Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th March 2013 Written Update

Maasa complains to Sandhya about Emily that she is not behaving like a guest and having fun during marriage rather interfering in housework. Now also, she insisted on providing bhog to Thakurji and Maasa had to agree with her. Sandhya is shocked how will Emily do it as she does not know how to do. She wants to go and stop Emily but Maasa does not allow her. She takes out a yellow lehanga and asks Sandhya how is it and then takes jewelry to go with that dress. Bhabho brings the haldi paste. Sandhya who was sitting on the cot gets up. Maasa sees the haldi paste and scolds Bhabho for not doing it properly and asks her to paste it further. Bhabho leaves from there. Then, they Maasa and Sandhya leave to see what others are doing. Maasa is scolding others beendanis work properly. Sandhya sees Emily walking with the plate and Emily moves past. Sandhya wonders mandir is here and where is Emily going. Emily goes to Thakur (sarpanch) and gives the plate to him. She tells Maasa told him to have it and he tastes. Sandhya runs and Maasa who turns behind also comes running near Emily. She scolds her, her parents and also the house which Emily is going to be the bahu in the future. Emily is in tears. Sandhya says Thakurji is God and Emily says she did not knew it. Maasa leaves from there saying why should she bother as Emily is just a guest and not her to-be bahu. Sandhya takes Emily outside and asks why did she do this. Emily says she did not do it knowingly and just wanted to get into the good books of Maasa. Sandhya comforts her not to cry and be careful and Emily leaves. Sandhya is worried how to convince Maasa and Bhabho comes there. She scolds Sandhya and tells her Emily did not do the mistake as it was God himself avoided this from happening, how can a nonvegetarian serve bhog to God. Sandhya is doing dharm brasht. Sandhya explains religion is manmade, etc. Bhabho does not agree and tells she is doing brasht and this is a big sin. Sandhya says devoiding a baby from its rights is also a big sin and for that sake, she would bear this.

Haldi rasam function. All arrangements have been made. There is a wooden curtain with designs placed in between to separate bride’s side from groom’s side. On the groom’s side, dadaji is seated and Suraj is ready to apply haldi. On the bride’s side, Bhabho says “baladi/baradi” (someone correct me please) is coming. Emily asks who is that and Maasa mocks her cannot she see such a beautiful bride standing in front of her. She then asks Sandhya how she is looking and Sandhya compliments her. She then sits down on the seat and asks Sandhya to apply haldi first. Bhabho is displeased seeing all this. Sandhya is going to apply haldi and on the other side, Suraj is applying haldi to dadaji. Maasa is in a fun mood and she announces that bride’s side are going to apply haldi. Suraj answers they have already applied haldi and all men feel proud. Sandhya is applying haldi to Maasa and in between she sees Suraj through the passage between the curtain. Suraj winks and she applies haldi on Maasa’s nose. Maasa asks what she has done and all the ladies laugh. Sandhya is upset and Suraj is laughing and Maasa sees this. She whispers something to Sandhya and to say it loud. Bhabho comes to apply haldi. Sandhya says loudly that after haldi being applied, their bride is going to be the most beautiful one. From groom’s side, they ask Suraj to reply and he says their groom is good looking. Sandhya replies that it will be decided in the night when their bride will be looking good than the moon. The dadaji whispers something to Suraj to reply but Suraj looks at Sandhya and is lost and tells that she is more beautiful than the moon. All are surprised hearing this and tease Suraj. Maasa compliments Sandhya for the magic she has on Suraj. Dadaji tells that is not what he told to Suraj and Sarpanch asks Mohit to bring Suraj to senses. Mohit shakes Suraj and he realizes and gets shy. Then, he says tonight in the shagun, it will be seen who looks best. If the bride looks best, the groom will gift a necklace and if the groom looks best, bride has to hug him.

Precap: SurYa come in front of each other, maybe after the shagun function. Suraj stops her way and Sandhya tells she needs to give curd to Bhabho. Suraj does not listen to her and moves forward and Sandhya steps backwards and hits the wall.

Update Credit to: b2011

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