Amita Ka Amit 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 29th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Ammu’s mehndi ceremony. The girl putting mehndi on AMita’s hands asks her that now that she is done on one hand, can she put mehndi on the other hand. But since Ammu is busying checking her phone with other hand declines that not now, later on. Her friends insists but she says that No, What if Amit calls then I wont be able to pick up the phone and he is already upset with me. Her mom comes there questions her whether Amit called. Amita lies and says yes. But her Mom seems suspicious and says that if he hasnt called, then he will soon enough. AMita feels better now and then tells the lady to put mehndi on the other hand as well.

Suddenly Amita’s phone rings and she tries to pick up BUT that irritating mami of hers picks up instead. Amit is on the other side and asks for Amita. Amit tells Amita that he wants to talk something important. Before he can continue more, mami snatches the phone and says what did he say what did he say. After further arguments, she gives the phone back. Amit continues that ” the question I wanted to ask, if I dont ask now then..” Amit is worried and says “then what?” During this, while holding the phone, AMita messes up her mehndi. AMita is sad and her mami again snatches the phone. Amit is irritated with her but mami says that whatever you want to say, you will have to come here and say it.

Amit’s House: Mehndi ceremony going on and everyone in a fun mood. Tina and Ria continue with thier nautanki. Tina tells the girl doing the mehndi on ria, that make sure my DIL has the best mehndi and all, and the girl says, yes dont worry I will put better mehndi on her than even the bride’s mehndi. Falguni is irrritated with them. Rohan drags Amit to the function and gets him to put mehndi on his hand. Amit doesnt want to but the rest of the family insists! After a while, he says okay fine, just write A. Tina comments “oo A for Amita”. The rest of the family teases him and Amit recalls Amita’s words to Suraj and wipes of his “A” from his hand. He looks so sad

AMita is worried about her messed up mehndi and her father comes and says hurry up, we have to leave. AMita’s frineds console her saying, look we have fixed your mehndi, noone can even tell that the first mehndi was spoiled. AMita is still sad that my mehndi is not so dark and dont they say that if mehndi is not so dark then the husband doesnt love you. Kaajal comes there and again the previous telecast goes on about her recalling Amit’s word that he doesnt love AMita. AMita tells her friends that Amit seemed really upset on phone.

AMita’s family arrives at Amit’s house. A2 takes blessings of the elders. Everyone leaves and they are left alone.
Ammu: Is something wrong?
Amit: Yes
Ammu: Do you want to talk?
Amit: Do you think we should talk?
Ammu: I only wanted to ask you why did u leave the function yesterday
Amit: Honestly speaking, I want to leave the function even today but before that I want to talk to you regarding something.

Amita’s mom and maami comes there and teases them. A2 is really irritated with maami. She drags Amita from there. Amita’s mom tells Amit that please dont take it to heart, Amita’s maami has the habit of talking a little too much. But Amit says its nothing like that and they leave.

The function is going on full swing and everyone is enjoying. A2 seating together. Ria looking at AMita’s mehndi comments that your mehndi is way too light but dont worry, Amit still loves you. Falguni notices and takes A2 away from there.

Kaajal asks Amita if she talked to Amit. AMita declines. Kaajal says, now I will have to do something. Amit’s phone rings. Its Kaajal on the other side. Kaajal says that I know that you and Amita want to talk in private. Amit understands her intention and leaves from the function, making excuse to her mom that its a call from office and he will be back. Amita comes there and to send her to Amit as well, she drops her drink on Amita’s dress. Amita leaves to supposedly clean her dress. She tries to find Amit.

A2 in one room. Amit says he wants to talk to her. Amita says that we should not be in one room togther, if someone finds out it will be a problem. Amit mocks ok sure lets go and talk in front of the guests LOL
During this, Nani unknowingly locks their room from outside. She is complaining why hasnt the servants closed the doors, there is expensive wedding stuff in each room.
Amita realizes their door is locked and A2 freaks out!!

Downstairs, everyone is looking for A2. Kaajal tries to make an excuse. But as usual the irritating mami says there r probably gone together and romancing and all that. Falguni says that they r not so immature to leave their own function. (the usual ladies drama, not necessary to update further) Falguni and others leave to find them

Amit tells Ammu that someone locked it from outside, now it can only open from outside. Ammu says, then go and open it from outside. Amit just stares at her. Amita realizes what she said and says she is way too nervous, what if guests found out or something. Amita tells Amit to please call someone. Amit says okay i will call mom, Amita snatches the phone saying No to mom. Amit says ok fine then dad, Amita again snatches the phone; same story when he suggested to call your dad. (very funny scene).

Falguni outside yelling Amit. AMita calls Kaajal and tells her to come find them in Amit’s room. Amita’s maami notices some door locked and tells falguni that some noise is coming from inside. Falguni says that it cant be, the door is locked from outside. She opens the door and A2 think its Kaajal. The door opens! Everyone is shocked!

Maami yells at A2 that dont you guys have patience, how can you do this?! Nani says that its not their fault, I locked the door. Amit leaves from there. Amita says sorry to Amit’s mom. Everyone leaves. Amita is crying and Amita’s mom consoles her dont feel bad, I completed trust you!

A2 comes downstairs. Amit and Amita are left alone again.
Amit: This is all because of you. Because of you, we have to do all this functions unnecessarily . You always do something wrong.
Amita: How is it my fauly? How can I know you dont know how to open your own door.
Amit: Whether it be my house or your house, a locked door on the outside can only be opened from outside (hehe )
Amita: okay fine sorry, now tell me what you wanted to say.

Two hands come and grab both of them in opposite direction.

The functions begin and A2 staring at each other. AMita says sorry to Falguni but she plays no heed. Falguni again reminds her of the talk they had, the proper behaviour she needs to portray as the DIL of this house. Amita is worried!

Amit: What if I tell you that I never loved you. Instead I had rejected you when I saw you the first time. I even refused to get married to you. Because the girl I have in mind, you dont even match her. But still everyday I try to convince myself that I have to spend the rest of my life with you, Amita.

Amita is shocked hearing this and is crying …

Update Credit to: dare.devil

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