Ek Hasina Thi 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raima coming to meet Sakshi. She gives her orchids and makes her smile. Raima says she is her best friend, she had problems and she missed her a lot. She apologizes to her and says you are very special to me. Sakshi smiles. Sakshi says I missed you so much, you know how much you mean to me, I was going to call you when…………… Raima asks what. Sakshi thinks she can’t tell about Rajnath’s affair to her, its embarrassing news, I need to be sure first. I have to find out is Jatin saying truth. She changes the topic. Raima says we will go for shopping today as I m sure you need a break, we will spend time together. Sakshi says you know about Shaurya, I can’t leave him unattended, I m not able to go office too.

Raima says yes, I m going on two week holiday and then we will plan a weekend together. Sakshi says two week holiday, suddenly. Raima says my college friends, reunion. Sakshi asks about her BF. Raima says I really wish it was it, I m surely missing romance in my life. Sakshi asks her to be careful as its not good if past BF comes back. Durga comes and says I agree, past is not always good for everyone. Durga greets Raima and asks about her past. She says we have to careful with our past, as it never leaves us and when it comes back, it can ruin anyone.

She says you both should not worry, as you did not do any compromises to affect your present. Sakshi thinks is Jatin saying true, does Rajnath has affair? Durga asks Raima what will she have. Raima says thanks Durga, I m good, I m leaving now. She asks Sakshi to plan weekend thing and leaves. Durga sees Sakshi and thinks call Jatin, why so patience Mrs Goenka. Sakshi calls him and says she wants to meet him. Jatin asks does her trust got shaken. She says stay in your limit. Jatin says get Rs 5 crore, it increased. He says he will message the address. Durga thinks go and find out, your world will break.

Dev comes to meet Payal and thanks doctor for allowing him. He says you don’t know Payal is very imp to me, sorry for last time. The doctor says thank Durga as she permitted you, Payal is better now. Dev says that’s really great. Dev says he will make Payal have the soup by his hands. The doctor says sure. Dev talks to Payal. He makes her have the soup and says he is going to meet Nitya soon, and I will take her to you first, so you have to get fine soon. The doctor takes pic and sends Durga. Durga sees it and smiles.

Rajnath scolds his staff and asks the man to get market share seller fast. He says who can do this, shares are in family, Sakshi and Suchitra can’t do this, oh God, Shaurya………. How can he do this? He gets a call from the man and he says the man who sold the shares, Dev Goenka. Rajnath is shocked. He asks are you sure. The man says yes. Rajnath says fine, I will talk to you later. Durga thinks she has to check Shaurya’s treatment, she has to keep Shaurya on wheel chair till she gets her motive done. Durga is stopped by the guard and thinks Sakshi did this to stop me.

She talks to the doctor and asks about Shaurya. Shaurya says he is fine and has a sharp mind now. He says a shayari line for her. Durga says she is worried for him. She leaves. Shaurya thinks Durga still loves me, great, whatever is your motive, I understand how to handle you now, you will get till my bed for sure.

Durga talks to Dayal and says Sakshi is keeping her away from Shaurya. He says it means she doubts you, and you have be careful. He says Akram reached safe and he wants to know about Raima. Durga says Jatin told about Rajnath’s affair and first he will take money and tell her name. He is playing a game with her. Dayal laughs. She says I want to see her face when she sees the proof to know Rajnath is having an affair with her best friend Raima. He says as Sakshi and Shaurya are together, they will try to hurt Suchitra, I know you will take care of her, but try to keep her happy. Durga says I will never hurt her, I promise. He says you are my good daughter, I said this as she was sad when she came here for patphere. She says she will take care and ends the call.

Karan talks to Kangana saying our engagement can’t happen. Kangana is shocked and asks what do you mean. He says I thought a lot, I feel our relationship won’t work out. She says are you mad. He says tell your brother or mum, but this is the truth, you know I love you, but I can’t marry, its big responsibility, it needs maturity, I want us to make full stop this relationship here. She looks at him. He says he will die if her family knows. She says don’t be scared, I won’t tell anyone, you have killed me today. She cries and leaves. Karan gets happy.

Sakshi comes to meet Jatin. Jatin welcomes her and sees the money bag. She says she will give it when she gets a solid proof. He asks her to sit. He taunts her and says she don’t test my patience. He opens the laptop and shows her the proof, shocking her. She says Raima…… and then sees Rajnath. She cries seeing the video.

Dev talks to Agnihotri as Rajnath Goenka and asks him to give all the proof tomorrow. Rajnath hears this and is shocked to know Dev is tackling Shaurya and them.

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  1. Thanx for update .

  2. I was upset because this stupid rajnath will do something with dev to destroy proof and it’s fun too as sakshi learned about rajnath affair

  3. Awesome

  4. good going.. but dev needs to have a bit of patience else he will ruin durg’s plan

  5. Rajnath ne dev ke father ko maara jiska proof sakshi ke pass hai…

    Shurya sakshi ka beta nahi hai…

    1. how do u knw? R u sure?

  6. How do you know that shaurya is not shakshi son.l hate dev

  7. Rajnath wild emotion act was too realistic. Good going ek hassina thi

  8. I bet Shaurya is not even Rajneth’s son he is Sakshi’s baggage from the past

  9. I bet Shaurya is not even Rajnath’s son he is Sakshi’s baggage from the past

  10. They gave a hint about Rajnath killing Dev’s father in one of the first few episodes

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