Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Madhav’s House
Everybody back from the function,Bharti asks everybody to retire for the day but Rahul tells that let they watch the functions pictures.Pallavi and Dadi joins in ,when they had just started seeing the pic’s Bharti scolds Pallavi that she has to get up early and study so she better go to sleep now.Dadi remarks that Bharti must have had bittergourd juice while growing up instead of milk and says that she should atleast sometime talk to her children softly.Dadi leaves angrily Rahul tells Madhav that he’ll go and make up Dadi’s mood.Meanwhile Madhav sneaks Aradhya’s picture into his pocket and leaves,Bharti notices a pic of Rahul and Aradhya and thinks over when Madhav’s dad enquires the reason for Bharti’s mood off the whole evening,she say’s nothing and walks off with the pic.

Aaradhya’s House:
Aaradhya watching promo of new Sony show”Chanchan”along with Megs and her mom.Mom gets emotional regarding Meg’s Bidaai and say’s she’ll soon leave the house ,Aaru laughs off saying that Megs must be haapy instead of getting sad.Megs retorts saying that’s because she knows she’s going to a modern family and think what’ll happen if Aaradhya happens to get a strict mother in law.Aaru says like Chanchan she too will make her mom in law understand that “If one happen to be modern that doesn’t mean they forget their traditions”.Aaradhya’s mother says Chanchan has got a big fan in Aaru.

Madhav’s House:
Rahul watching TV in his room,Bharti comes over and knocks,he switches off the TV and asks how come she has come over and has he made any mistake.She says she needs to have an important talk with him and goes on that it’s time Rahul takes the responsibility of a family hence she has taken the decision of his wedding.This intially shocks Rahul to which Bharti asks wheather she did the right thing.Rahul thinking it as her act of love say’s if Bharti has taken the decision then it would be definetly right.Bharti continues that She has choosen the girl to ,which amuses Rahul and she hands over Aaru’s pic to Rahul.

On the other hand Madhav intently looks at Aaru’s pic and remembers all the things Aaru did in function for Ehsaas(the watch seeing game,how she said she’ll impress Bharti).

Cut to Bharti-Rahul scene,Rahul shocks on seeing Aaru’s pic but then eventually agrees as she’s Bharti’s choice.Bharti leaves saying she’ll go with the proposal to Aaru’s house tommorow leaving behind a happy Rahul.

Rahul goes off to say this news to Madhav who’s sleeping and has Aaru’s photo beside him but as Rahul nears ,Madhav keeps his hand on the pic.Rahul thinks since Madhav’s sleeping he’ll tell the news in the morning.

Madhav’s dad becomes suspicious of Bharti’s sudden love towards Rahul.Bharti argues back that she’s not an enemy of Rahul and she’s more cared about her children’s happiness,Moreover she says Aaru is more than perfect for Rahul as their behaviour,attitudes are one and the same and if Rahul was not intrested he would have never said yes to the proposal.Madhav’s dad remarks that if they would ask Rahul to drink poison he would happily oblige for that too,he respects them that much and says he’ll at first talk to Madhav to know Rahul’s mind

Morning,Madhav’s home
Madhav’s dad asks him if he knows Aaru and his mom is taking a proposal to Aaru’s home.Madhav’s misunderstands it for his proposal and shyly smiles to which his dad thinks that he’s happy for Rahul and asks him to ask Rahul for his opinion,also says that Bharti have had a talk about this to Rahul and walks away happily.Madhav is full on happy.

Aarati going on Madhav’s place
Rahul’s phone rings he apologizes to Bharti and leaves.Bharti gives prasad to all ,Madhav thanks Bharti for her decision.She says she did what she felt right.Madhav says he felt Bharti dislikes Aaradhya to which she says if the girl loves boy what can elders do to which Madhav says her opinion does matter a lot.He enquires who said to her about Aaradhya and she says it’s her experience looking at Rahul.Madhav thinks Rahul persuaded Bharti for the proposal.Madhav enquires about the same indirectly to Rahul who thinks Madhav’s talking about his rishta.

Aaradhys’s house
Aaradhya gets her sister ready and both sister are sad that she’ll be leaving soon.Both joke around and hug again emotionally.

Madhav’s room
Madhav can’t believe all this is happening to him.He feels Aaru has expressed her love but he hasn’t yet and decides he’ll express his love as Ehsaas,He records in a CD,that how the meaning of love is Aaradhya for him,how time and again he couldn’t gather courage to talk to her,her smile is his biggest happiness,how her every small things made him fall for her.He records how never ever he was loved for his looks but now he has started loving himself because she has started loving him.

PRECAP Same as the promo

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