Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2013 Written Update

episode starts with Maasa sending out everyone including bhabho and chhavi, saying that she only wants Sandy with her in order to do her bidding. Chhavi is hesitant but made to leave anyway.

Maasa then shows Sandhya how to attract interest in her husband…to make eye contact but look away, to open up her veil, letting her hair loose, etc etc…and Sandhya is getting more and more nervous. She asks how many times as though this is a chemistry class to add in right amounts of this and that. Maasa then continues on and tells her that when Suraj comes closer to her, all she needs to do is extend her hand and ask for the necklace. Sandhya nods her head but very unsure of herself. Maasa says that this is a matter of her pride and her not losing any of her competitions with Dadusa. Sandhya then consents and says that if she brings in her necklace, would Maasa listen to one of her requests? Maasa is very much happy to do so but sends her in to go as quickly.

Chotu comes in asking for Suraj and the Bhabhasa is bragging to menfolk about his experiences with bhabho post marriage.

Chotu tells Suraj about a bulb getting fused and not working but refuses to go into the room with Suraj saying that it’s too dark and leaves him all alone. Suraj works on the night bulb. Sandhya then walks into the dark room and flips on the light switch.

Sandhya comes into the room looking flustered and mutters a few words nervously…necklace, Maasa, you and then makes an effort to compose herself. (Wonder where did her confidence go , the one that she displayed when cheating at the lagori game)

Suraj is confused, but smiles on seeing her. Sandy remembers that Maasa had told her that the first weapon of a woman is her ornaments. So she pulls the veil over her face, dutifully shows her anklets, makes noise with her chudis/kangans and then opens the veil.
(too thanda…to be honest, but whatever)


upcoming Precap: Sandhya enters Maasa’s room looking dejected, and M eagerly asks her for the necklace but she is quiet. Chhavi and Bhabho smirk…with Bhabho secretly thinking that how can Sandhya of all people get the necklace from mhara chora.

Suraj comes close and bewildered wondering why she has covered her face. But before her veil is opened, Sandhya then twirls around. and when he’s ready to open her veil she holds his hands and open s the veil on her own.

she then follows each of maasa’s instructions to the letter: she makes eye contact, looks away a couple of times. accd to Maasa, suraj is supposed to be lattoo over her, so he will bring out his hands forwards. but in reality suraj is looking at her with his hands folded. so sandhya just pulls out his hands and holds in her hands. he just looks at her in wonder. and sandy remembers the next instructions: she suddenly turns around. and pulls her hair to make it fall on his face. she then slowly walks backwards, and he follows her (it looks more comical to watch). suddenly she remembers that she is supposed to breathe heavily, so she does so as many times as she can. she then walks backwards, almost hitting the short bench behind her but suraj catches her.

sandhya is getting more and more flustered. suraj notices the beads of perspirations and holds her arms to make her sit next to him on the bed. He just smiles and says that why are you working so hard and what are you working so hard for? before sandhya can confess, suraj says I know this is what you are looking for. and pulls out the necklace from his pocket.

He lets her know that she looks good when fighting the bad guys and delivering justice, as she does so often. He likes just as she is, and she doesnt need to do all this for him. He also tells her that he liked watching her in this role, though. She gets very happy and there’s a sweet hug.

Sandhya then enters Maasa’s room where Chhavi and Bhabho smirk sure that she must have failed horribly. But Sandhya shows the necklace which makes Maasa very happy, but S reminds M of her promise. M very happily consents to buy her the choicest jewellery or the much-awaited items each lady loves to have. S however wishes her to make peace with Emily. she tells her that Emily marred her face, now give her a chance to redeem herself. She requests M to get her face made up by Emily (finally !). Maasa is reluctant, but agrees.

Precap: emily is done with her make up and tells Maasa to look into the mirror. All ladies show shocked expressions.


Update Credit to: Shailesh_Rathi

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