Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd March 2013 Written Update
Virman reaches the hotel. Mr. Sanghvi asks manvi that you both are husband – wife. You never told us. And both of you left without taking your payment. Virman doesn’t say anything. Mr. Sanghvi says lets talk about your job. So are you interested. Virat replies yes. That ‘s why we are here. Mr. Sanghvi says he’ll pay 30k per month. And rest of the things they can talk with his manager. And he leaves. Virman is really happy and hugs each other. Virika arrives there. Viren asks jeevika. Usually you Say, we shouldn’t have dinner from outside. Then what happened today. Manvi says virika there and gets excited about seeing them. Manvi goes to them and tells them that virat got a job in this restaurant. Viren has a flashback where viren tells him, if you don’t get a big break. Then come to restaurants like this and sing here for three four hours. Many important people come here. So it might be useful for you. Virat replies that, he won’t sing at places like this. When virat sing, there ‘ll be thousand people to listen. They’ll shout rockstar virat. But viren says. I’ll pray for that only. But Success is hard to achieve. And for that you need a small start like this. Virat comes back to present. Jeevika goes to virat and congratulates him. Viren goes to virat and says congrats. And then extends his hand towards virat. But virat walks off without saying anything. He tells manvi that he’ll come now and leaves. Viren asks jeevika to order something. And he’s going to washroom.

The two sisters are upset seeing that. They go near each other. Manvi asks jeevika whether she’s thinking the same thing. Jeevika says yes. We have to end this world war between the two brothers. Manvi says. Yes. Now we should end this. Virat comes back and manvi tells him as it’s already late, let’s have dinner here itself. It’ll be a small celebration of you getting this job. Virat replies. Yes. If anyone else is happy or not. We are happy. Let’s celebrate. And they go and sit. Viren takes jeevika also to a table. Manvi thinks to herself. Even after being in the same restaurant there ‘s so much of distance between us and di and jeeju. She spills water on the table and says sorry. When waiter comes, she asks for another table and goes and sits somewhat nearer to virika. They look at each other. Manvi starts a conversation about cricket. She tells virat that the way india consecutively won 3 matches against australia. 3-0 is a great achievement. Our opening batsmen are doing a great job. On the other table viren tells jeevika that it’s actually the good work of bowlers. They took twenty wickets on the flat pitch. Virat tells manvi that, if the batsmen don’t make score then there’s No use of the wickets. Manvi tells viren. Jeeju. I forgot. You both are great cricket fans. You make our home a cricket radio when there’s a match. And if the opponent team loses any wicket then your celebration starts. Virat asks manvi to have food as he can’t complete it alone. She replies that she’s having food. Then she asks. What do you think. ‘Ll india win like this even if they play outside. Virat replies that ofcourse they ‘ll. But viren says. You can’t be sure. That ‘ll be over confidence. It’s not good to be haughty. Virat gets up and replies there is a lot of difference between pride and being haughty. Some people won’t understand that as they can’t see people achieving success. And leaves from there. Both the sisters are sad. Viren is upset.

At hrishikesh, Beeji is taking something from the safe and sweety is peeping inside. She sees lots of money and thinks to herself. There is a lot of money in here. Beeji gives her a jewellery and asks this is what you needed right. She nods, takes it and leaves.

At chandigarh, Jeevika is asking viren about how it ‘ll be if virman celebrates holi with them. Viren replies it’s a good idea. All Family members ‘ll be happy. Jeevika asks what about you. He thinks about virat telling him in childhood that he’ll always celebrate holi with viren. And says. If the entire family is together, then anybody ‘ll be happy. Jeevika says. Then why don’t you go and invite him. Viren replies that he won’t. He has some self respect. Virat’s current mindset and behaviour is not good. So i don’t want to insult myself again. Viren gets a phone call from one of his client. He’s worried about his case. Viren consoles him saying, their opponent should be scared and not them as they have many proof against them. Jeevika is left thinking.

At hrishikesh, Sweety tells dabbu that her Mom is not well and her brother called. She’s hospitalised And she needs some money urgently. Dabbu replies that her mom is like his mom only. She can take as much as money as she wants from the safe. But tell me what happened. Sweety says she doesn’t know all that. He replies he’ll also come with her as he has some responsibility towards my mother in law. She immediately replies that you are completing your responsibility by giving the money. And happily says that i’ll take care of my mom. Dabbu says ok.

At chandigarh, manvi asks virat why he overreacted. Viren jeeju was only talking about cricket. Virat replies. Nope. He was taunting me . About my current situations. He shows her the calendar and says within one month If i don’t make 1 lakh rupees then see what all he’s going to say. I ‘Ll not be able to face my family. Manvi says leave all that. It’s holi. We’ll celebrate it with the entire family. Virat replies nope. He won’t go back to that house. Manvi says why should you go back. We celebrate holi outside. Not inside home. Virat has a flashback of childhood. Where viren is running saying he doesn’t want to apply colour and virat is running behind him With colours. Finally he applies colour on viren’s face and wishes him. Viren also does the same. Virat is smiling. Manvi snaps her fingers and asks why he’s smiling. Whether it’s some Old good memories. Virat replies nothing like that. And there’s No use of them. It’s better to forget everything soon. Manvi asks him to get rid of his anger and says he has become virat bachan like amitab bachan. Virat leaves from there.

At hrishikesh, dabbu and sweety goes to beeji and dabbu tells her about sweety’s mom’s health. He says he needs money. And asks for the keys of the safe. Beeji asks dabbu to go with sweety and gives the key. Sweety immediately snatches the keys and leaves with dabbu. Sweety opens the safe and admires the bundle of money. She thinks to herself. It’s not much time since i wanted this key and i got it. Thankyou dabbu. She takes one bundle and asks dabbu whether this ‘ll be sufficient. Dabbu replies he feels it’s less. What if doctor asks to conduct more tests. You take some more money. Sweety replies it’s their own safe. ‘Ll take if she requires money later. And closes the safe. Beeji comes there. Dabbu asks for the keys and says beeji keeps all the keys of the home with her. And reluctantly sweety gives it back. Sweety says it’s a little heavy for me to take care of anyways. And thinks to herself. Today i’m returning the keys. But that day is not far when i’ll be having the keys of this entire home.

At chandigarh, in the basket ball court manvi is resting her head on jeevika’s shoulder. They are discussing about the two brothers. Manvi says they have to do something that’ll end the fight in a second. Jeevika replies that nothing happened in one month. Then what ‘ll happen in a second. Manvi says they need a plan and both starts to think. After some time manvi shouts she has an idea. And tells jeevika that we’ll make some people beat up jeeju. When virat sees that he’ll forget everything and go save him. Jeevika doesn’t agree to it. She says they’ll get beaten up. And instead of gain they’ll have loss. Manvi tries to make points in favour of her plan but jeevika says nope. Manvi thinks to herself. I’ll execute this plan. Sorry di. For the first time ‘m going to do something without your consent. But after my plan become successful you’ll pat on my back.

Precap: jeevika is in the market. Some random guys comes in a bike and snatch her necklace. Jeevika and manvi both shouts at the guys. Viren is near his car. He gets a call. It was only a trailer. Movie is still there to watch. Now we had taken only the chain. If you don’t back out from the case they ‘ll clear off her neck.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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