Pavitra Rishta 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir and Purvi at mandir, searching for an auto. Onir asks her, so you were saying that you used to work since your college time? Purvi says, yes.. i couldn’t see aai’s struggle so I also joined a company. Purvi says, I have so many memories with that company. She then tells him, Arjun used to be very “khadus” when he came to India for the first time. onir says, I cannot believe. Purvi says, why don’t we eat panipuri until we find an auto. Onir wants to eat sweets, but Purvi takes him to pani puri stall.

Onir tells Purvi, you should start working again. I didn’t know you used to work and all.. Purvi says, okay I will think about it. While eatin pani puri, Purvi is laughing. Onir says, I am seeing you laughing after so long. Purvi tells him, reason for my smile is you.. if you weren’t there, then I would have broken down long time ago. They continue eating. Purvi cleans Onir’s mouth as something gets stuck there. Something gets stuck near Purvi’s mouth now and Onir cleans this time.

Purvi and Onir in the party now.
Manav goes to them. Purvi tells him Sulo stayed at home because Mittal is in hospital and all.

In police station. Mittal tells Punni, no one do anything to me. He tells her to go home and bring cash for his lawyer as he is coming here with bail papers. He also tells her that Onir will have to pay for his.

Back to the party, Purvi introduces Onir to her colleagues.
Her friends tell her, in last couple of months, so many changes came in your life. Onir says, I think your friends weren’t expecting me here as your husband. Friends say, it’s not like that. Onir says, no no.. it’s okay. I can understand that You were expecting Arjun on my place instead of me. In fact, He was going to be her husband, but then because of some reasons Purvi married to me. Her friends tell Purvi, you’re very lucky.. you’ve got a very understanding husband. Her friends leave now.

Purvi asks Onir if he’s not getting bored. Onir says, not at all.. in fact I am very happy because I got chance to meet your ex-colleagues.

Break 1..

Dk thanks everyone for coming to the party. He says, our company is 20 years old now and I want to congratulate to everyone. This was possible because of you all.
He says, my success is not only because of me.. Manav Deshmukh has played a big role in my success. He asks Manav to come on the stage.
Manav says, it’s his habit to praise me extra. He thanks Dk for allowing him to be his partner especially on time when Manav had nothing. He continues, Dk and Archu made his life more beautiful . He says, Archu is not here today, but I know her love and wishes are here. It’s her because of whom a car mechanic became what I am today. He says, our company has made lots of success and now he calls Arjun on the stage saying he has done a lot.

Arjun says, I would like to make little correction in what Manav uncle said. He says, I haven’t done anything to give success to this company. Whatever success our company has got is all because of Manav uncle and my dad. I am just helping them to maintain that success.
He says, whatever I am today is because of them. I learned business because of them and reached to where I am today. I came to India because of them and managing this big company because of them.
He continues, after coming to India.. many things changed. From a hardcore businessman, I became sensitive human being. I learned to appreciate human values, relations, and emotions. I learned that you need heart as well along with brain in doing business. Your relationship with clients is also very important. He gives credit to Manav and Dk again for making him a successful businessman and thanks Ovi for supporting him in everything. And the biggest happiness of his life, Pari. He tells Ovi, you have given me “Lady Luck”. Savita tells Ovi, see how much Arjun loves you.

Time for some dance now.
Arjun-Ovi, Onir-Purvi, Teju-Sachu dance on song “Mera Mann Kehne Laga” from movie Nauntaki Saala.
Purvi remembers Onir saying “I love you” to her.
Manav is on a side with a sad face and remembering Archu. He says, everyone is here except you.. please get well soon.. I want to see you happy with everyone just like before.

Ovi comes to a room with Pari. Pari’s clothes are wet so she goes to get another clothes.

Purvi is talking on the phone and comes near her room. Right then Pari starts crying and Purvi goes there.
She carries her and tries to calm her down. Ovi comes out and gets angry at Purvi.
She says, I don’t get why you don’t me seriously even after me warning you so many times. You saw her alone and came running. She says, you did all that other way, what did you plan to do today?
Purvi says, ENOUGH. I carried her because she was alone and crying here. And how did you leave her alone like this? She’s a small baby what if her breath had stopped or she had fallen down. Your mother of Pari, how can you do anything like this?
Ovi says, so now you’re telling me I am careless mum. Purvi says, I am just saying that if you had to go somewhere, then you could have asked someone to hold Pari. Ovi says, you don’t need to tell me what I have to do. Purvi says, there is a need. She is a small child.. she won’t be able to say what she is crying for. Ovi says, oh please shut up Purvi.. you don’t even know why I left here and for how long. Arjun comes to the room.
Arjun tells Ovi to calm down. Ovi complains to Arjun now.

Purvi tries to justify herself. She tells Ovi that she doesn’t want to interfere in her life. Arjun now tells Purvi to relax. Purvi just leaves from there. Poor Arjun doesn’t know what to do.

Break 2…

Punni opens the cupboard to take out the cash and sees a CD there in some file. She wonders from where that CD came and what could be in it. She wonders if CD has Onir’s proof but then Mittal was saying there was no copy. She decides to play it and check.
She plays it and sees Purvi telling Onir that they will have to give their baby to Ovi and Arjun for their happiness. Baby will also go to her real father.
Punni gets shocked and says to herself, that means Pari is Purvi and Arjun’s baby? Oh god. Now everything is becoming clearer.. whatever Mittal said against Onir was right. And the biggest and most interesting truth is that Purvi was pregnant before her marriage with Onir and Pari is Arjun-Purvi’s daughter.
She continues, Purvi.. now you can’t save yourself.
She gets a call from Mittal’s lawyer. Punni tells him your money is ready. Lawyer says, I will be there soon.
Punni continues, I can prove Mittal innocent by this CD.. but even if I don’t give him this CD, then he will still come out of jail because of his political and money power. I have got this big proof, I can’t let it go that easily. I will use it for my good.

Episode ends.

Precap: Purvi tells Arjun, you two are very lucky that you got daughter like Pari. I have a small request, Arjun please meri (my..) and then she gets quiet. Onir is also present there.

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