Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd March 2013 Written Update
Part 1

The episode starts with Rachana fainting and everyone worried about her. Mayank tells Vihaan to move as he is holding Rachana. Mayank holds Rachana and shakes her asking her to get up. Mayank says to bring water. Rajiv comes and sprinkles water on Rachana. Charu says that Rachana was fine in the morning then what happened suddenly. Gunjan tells Charu this is not the time to discuss all this. Rajiv tells Vihaan to call the doctor. The doctor checks Rachana and Rajiv tells everyone to move back and give some space. Rajiv asks Gunjan if Rachana had any troubles and Gunjan says no. Vihaan tells Rajiv that Rachana was feeling dizzy during the treasure hunt and couldn’t even walk properly. The doctor then says she is under the influence of drugs and to put it in other words that she has been sedated. Gunjan says its not possible that Rachana takes any sleeping medications. The doctor whatever is possible or not will only be known once Rachana regains conscious. Mayank asks if there is any complication and the doctor says no not to worry. Charu then says who could have done this. It must be someone who is afraid of her. She says everyone knows that Rachana is great in everything. She says there is someone who is always with Rachana at all times and looks at Gunjan that did this. Rajiv suggests that Rachana should be taken home and she needs food and rest. Mayank and Charu take Rachana home. Gunjan tells Chaya they will take another auto home. Shail is cleaning Gunjan and Rachana’s room and comes across an empty packet of pills and smells it. She says its bhaang pills and wonders what it is doing in the room. She says Rachana will never take them and thinks it might be someone else. Seema comes and tells Shail that Rachana fainted in college. Shail says how and Seema says that Charu phone and said so and that the doctor said that she is under the influence of the drug consumed. Shail is shocked and looks at the packet she found. Rachana is lying on bed and the family are surrounding her. Charu says she was worried if it was because of strain or her low bp or the fact that it was hot. She says that she felt like she was the one fainting when the doctor said Rachana fainted due to sedation from the pills. Prabhu asks Rachana if she feels she ate or drank something that she think was mixed with something. Rachana says she drank milk before going to college. Shail remembers thinking she saw Gunjan mixing something into the milk.

Part 2

Prabhu also remebers how Gunjan dropped the packet of pills and picked it up. Charu says she made the milk for Gunjan and Rachana and gave it to Gunjan and that Gunjan must have given the milk to Rachana. Sangeetha then says Gunjan could have mixed something in and she says that Gunjan and Rachana fought the night before and she saw Gunjan strolling around with her nightdress. Seema agrees too. Charu says that Gunjan had motif to make Rachana unconscious and that the proof in in front of them. Dayal tells Charu to stop blaming Gunjan as she can’t do it. Mayank agrees with Dayal and then says Rachana should rest. Shail says she will bring food for her and tells her to rest. Gunjan comes and asks Shail if Rachana is fine and conscious and Shail nods her head. Gunjan is happy to hear that. Shail then walks into the kitchen. Gunjan follows and asks Shail why is she so quiet and asks what did Rachana says that she ate or drink and asks if Rachana suspects anyone. Shail says she only drank the milk and Gunjan says she gave the milk how can there be anything in it. Charu offers Shail that she will give the food to Rachana. Gunjan is wondering why Charu is showing so much concern and if its one of her tricks. Shail gives Charu the food. Gunjan hesistates to tell Shail what she feels. Shail tells her to say it quick as she has work. Gunjan says that she didn’t do anything and Shail says did she say anything or pinted the finger at her and asks why did she say it then and tells her to leave it and go freshen up. Rachana thinks how can Gunjan betray her sister just for a competiton. Gunjan comes and asks how is she feeling. Rachana says she feels fine. Gunjan says she is sure that someone is creating misunderstandings between them. Rachana says to leave it and that she has a headache and wants to sleep and will talk later. Chaya at home is scared remembering the incident with Mr Sharma. She imagines him in her room and screams and cries.

Part 3

Charu’s mother comes and asks her what’s the matter and why was she shouting. Charu is crying uncontrollably and looks around. Her mother asks who is she looking for and asks if she had a nightmare. Her mother says she must be tired and to follow her for the puja later and God will make everything alright and that Gunjan and Rachana would also be there. Charu’s mother is talking to Shail saying that the whole family has to come for the Holi celebration as it is her first Holi and that Charu’s father has thrown a big party. Shail says she has to ask Dayal but Charu’s mother says she’ll ask Charu’s father to talk to Dayal and that Shail should make preparations to come. She says all must come and no excuse of work will be accepted. Charu thinks the Holi party will be Gunjan’s farewell party as she will be out. Rachana asks Chaya where she was and why she did not pick up the phone. Chaya starts crying and Rachana asks what happened and Chaya says something bad has happened and tells her what happened in college with Mr Sharma and what he did to her. Rachana says she did not know Mr Sharma is such a low lying person. Chaya says he blackmailed her that if she told anyone he would suspend her. Gunjan tells Chaya that he will be suspended. Chaya begs Gunjan not to do anything to Mr Sharma as he can do anything. Chaya says nothing should go out of the room. Rachana asks why not. The country in which a Goddess is worshiped this is the way she is treated. Chaya says no her family will insulted and they will do nothing. Gunjan says what will she do just sit at home and wait for a miracle that people like Sharma would turn into a new leaf. Gunjan says he should pay for his deeds and to be taught that they are not toys. Chaya tells Rachana to explain to Gunjan she will get into worse trouble. Rachana says Gunjan is right they have to be brave and take action against them. Shail warns Gunjan and Rachana to be careful as tomorrow is Holi. Chaya comes and greets Shail.

Part 4

Chaya asks if they are ready and says she’s nervous and hopes all goes well. She says what if something goes wrong. Gunjan says not to worry all will go well. Chaya sets the videocamera mode on her phone and hides it in her bag where it is able to recorded through the hole in her bag.
She knocks the door.
She then enters Sharma’s room. He asks her to enter. She remember what Rachana says about taking action against him. Sharma says he knew she would come as she doesn’t want to fail. Chaya tells him please she doesn’t want to fail. He says he won’t fail her and will not only pass her but give her the paper but in return he wants something else and comes closer to her. She is scared.

Episode Ends

Precap Gunjan and Rachana are dancing. Charu looks like she’s up to something. Charu’s face covered in red powder approaching Rachana and Shail then shouts out Gunjan.

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