Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Viren and Virat getting aided for their wounds by JeeMan, who admonish the cute banter of the brothers, IC tells that this is the flavor of VirMan which they were missing now with their return, fun times will be back .. IC tells Sunder to get VirMan stuff from the outhouse.. Vanshika mom tells not sundar but VirMan will have to bring their own stuff just as they left on their own ..

@Outhouse, VirMan on the bed, Virat tells Maanvi he is tired and asks her to pack .. Maanvi says she is too tired and tells him to pack .. later they both decide to do it together like all other things.. They pack their stuff and are about to leave, when they look around the house and go through the moments like feeding each other, their first breakfast and all which they spent together in this house.. Virat and Maanvi are emotional with the memories, Maanvi tells though it was the tough time here .. they still had memories which will stay with them.. Virat says that this outhouse has indeed taught him a lot and will miss this place .. and they bid adieu to the house and leave..

In Vadhera house, VirMan are surprised to see the grihpravesh stuff with Vanshika mom holding the aarti plate, the kalash with rice and the kumkum water… VirMan have flashback of their grihpravesh after their wedding . Virat says he feels like they are coming back home after getting married.. Vanshika mom tells that this is the happiest day and how can she welcome without any rituals . Jeevika comes and does the tilak and aarti and welcomes them .,..Maanvi knocks the kalash inside and steps into the water plate.. Jeevika takes her to the mandir in the house.. Virat and Maanvi light the diya and pray to god

@Night, IC, Madan chachu praise Maanvi for the delicious food… Maanvi says that it is all because of her jhetani and her presence before her made the food delicious .. Jeevika tells Maanvi to stop it as she did a cook a fantastic spread… Maanvi says she has a secret to tell and after which she will zip it up.. all are confused .. Jeevika warns Maanvi not to let it out. Maavi tells the family about dhanno being her own sister and not sundar’s sister.. every are shocked and surprised …

Vanshika mom gets lot of gifts for Hrishikesh family, beeji refuses taking them .. Sweety says mummyji will feel bad if we don’t take them.,..all are shocked and beeji, badi beeji are furious and annoyed .. Sweety takes all gifts from V-mom.. none of them like sweety’s attitude here..

VirMan go to their, before walking in Virat says that they would enter their room in a filmy style and picks Maanvi in his arms and places her on the bed and tells she has put on weight .. Virat apologizes to Maanvi as for his immature decisions have put her through a lot. and thanks her for being with him all through,..inspite of him being not fully right .. Maanvi tells she doesn’t need such dry thank yous and she wants some awards and rewards … Virat asks what does she want .. Maanvi says she wants him to pamper her for one month as she will put up a mock pout each day .. Virat agrees and says not just for one month but all their life .. she can thow tantrums and he would pamper her .. Maanvi says that would be so romantic .. to which Virat sings “dheere dheere pyar ko bhadana hain”

Daboo sweety, Sweety once again makes a fool out of daboo with her words..she says she has a surprise for daboo and tells him to wait and watch …

@Virika room, Viren tells Jeevika how relieved and how happy he is with Virat’s return and says he was shattered when Virat left the house.. Jeevika stands there silently .. Viren asks why is she silent like a silent movie heroine.. Jeevika holds Viren’s hand and has tears, Viren tells that he is ready to endure such pain (referring to the goons attack) if he gets so much happiness in return.. Viren tells that VirMan have returned on holi and what better can be there than this and says he would never forget this wound nor this day … Jeevika hugs Viren …Viren wishes the happiness to stay forever all their life and wishes for a life with his life partner by his side..

@garden area, Virat is alone there remembering the day he had confrontation with his brother and also his mom’s requests and pleads.. Viren comes and asks what happened .. Virat tells that the past is like a bad dream and how could he do this with a brother like him .. Viren tells him to get over the past . Virat says he can’t forget and get over and thinks how could he even fight with his elder bhai whom he respected ..Viren tells some times it happenes that we fight with most loved people.. and to forget it . Viren hugs Virat ..

Maanvi and Jeevika are watching the brothers from inside.. Maanvi tells even though they never fought .. still they were separated …and it was very tough for them.. Jeevika tells at least they met by some way or the other.. Jeevika says how come two brothers who love each other so much fough with each other.. Maanvi says it was a bad phase.. and now it is over.. Jeevika tells we have to learn from out mistakes and move on ,..they think that this one month has taught them a lot and this phase indeed strengthened their relations Maanvi says that they will remain strong forever with out any cracks in their relation


Maanvi tells Jeevika that all men are alike .. no one can guess what goes on in their minds.. Jeevika says all men are not the same.. and he will never cross the line … A girl is walking on the road, in salwar kameez. . Viren says “excuse me..” the girl stops…

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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