Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan was about to shout, but Mayank keeps hand on her mouth and asks her to excuse him for whatever he did. She says she has forgiven him, now he may leave to his way. Mayank tells her that their ways were always one. Akaash switch the lights on, Gunjan asks him to call police and hand Mayank to them. Akaash asks Gunjan to be calm, and takes Mayank along.

In the lounge Akaash asks him why he has come here. Mayank says that legally Gunjan is still is his wife. Akaash says that Gunjan is no more his lover or wife, Gunjan was upset when they got separated. He took her to Australia, and one days she took the car out alone and had a serious accident. She survived the head injuries after a few operations, but she lost her memory. Mayank was shocked. Akaash says that her heart was beating for this place and wanted to come to Banaras. He brought her here to make her happy. He asks him not to remind her of her past, as there must not be any pressure on her mind. Gunjan calls Papa! from behind, comes to him and says that she didn’t expect this from him. Akaash was about to explain but she says she thought he would have send him out of the house, but he is talking to him so politely. She talks to Mayank, but he just looks at her face, not hearing what she was saying. She takes his hand, and pushes him out of the house.

Everyone at home is shocked to hear about Gunjan. Seema wants to meet her but Mayank says it will be of no use, as she is unable to recognize them or understand their emotions. Doctors have forbidden pressurizing her mind, and they have to wait for her to remind her past. Shayl blamed herself, that she should have stopped Gunjan. This wouldn’t have happened to her, if he won’t have left. Mayank tells her that she did it all for their betterment, mistake was his. He should have handled to situation, but he did the mistake and promised to bring Gunjan as the daughter-in-law of the family. He will win her again through his love. Shayl says that they are all with him. Mayank says that he has realized that Gunjan is a part of his heart and can’t live without her, he must think of every way to bring her back. Dayal asks that he can talk to Akaash, Mayank says that he won her heart before and win it now as well, just need some time.

The next day, Gunjan ate in hurry. Akaash asks her to eat slowly, but she says she is already late and must run. The door bell rings, it was Shayl. She smiles, while Gunjan asks her who is she and what does she want. Shayl was about to say something when Akaash asks You? and calls her inside. He explains to Gunjan that they are their family friends. Gunjan says Hello, namastay to aunty . Shayl says namastay in return. Gunjan asks if she is mummy’s friend. Akaash nods. Gunjan takes a leave for college. Akaash asks Shayl why she came here. Shayl says that they didn’t come to their home. Akaash says that he gave his daughter to them, and they sent her out of house. Shayl says that they had reasons and asks Akaash that he didn’t tell them about the accident. Akaash tells her that Gunjan knows her Mausi lives in Banaras but didn’t ever meet her, that is why she didn’t recognize her.

Akaash asks her to stay away from her. Shayl says that Sneha gave Gunjan’s responsibility to her, but he didn’t tell her. Akaash says that he took care of Gunjan and then she had an accident. She started a new life, and now there is no place for her past. Shayl says that Gunjan is happiest when with Mayank, and he can’t keep them separate from each other.

In the college, a guy drops his handkerchief, picks it and asks Gunjan is it hers. She teases him that he is like an old-fashioned hero; he must ask her for coffee. Gunjan makes her practice it, when his girlfriend arrives there. Gunjan sends her with him. She tells her friend that no one in the college is her choice, and as soon as she will meet him she will have butterflies in stomach. She hits a man, who drops his glasses. He picks them and leaves. Gunjan comes to class, the boys tell her that they will play a prank with the teacher by throwing a bucket full of flour on his clothes. She asks them to take it down, but it drops on a boy. Gunjan apologizes, and asks is he a new student. He tells her it is his first day, she hands him towel. His head was still in towel when he asks her to leave. She was saying that it was her mistake, then turns back to see that it was Mayank.

PRECAP: Gunjan was taking Mayank to principal, but doesn’t tell him anything about him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. crap

  2. Akash should be ashame of himself. He should have reached out to Mayank and his family when the accident occurred. How can he sought a new beginning for his daughter when she already had a life with Mayank and his family. I hope they don’t prolong this story let alone Rachna’s involvement with Bittu. I use to love this show and always wondered why other shows can’t be like it but now it’s the same as every other soap. Wake up writers!!!!

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