Chanchan 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 26th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Chanchan telling rich guy to have some manners. She asks him, does anyone sneeze like this? Because of your sneeze, my puchpuch got scared… what if he gets any allergy.

The rich guy takes off his glasses and says, mistake is yours and you’re shouting at me? Who brings dog in a wedding. Chanchan says, excuse me, his name is “Puchpuch” and he has got a special invitation card. The rich guy says, that means Puchpuch must know how to read.
On a side, his friend and Chanchan’s friend having an eyelock with each other.

The rich guy continues, and what did you say? His name is Puchpuch. He and his friend start laughing.
Chanchan says, don’t laugh. Mistake is yours.
The rich guy says, I sneezed because of your Puchpuch. I have an allergy from dog’s hair.
Chanchan says, now my Puchpuch has an allergy because of you. She puts Puchpuch down.

The rich guy keeps going.. this is wedding hall, not a dog-walk park that you brought Puchpuch here. Chanchan gets angry. Her friend tells her, leave it Chanchan.. it’s pee time for Puchpuch.
Rich guy and his friend start laughing harder.

Chanchan shows him attitude and says, I am watching you.
Rich guy makes fun asking Chanchan, from you two.. who is Puchpuch and who is Chanchan.
Puchpuch pees on rich guy’s pant.
Rich guy says, is that what you taught your dog?
Chanchan says, I just taught him to pee on a bad place and that’s what he did.
RIch guy now shows attitude and tells her, I am watching you.
Chanchan asks him to move from her way. She leaves with her dog.
Rich guy goes to wash his pant.

Chanchan comes back with the necklace. He asks Purvi’s father to go with her to gift that necklace to Purvi. Purvi’s dad is busy talking with a lady. He tells Chanchan he can’t come.
Chanchan then asks that lady and it turns out be same rich lady as temple one.
Chanchan gets surprised seeing her.

Chanchan asks you? Lady says yes. Purvi’s dad asks Chanchan if she knows her.
Rich lady says, yes.. we met in temple.. she came to take prasad for Purvi and I helped her in entering temple. Purvi’s dad then introduces rich lady, Uma ben, to Chanchan. He says, she is our malkin and I have been working for her since last 35 years. She also brought rishta for Purvi.
Purvi’s dad then introduces Chanchan as Purvi’s best friend to Uma ben. Chanchan goes to say, namaste, to Uma ben, but she turns her face away before that.

Uma ben tells Purvi’s dad that she has brought her younger son here as well. She says, I bring him in every wedding because it’s his age to get married and maybe he might find a good rishta here. She taunts Chanchan saying, I want a girl with good values, not a rude and modern bahu.
Uma ben asks Purvi’s dad to go and see where her son is. Purvi’s dad leaves.
Uma ben again taunts Chanchan, i hope no one gets bahu like this. . and then leaves from there.

Chanchan’s friend comes there and tells her that her parents are here.

Chanchan’s parents come to the wedding when Purvi’s dad and chanchan greets them. Chanchan’s dad has brings a painting to gift Purvi but Chanchan gets mad at him as the last he gifted one of her friends a painting she had to keep it covered to not get scared at night.

Umaben seeing Manav and Himanshu asks him why has he brought his middle class friend to the marriage as the reason for her to bring him here so that she can find him a girl but if they see Manav and Himanshu together people will confuses Himanshu for Manav.

The baraat comes and seeing Manav there Chanchan tells Simple how he has come here as well. Chanchan and her friends bring Purvi to her room after jaymala when an aunty comes and tells them to go downstairs and take care of guests. Chanchan bumps into Manav when he teases he again for running into him. Himanshu is shown attracted towards Simple when a toddler standing next to them complains to her mom how she can smell pee. Chanchan overhears this and goes to the toddler and tells her how she is going to find where its coming from. She pretends to point towards Manav but covers for him.

As Manav and Himanshu are leaving to go change Chanchan comes there and teases them how she doesn’t remember which juice had pee in it. Chanchan goes to Purvi’s room where Purvi is worried about how her in-laws would be after marriage and if she will be able to see them. She is nervous thinking if she will be able to befriend her husband and make her mother-in-law, her mother. Purvi tells Chanchan to go call her dad when Chanchan tells her it’s almost time for pheras so he can’t. Purvi tells Chanchan how her father seemed worried about something and she also has seen him cry in his room.

As chanchan is searching for Purvi’s dad, she comes across a room in which Purvi’s dad is seen giving the boy’s parents 25 lacks room. Her dad tells them not to make sure Purvi finds out about this. Umaben is also there and she tells them how this money is going to go buy land which is eventually going to become Purvi’s husbands. Umaben and her father leaves when chanchan hears groom’s mother telling his had how in the future they are going to ask for 25 lacks more from Purvi’s father. Chanchan is worried for Purvi as she doesn’t want history to repeat again. In flashback they show a woman crying in front of her daughter’s corpse and telling Chanchan how if she knew her in-laws were going to kill her I would given them everything. Chanchan and her friends are shown making a promise of never taking or giving dahej.

Chanchan comes running searching for Purvi but sees Purvi already sitting in the mandap. Chanchan tells her friends about the dahej and everything she saw upstairs. They tell each other how someone has to tell Purvi before the marriage .

Precap: In the middle of pheras Chanchan tells Purvi how dahej was given for the marriage, when Umaben tells them that the money was for Purvi only. Chanchan speaks against her how money is also given as dehaj on the name of love and present.

Update Credit to: scarlet.moon

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  1. chanchan rocks cause sanya irani aka khushi from iplnd is there. Wish barun was the hero of this show.

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