Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2013 Written Update

Rathi household; Chhavi receives a phone call from dilip and happily talks with him that bhabho and rest of family will be going to village and she will be all alone. bhabho overhears and asks her to come along with them. Meena as usual taunts Chhavi, who gets irritated and leaves the room. Meena then tells bhabho that she wants an elderly experienced woman like her during such a delicate time as her pregnancy. Who will take care of her? She is thinking that Bhabho will most certainly arranger for her mother to stay with her. Bhabho agrees and turns to make a phone call and talks to someone very politely.

Bhabho tells Meena that she has made arrangements for her but keeps her in suspense as to who that person will be. Meena tactfully complains of indigestion but Bhabho asks her to have some ajwain .

Sandhya and Suraj in their room, wondering about Emily and if she will come. Here Mohit is worried and wondering how to keep Emily from coming back to Rathi household. He texts her saying that he is ready to marry her, she will only have to change her identity as agreed but under no circumstances does he want her to come with Sandhya to Maasa’s village.

Rathis getting ready to leave and Bhabhasa asking Chotu to pack some savory (?achar) but Bhabho comes and scolds him that he will get stomach upsets throughout the journey. Bhabhasa retorts back she needs to start speaking to him politely..once they reach Maasa’s village, he will be sure to let her know how Bhabho treats him .

Mohit comes about a torn button but Bhabho ignores him. Bhabho keeps a lot of dry fruits that Meena likes to eat, and gives it to her. Meena keeps buttering up Bhabho that she will miss her a lot. and that she treats her bahus even better than betis. Bhabho instead has a flashback of Meena telling her mom during godbharai that no matter how much bhabho might help her out, after all she is only a saas and ya da ya da. Meena did not realize that bhabho had heard her every word.

Bhabho then repeats back Meena’s own words (said to her mom; only a mother can give motherly love…a saas can never match up to that) and Meena can do nothing but bow her head in shame.

Someone knocks at the door.

It’s Meena’s mother. Meena gets worried but her mother assures her that she is here at the invite of bhabho. No sign of Emily as of yet.

Rathis finally leave but there’s n o sign of Emily. En route, their car gets stopped by another car. Emily comes in a salwar suit with her parents and expresses her willingness to visit Maasa in her village.

Precap for tomorrow: all Rathis and Emily watch some random guy doing a fun/dance routine gets slapped by some person (Maasa’s husband…who knows).

Update Credit to: newbie2011

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