The Buddy Project 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 25th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 25th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with protests of the Chillars screaming ‘Justice for Piddi’, Dean just arrives at school and gets out of his car totally confused watching the students protest, the Dhakkans joins in screaming ‘Justice for Kiya’, Panchi sits on the stairs and watches the commotion of the two groups
Finally the Dean screams out to be quiet and asks them all why are they protesting, the two grps reply together ‘against his decision’, Dean tells them when did they take decision, Avi says whenever he takes he will take wrong decision, Omi agrees, Avi says like how he did last year and didn’t allow Raunak to take exams
Sophia tells Avi does he even know how much Raunak’s attendance was, she says it was 2% and most of the parents attendance are more than his so he better not give that example, Dean says right
Omi speaks up giving another example of Bhola Sharma whom they expelled from the college and also from hostel, Sophia says how can he talk about him, he was a smoking pot in the college, Omi murmurs the world doesn’t understand a correct man
Sophia tells them off what do they expect that their nuisance behavior will not be accepted and she wants to clarify that management didn’t do anything against them, they are just following the rules, Dean asks did they understand
Avi says ok this time they should get a fair judgement and the rest of the Dhakkans support him, Omi says this is right
Sophia asks them what is fair according to them, whatever is for them is fair and whatever is against is not, how convenient, Avi says whatever, Dean looks angrily at them
Omi requests the Dean to go inside and take a decision with calm mind and till then the college is off for today for them, Dean and Sophia take a leave while the grps start their protests again
Piddi is staring at a poster outside
Piddi calls the camera: till now the graduation classes haven’t started and already there is a poster for post-graduation MBA classes…so cool(sarcastically)
Omi comes to Piddi and advertises for T.I.M.E. coaching classes, Piddi says ok he will take admission there but first he should get into the entertainment batch, Omi says not to take tension and everything will work out fine
KD tells some guys poor Piddi is being kicked out, Kiya tells a girl she couldn’t sleep whole night and she cant believe because of that idiot she is going to be kicked out, KD tells the guys he will come in a bit and turns and walks but trips on something and holds Kiya from the back (OMO this was soo unexpected hahaha luv u CV’s), Kiya turns irritated saying ‘Excuse Me’ to see KD (Ishq wala Love staring moment, Kiya turns away, KD turns away too, Kiya luks back at him as he is walking away, she turns back her head and KD turns back to luk at her) (OOOMGEEE this scene was effing AH-MAZINGG, damn i luvd the depth of emotions portrayed in this scene, without words, they just kept looking at each other turning back damn luvd this scene soo much)
Omi exclaims ‘Oye hoye’ looking at KiSha and asks Piddi whats the scene, Piddi still turned towards the poster says scene is that principle with either take him out or keep him, Omi turns to him confused and hits him and says he isn’t talking about him
Omi turns Piddhi towards KiSha and says he is talking about their cheetah and popstar, they stare at KD and Kiya and Piddhi says nothing and turns away, Omi turns him back and tells him he wasn’t born today and his bhai has seen the world
Omi tells him they have such a sizzling chemistry and he is saying there is nothing (hahaha YAYYY Omi bhaiya is in KiSha team bilkul humare words bol rahe hai), he hits Piddhi’s face lightly and tells him to tell the story, Piddhi says KD bhai loves madam Madonna, and that too ishq wala love
FB of KiSha moments with ishq wala love song in the bg, the blind trust scene, beach scene, camping fishing scene, Piddhi says just a misunderstanding is created btw them and FB of the accidental kiss is shown
Omi then goes to his chillar boys and asks him if everything is going fine, he says yeah, Omi looks towards Avi and RV who come out carrying boxes, Avi tells RV to give it to everyone, RV goes to Kiya first and offers her the water bottle
Omi hits his assistant and says they couldn’t think of this, the guy says he will just arrange it now, Omi stops him and says let it be he’s going to embarrass him
Avi asks RV whats up with him and Kiya, RV says nothing they are just friends, he tells him he knows what he is thinking but they are just good friends, Avi asks about the videoclip to which RV says it was an accidental mistake and that’s why they haven’t made an issue of it and that’s why they are still friends
They keep giving the bottles to everyone and RV says, it wouldn’t have been an issue if KD wouldn’t have come in between, he looks angrily at KD, Avi says ok they will get even with him, RV says no he wants to defeat KD himself
Avantika heads towards the college when Piddhi goes screaming to her and says cant she see the gate is closed, where is she going, Avantika says for a gatekeeper his height is solid low, Piddhi tells her he is not a gate-keeper but a student, Avantika says even for a student his height is solid low, Piddhi screams and tells her college is closed and she cant go in as strike is going on
Everyone turns towards the two, Avi tells RV its going to be fun, RV looks at him confused, Avi says just wait and watch
Avantika asks strike for what, Piddi says because they are taking him out of the entertainment batch that is why there is a strike, Avantika goes around Piddi and Piddhi looks around for her, she hits him from the back, Piddhi says they have given him admission and now they are taking him out of the entertainment batch, Avantika asks him he wants to study in the entertainment batch
Piddi says yes, Avantika asks he thinks he is entertaining, Piddi says says yes, Avantika says ok lets see how entertaining you are and takes out a lizard from her bag and puts it in Piddi’s shirt, Piddi on the other hand who doesn’t see says what is she doing there is strike going on and infront of everybody what is she doing, Avantika laughs and he asks what did she put inside
Piddi looks inside the shirt and goes shocked and starts crying, all dhakkans start laughing, Piddi jumps around screaming until the lizard falls out, Omi looks at them angrily, Avantika picks up the lizard and says its fake maybe she left the real one at home and tells him to keep the fake one as they will look like siblings that too twins, she hits him on the face and leaves
Avi tells RV Kiya that she alone is enough against the Chillars, RV asks he knows her, Avi says she is his sister
Piddi comes to Chillar gang still jumping, KD asks him is he okay, Piddi frustrated says he isn’t okay does he luk okay, the Dhakkans still laugh, Piddi goes frustrated towards them but Omi stops him and says their teeth are shining a lot, now they should wait and see what he does, he offers a toffee to Piddhi behind and tells him to eat it
Panchi walks the empty corridors, she looks at the poster for freshers talent show and is in thoughts, Panchi goes to Sophia and asks if she could speak to the dean, Sophia tells her he is not there right now but if there is anything urgent she can tell her, Panchi tells her that Kiya and Piddhi are both very good students and asks if they cant keep both of them
Sophia says what does she think they haven’t thought about it before, she tells her they have already reached the capacity and if they add one more student then in their studios and edit rooms there will be problems with students adjusting and they don’t want all that, so there is a reason why they can fit only 36 students
Panchi asks her how will they choose btw the two, Sophia sighs and says irritated if it is like that then why doesn’t she suggest something, Panchi says why not keep a test, whoever will do the best will get the seat, and it will fair also, Sophia says does she think the bunch of hooligans out there will agree to it, Panchi is in thoughts again and thinks about the talent show poster
Omi comes with a bucket of water and pours it over Avi, Kiya and RV, he joins his gang and they all laugh at the dhakkans, the dhakkans start hitting them with bottles, pastries and tomatoes, Kiya moves away and looks at the commotion of food fight helplessly
Dean’s whistle blows and all the dhakkans and chillars look at the dean, Piddi in fear shoves the tomatoe in his mouth he was about to throw
The Dean laughs and says its wonderful to see their faces like this covered with pastries and tomatoes and he doesn’t want to disturb but he has to and announces that they have taken a decision, Piddi and Kiya are tensed now
Panchi smiles and all are in tensed mode, Dean says they will have to give test, Kiya speaks up why will she give a test, Piddi and his gang scream out there wont be any test they wont give any test
Dean says he knew they would react like that and that is why this isn’t a normal test that they kept, its different, he says every year there is freshers talent show and they always perform in groups, but this time one group will be lead by Kiya and another by Piddi and whichever group performs the best the leader of that group will stay in entertainment batch and the other leader will go to Journalism batch without speaking a word
All the dhakkans and chillars looks irritated at the dean, the Dean wishes them all the best and says to continue their fight and leaves
Avi says Awsum and tells RV-Kiya lets prove it guys, Panchi smiles looking at them, Omi says this is right whoever has the talent they will only win, KD asks Omi if this is the only way, Omi tells him to wait, Omi goes to Avi and says to add the race challenge with this competition
Avi says to think and say coz the stakes are high and they will only win, if they win they will ask for chillars everyday from them and obviously Kiya will get in
Omi says they will only win and they will have to salute them everyday and Piddhi will go in, Avi says lets see, and both the groups leave on two ways, Panchi smiles looking at both the groups

Precap: Piddhi tells KD Omi accepted the challenge as if he is going to do the show, how will he do the entertainment as he knows nothing, Kiya tells RV she is a singer and he is the musician and she is sure that they will win this competition from them, KD explains Piddhi they are stronger then them but doesn’t mean they will win, if all odds are against them that means they have to work hard, Kiya says to RV she will start her practice from today, Kiya practicing on the song ‘bounce’, RV tells her this time he wont let him win…

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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