Jodha Akbar 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
in court, dadisa says to jalal that shaguni bai said that children should be born in palace but they born outside palace that’s why curse ate Hassan, she says I have one suggestion that send hussain to amer, there he will be protected, jalal says this is not possible, bharmal ask why, we will take care of your child, dadi says it will be good for jodha and child to go to amer, they will treated grandly there, hamida says I don’t have any problem with that, jalal says okay I accept this but I have to mother of hussain, dadi says jodha will agree to that, jalal says I am talking about ruks, jodha has given her child to ruks and now all rights on hussain is of ruks now, dadi is shocked. qasim is tensed listening all this.
qasim comes to zeenat and tells her about hussain going to amer, he says you cant go to amer with child, there you can be caught, rajvanshies are clever and can catch you, zeenat says relax, I wont let ruks agree to this suggestion.

Scene 2
in night, zeenat tells ruks about hussain going to amer, ruks says who has said this, I wont let hussain go there, zeenat provokes her and says they are sendng hussain to amer so that they can give child back to jodha, they are trying to snatch your son, they were saying that curse is happening in this palace, some shaguni bai tells all this to them, I am telling you they are playing a big game, dasi comes there and says to ruks that jalal has called you in court with child, ruks gets tensed.
rukws comes in court with hussain, dadi and bharmal sees hussain and gets happy, bharmal says he is very chubby, dadi says he is very cute, she blesses hussain, ruks is tensed, Dadisa is about to take hussain from ruks hands but ruks moves back and doesn’t allow her to touch hussain, bharmal and dadi are shocked, jalal says to ruks that they came here to see their grandson, give hussain to them, ruks says no, I wont give hussain to anyone, they have come here to snatch my child from me, I wont let this happen, I wont let anyone separate hussain from me, leave amer, I wont let anyone take outside my room, nobody can touch him, I am sorry but hussain is mine, one child is already gone and I cant take the risk, she leaves from there, dadisa cries, jalal is embarrassed and says i am… bharmal and dadi leaves.

Scene 3
jodha is sitting in her room, she recalls maham’s curse, zakira says to moti that i cant se jodah like this, moti says don’t know what happened to her, zakira says she has given birth to her child, she carried him in her womb and now he is no more so she must be very depressed, jodha suddenly starts shouting and says don’t take my son, please don’t take him away.
zeenat comes to ruks room and finds much security outside her room, dadies gossip that ruks has become very protective about hussain, she is thinking that hassan’ death was planned one, zeenat gets tensed and thinks so much security, how will i give poison to hussain.
moti ask jodah to sit, jodha says hussain is not fine, i am feeling that hussain is in danger, i have to see him, he needs me, moti says hussain is fine, you cant go there, you know ruks doesn’t like it, jalal comes there, jodha says to jalal that i am sure that hussain is in danger, they are not allowing me to go, you go and check hussain, i am feeling same how i felt at time of Hassan death, please go and check him, jalal says hussain is fine, so much security is there and ruks is also with him, yu should go out of your room, he takes jodha out of room.

Scene 4
ruks says to zeenat that i am going to take bath, you take care of hussain, she says to hoshiyar that keep guarding hussain, don’t allow anyone to touch hussain and don’t move away from hussain, she puts hussain on bed and leaves, zeenat thnks why you are making t difficult for me.
jalal is supporting jodha to walk in garden, they are walking hands in hands, jodha says i am tired, jalal makes her sit and she lies her head on his shoulder, suddenli winds blows, jodha says i am feeling that hussain is in danger, its same feeling like when i gave birth in difficult situation, i am telling you to go and check him, jalal says nothing like that, i am going there, i will check myself, jalal ask moti to take care of jodha while he goes to check on hussain.
zeenat checks that nobody is around, she sees hoshiyar playing with hussain, hoshiyar ask her to not touch hussain, zeenat says i was just making lie straight.
ruks is taking bath and ask dasies to finish it fast, zeenat says to hoshiyar that ruks have called you, hoshiyar says i didn’t listen her voice, zeenat says maybe my fault but you know ruks can get angry on you, don’t worry about hussain i am with him, hoshiyar leaves to meet ruks, zeenat smirks and takes hussain in her hands.
jodha says to moti that i don’t know, my heart is saying that something very wrong is going to happen, something very bad, moti says don’t worry, jalal has gone there, jodha recalls maham’s words that nothing will be saved, Mughal saltanat will not get heir.
zeenat says to hussain that you should go to your brother, you should leave the world, zeenat has put poison on her finger, she is about to make hussain lick the poison when jalal comes there in nick of time, he sees her and says bhabhij jan, zeenat is shocked.

PRECAP- Ruks says that Hassan died because of jodha’s carelessness and you are protecting her? jalal shouts and raises his hand to slap her, ruks suddenly feels something in her stomach and feels like vomiting.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. And what was that in the precap ?? I didn’t understood ! Is ruqaiya pregnent again ?

  2. Is Ruks going to die too?? Did she lick the poison as well?? Oh dear!!

  3. Cunning Ruk अ

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  5. i can’t see jodha like this 🙁
    its really sad that the twins r dying >.:(

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  12. entire week is sad

  13. I think by mistake ruks linked the poison
    Or it can be ruks only said zeenat 2 kill hussan being unaware of zeenat intention

  14. ja really u hv crossed ur limits u daed to slap ruk n ruk r u going to get pregnent jalal u r CHARACTERLESS

  15. what a sad episode it was!!!!!!!!!

  16. South Africa – don’t know if you have logged on today but wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your comments from yesterday’s episode.
    I agree with what you wrote.

  17. hope jalal akbar sees thru the ruks n plot n punish her n zeenat. justice must be served.
    and i hope joddha goes back to pray to kahna and salim the priest gives hope to both akbar n jodha. there should not be any leap maybe show the bal. 7 tracks on how jalal got the navatrams in his court, then show a leap of 1or 2 years when jodha announces her next pregnacy of salim….we do not need any plot on salim or anarkali, because the purpose of these serial will be off. the makers must show the love and closeness of JA till the end no matter what ups and downs they encounter. how they discuss and solve it.
    by looking at JA’s love, salim must learn about true love and be a better man than what history made him, also shah jahan loved his wife based on what he saw of his grandparents love of such strong that withstood all. so thats why he built taj mahal for his wife and love by thinking of JA. because love of shah jahan n mumatz was never spoken of like JA’s love story in history…….people knew of jahan’s love only because of Taj Mahal.

    It is JA’s love that was spoken of thru out history of Mughals…
    Hope the makers take heed of fans’ ideas. choose to make the best track for JA

  18. I find it amusing that people will speak of history to the detail where they beleive they know the thoughts of another person…. we are ignorant in so many ways….

  19. Very well said Sbnaidu!

  20. Hah whatever jk and yeah sanaya lets be friends !

  21. characterless ja beware tumne ruj ko jo k tarah janj mein kharada nahi hai jo tum uske sath aesa karogebwo to ruk hai jo tumhe pane ki kosis kar rahi hai nahi to ruk shud give u talak idiot jalal n get free frmu devil evil bully

  22. well ruk get rid of this jalal whn he does like tat with u only 4 tat ido??? J…….

  23. jo go to amer it will b better tat u stay away frm ja n ruk will hv the opptunity to hv a gud time with hr luv ja n i think ruk is going to et pregnant so its more gud news wow n ja u idiot hw u dared to slap ruk yaar hv some little bit of shame on u n ur post idiot bustard n i dont thinh tat ruk said any thing wrong hassan died bcoz of only n only jo. Jo u killed ur child

  24. n i m a hindu not a muslim

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