Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th April 2013 Written Update

Megha is feeding RJ and Mohan is looking at them with interest. RJ tries to take the soup bowl from Megha and spills all over Megha. Mohan says your saree is spoilt. RJ says give one saree to her from that. Mohan asks from what? RJ from Mummy’s collection. Megha looks hurt.Mohan says he doesn’t remember where the sarees are. RJ says the sarees are in a suitcase they got from Bhopal. RJ asks Guru to bring the suitcase.

Jiji having of Megha telling her that she will be late. Navi comes and asks what she is doing? Navi says she will help. Navi asks Jiji why she is upset and why she didn’t eat? Navi says if you don’t like Pizza and burger then you should have eaten something else. Jiji says I am not old to hate Pizza and burger. Navi asks where Megha is? Jiji says she is with some student who is unwell. Navi says she is jealous of RJ as her mother spends more time with her. Navi says she wants to talk to Megha about Spiderman. Navi asks Jiji if she would help her in making Megha understand. Jiji asks her to leave all this. Navi is taken aback. Jiji says sometimes we should live things to fate as we are all puppets in the hands of fate.

Guru brings in the sarees. RJ tells her how Mohan buys sarees every year on their anniversary. RJ asks her to pick one. Mohan thinks to himself how he can tell Megha that the sarees are for her. Megha thinks how Mohan can do this to her. Mohan asks her to chose any saree. Mohan and Guru leave. RJ asks Megha to chose a saree. MEgha picks up a saree and finds a box within it. RJ tells her that Mohan bought a pendant for Mummy last year. Megha looks at the pendant and it is M. Megha has FB of Guru telling her that RJ is Mohan-Meera’s daughter.

Tanu trying to romance Aarti. Aarti complains about Renu to Tanu. Tanu says there is no mummy and papa today. Tanu and Aarti try to come close and out of nowhere Renu comes and sleeps in between them. Tanu asks Renu as to why she is here? Renu slaps him. Aarti objects to slapping him. Renu, Tanu and Aarti nonsense on. Aarti gets mad at Tanu.

Megha wears the saree and RJ compliments her. RJ says Papu loves Mom that’s why he buys a saree for her on every anniversary. Mohan is happy looking at Megha in the saree. Rj tells Megha that her Mummy used to look good in a saree and that she was very pretty with peacock like eyes. Megha is hurt. Megha asks RJ to sleep. Megha’s hair comes undone and RJ compliments her on her hair. RJ tells Megha that her Papu used to tell her that her mother had awesome hair. Megha wipes her tears and RJ asks if she is crying. MEgha denies.

Navi slips while hanging out the clothes. Navi tells Beera that she wants to talk to him. Navi says she came home thinking she will talk to Megha and patch her and Mohan up. Navi says she spoke to Jiji about it but Jiji wasn’t too keen. Navi asks him if she is wrong? Beera says she has believed Mohan after a long time and now it is time for her to believe herself. Beera says if we want anything can be possible. He points out to Tanu and Aarti(who are together). Beera says in the end only love and trust are left.

Megha nursing RJ telling her that her fever is playing hide and seek with you. Megha says if your fever doesn’t come down then I have a special remedy for it. RJ says no fever can stay in front of you. RJ asks Megha if she takes care of her daughter the same way when she gets fever. Megha remembers thinking who would be taking care of Addu. Mohan is about to leave but RJ stops him. Mohan keeps looking at a sad Megha. RJ sleeps and Mohan leaves.

Mohan and Guru sleeping in the living room. There is power outage and Mohan asks Guru to get an electrician or RJ would get scared. RJ calls out to Mohan. Mohan says he is coming and asks her not to worry. He holds Megha’s cheeks thinking it is RJ. RJ tells him that she is here. Mohan apologizes to Megha. Munna is watching all this.

Mohan asks Guru as to what is happening. Suddenly Munna flashes torch light on him. Mohan says good you came, we were looking for you for the longest time. Munna keeps flashing the torch on him.Mohan asks him to take away the torch. Munna goes to repair the fuse. Mohan gets a call from Anu and Mohan asks her if all is fine. Mohan and Anu talk about Vitthal the kidnapper. Mohan asks Anu to ask police to apply for identification and send Navi to do it as it all became possible because of her. Megha comes and asks as to when the light would come. Mohan points towards Munna and says he is here to fix it. Mohan asks Munna what is happening? Munna says when two wrong wires meet short circuit is bound to happen. He says he will make sure everything is fixed.

Precap: While leaving Munna drops Addu’s torn picture in the dustbin. Megha finds the picture and sticks it together. She asks Mohan what place Addu had in his life. She thanks him for reminding her of Addu again. Mohan and Guru talking. Mohan says this house never had this picture of Addu. Guru agrees with him. Mohan wonders where the picture came from and has FB of Munna in the house….

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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