notices the tag of some hotel on the keys. Maanvi lightly comments that he had probably gone to the hotel for some meeting, and he needn’t overthink. On sitting in the car, Maanvi finds a lipstick below the passenger seat. As they wonder about the origin of the lipstick, Maanvi realises that it is not the brand of lipstick that Jeevika uses. Both are thoughtful.

Precap: Maanvi is on the phone with Virat and she sees Viren gifting a bouquet of roses to Riya. She calls Viren to test him, and he replies that he’s busy in a meeting and he’ll call her back ASAP. Maanvi is shocked.

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