Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th March 2013 Written Update

Viren is looking at the mirror. He has a flashback where he’s playing holi with virat. Jeevika comes there. And he comes back to present. She asks why his smile disappeared on seeing her. He replies nothing. She says you must be missing virat. But i do feel from my heart that virat ‘ll come to celebrate holi with us. Viren replies. ‘M feeling bad for manvi. It’s her first holi after marriage and we are not celebrating it properly. Viren leaves. But jeevika stops him and asks him whether he won’t let her apply color. She has the right to do. He says he doesn’t feel like playing holi. Jeevika feels bad. He takes color and does her teeka. She says she understands his feelings. His phone rings and he takes it and go outside.

Viren gets a phone call again. And the guy asks him to step back from the case. Viren says he’ll not only complete the case but also wins it. The guy threatens viren. But viren says he doesn’t care.

At hrishikesh, sweety is asking about vadhera mansion to pinky chachi. And chachi is talking endless about the bungalow. She says it’s nothing less than a film stars home. Sweety says she’ll take a camera with her so that she can click pics. Listening to their conversation badi beeji tells beeji. The MIL – DIL jodi is like ram milayi jodi. Make sure they don’t embarrass you. Chachù comes there and says taxi has come. Dabbu comes with the luggage. And they all leave.

Virat is standing in front of the mirror. He has a flashback where he’s playing holi with viren and hugs viren. Manvi comes there. She does his teeka and he’s sad. He says every year his mom does that. She says. Oh. So you miss mom. Mom is not in any other country. So just go there. He says he can’t. Manvi says he’s not coming. But she can’t restrict herself from playing holi. Everyone from hrishikesh are also coming. So i want to go. But without you wouldn’t feel Good. He asks her to enjoy though he won’t be coming. She applies color on his face. He also applies color. And they wish each other.

Inder chachù and swamini bua are sad that noone is home. Dadaji is at australia. Kadambari chachi went to her home with shlok for holi. Virat manvi are also not there. So it’s a colourless holi. Then everyone from hrishikesh comes there. Jeevika sees them and rushes to beeji and hugs her. She wishes everyone. Sweety asks. You got a really good fate. You got married to a really rich family. You must be enjoying right. Jeevika feels odd. Beeji also feels odd. Beeji goes to swamini bua and ask her about her health. They wish each other. Vanshika comes there and greets everyone. sweety asks chachi whether this is swamini bua and whether everything happens according to her wish. Manvi comes there and gets excited on seeing them. She goes to beeji and says she became slim. Are you fasting or something. She does masti. She also wishes everyone. Then goes to swamini bua, vanshika, chachù and take their blessings. She goes and wish viren and jeevika. When she goes to sweety, she asks about virat. All are upset. Jeevika covers up saying virat is busy with some work. Sweety keeps staring at swamini bua and she feels very awkward. Swamini bua asks everyone to come for arti. But vanshika stops her and says she’ll bring virat.

Vanshika goes to virat. Virat is sitting on the couch all alone. Vanshika asks him to come. But he disagrees and says he doesn’t feel like playing holi. She says who is insisting on playing holi. Just come for arti. Don’t make me sad. The entire family should be there for arti.
Virat tries to make excuse of a meeting. But she doesn’t yield to it.

Sweety asks chachi how much crores property will the vadhera’S have. Chachi replies that they are billionnaires. Sweety is shocked and is happy that she’s amidst such rich people. She goes to swamini bua and says you look the best in this function. You look like old film actress mumtaz. If you wore big earrings. Then you’ll look like saira banu. Swamini bua feels odd. But she says thanks. All feel awkward and beeji calls out to sweety and asks her to come and stand with dabbu as they should do arTI together. Sweety feels the old lady is not giving her freedom even here.

Vanshika comes with virat and all are happy to see them. He goes to everyone from hrishikesh and wish them. Beeji asks whether he wouldn’t have come If vanshika hadn’t called him. He replies nothing like that. Then goes to chachù, bua and jeevika and wish them. Manvi goes to him. Swamini bua ask pandit to start arti. And all are praying to god. After the arti swamini bua does everyones teeka. Vanshika does her teeka. After that all get busy with celebrations and virat slowly moves out. Everyone notices that and are upset. Manvi says to herself. Today all the differences between these brothers ‘ll end. Episode ends on her determined face.

Precap: virat viren and inder chachù are dancing on a holi song. Jeevika and manvi are watching them happily. .

Update Credit to: desitvbox

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