Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th March 2013 Written Update
Episode starts where it ended last week. Manvi shares her plan. But jeevika disagrees to it and manvi decides to execute it without her consent. Jeevika reminds manvi about holi’s dahan tonight. And it’s manvi’s first holi after marriage. So she asks to bring virat also. We’ll celebrate it together. Manvi assures she’ll try. And the sister’s leave from the basket ball court.

At hrishikesh, sweety and her mom are walking In the market. Sweety asks why she bought only four sari. I still have a lot of money left. I can’t take this back. Her mom says now she wants to have golgappa and they go to the stall. Sweety asks her mom to Eat as much as you want. Beeji sees them both and understands sweety’s lie.

Viren parks his car and gets out. He receives a call and the guy asks him to leave the case. The guy tries to threaten viren. But he doesn’t yield. He says he won’t step back.

Manvi is explaining to the hired people what to do. She tells them even by mistake they shouldn’t hurt viren or virat. If they do, then she’ll hit them. They laugh. She continues. Don’t go by my innocent face. ‘M the salman of hrishikesh. And my dabang is pretty famous. They ask for advance. But she says she’ll give his payment fully after the job is Done. Jeevika calls manvi and asks where is she. She makes an excuse and says she’ll come now. Manvi says sorry to herself for saying lies to jeevika.

Jeevika is walking In the market talking with beeji. She asks everyone to come for holi. So that the differences between the two brothers end. Beeji assures that she’ll come.

A burglar comes in a bike and takes away jeevika’s chain. Jeevika shouts at him. They hit manvi also while leaving. Jeevika calls out to manvi and she rushes to her. Manvi sees jeevika is hurt and insist on going to see doctor. But jeevika says she’s fine. When manvi asks her to report at the police station, jeevika says it’ll be a big headache and heads home to complete their preparations.

At hrishikesh, Sweety enters home and beeji asks why she lied. She says she saw her at the market with her mom. Dabbu says you can’t put baseless allegations on sweety. Badi beeji says beeji saw them buying sari. Dabbu asks whether it’s true. Sweety makes up a story. She says she was bringing her mom back from hospital. And thought of gifting her a sari as she never bought anything for her mother. Her mom felt like having golgappa. So we went there. Dabbu gets angry at beeji for suspecting on sweety. He says if anyone talks about sweety like that He gets upset. Sweety smirks. She goes to dabbu and ask him to leave all these and help her with her packing as they are going to chandigarh. They leave. Madan chachù goes to beeji and consoles her. Badi beeji taunts saying who’ll make him understand now. He’s old enough to understand everything. Beeji thinks to herself that she doesn’t feel what sweety said is true.

Virat enters home and manvi comes out wearing a Red salwar. She asks him to come for the dahan. But he asks her to go. And says he won’t come. She insists. But he doesn’t agree and she says she’s not going alone walks away angrily.

At vadhera house all are busy with the preparations.

Vanshika goes to the outhouse and asks virat to come for the function. She requests a lot. But virat doesn’t agree. He asks to take manvi with her. Manvi also requests to consider his mom’s plea. But he doesn’t agree. And vanshika leaves with manvi.

All are expecting virat. Vanshika comes with manvi. She says they need not wait for anyone else. They are about to start the ritual. Viren feels bad that virat has not come. But finally virat comes there and all are really happy. Viren is also happy on seeing him. Vanshika is about to bring him inside. But swamini bua stops her saying virat came here to keep your word. So it’s not Good to insist on him coming inside. All throw rice or something in the fire and go around the fire. Manvi calls virat. But he doesn’t come. Viren has a flashback. In the childhood the two brothers are running around the fire and all are watching them. Vanshika stops them and asks them to pray. They pray for each other. Viren comes back to present. He prays to god. There is some misunderstand between me and virat. But i still pray for his success and wellbeing. Virat prays to god. I’m forced to stay away from my family. But they are still close to my heart. Give them all happiness.

Viren gets a phone call. The guy asks whether jeevika is hurt. He tells viren about the market incident. He threatens viren and says if He doesn’t take back the case, then they’ll clear off her neck. Viren is tense and calls jeevika. He asks what happened and why didn’t she tell him. She says she got busy with the preparations. He checks her neck and sees she’s hurt. She says she’s fine. Episode ends on viren’s tense face.

Precap: swamini bua asks the pandit to do arti. The entire vadhera family including virat is present. Sb does everyone’s teeka. Something happens. All are shocked and look there.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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