Ek Hasina Thi 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga telling Dayal what Shaurya did. Dayal says he is a bloody monster, does not even care for his parents and family. Shaurya tells the doctor he is bored, now go and tell my family I got conscious, and send my dad first, as he loves me a lot, my heart melted seeing him. He says tell him I m in depressed state and not give me tension and stress. The doctor leaves. Shaurya says Durga become mine once. Durga says she is ready to face what happens next. Dayal says you go for it. Kangana says Durga thinks Shaurya is a rapist, and she rejected him, so he took such a big step.

Kangana sees Durga and stops her. She says Shaurya got a clean chit in court and you doubted him, we are Goenkas, Nitya and Payal were opportunists and their truth came out in court, you doubted on my brother’s innocence. She says Shaurya loves you, but you are wrong. Rajnath wants to stop her, but Sakshi stops him. Dev stops Kangana. She says will any rapist have such emotions, no, my brother’s mistake is he loves you so much. He does not deserve this. She says its good you are going to USA leaving him forever, as he deserves a better girl than you. The doctor comes out and says congrats. Shaurya is out of danger and conscious.

Sakshi asks can I meet him. The doctor says what Shaurya told him. Sakshi asks Durga to stay away. Shaurya gets some fake tears. Rajnath comes and sees him crying. Kangana cries. Sakshi and everyone come and look at him. Durga says now its time to make his win mine. Sakshi holds his hand and says I m so glad you are fine, but how could you think to do this. Shaurya says sorry mum, I have embarrassed you all, I did not do anything to make you all proud of me. I m not a good son, brother and human being. Rajnath says no, get fine.

Shaurya says I loved Durga, but she is going from my life, I m good for nothing. Sakshi asks him to stop it. Durga enters with Dayal. Shaurya says Durga…… Everyone look at her. Sakshi scolds Durga and says knowing only family can meet Shaurya, you came here. She says he is absolutely fine now, please leave, I don’t care where you go, just stay away from my son. Shaurya says mum please, I want to talk to Durga for the last time. Durga comes to him and he says your engagement got spoiled because of me, please forgive me.

He says he can’t see her with anyone else, I really love you Durga, but I respect your choice, if you decided to spend your life with Neil, its good, my fate has this and I accepted this truth that you can’t be mine. Durga cries. He asks her to go and all the best for her life. She says I can lie to everyone but not to you and me. She says I love you too Shaurya. Everyone is shocked. Dayal asks what is she saying. Durga says truth, I told you I don’t want to do this engagement but you did not listen, I kept quiet and see what did Shaurya do.

Shaurya asks really, are you having pity on me. She says no, I will not lie to anyone now, I can’t suppress my feelings more now, I m afraid that your parents and my dad will not react good, so I did not tell them, but today after you did this, I realized what are you to me. She fools him and asks him to see in her eyes that it has love for him, no sympathy. Shaurya thinks his eyes does not have love, but to get her once. Durga says Shaurya saved my life when we met for the first time in Durga Mohatsav, I knew there was instant connection, and I was confused when I knew about rape case. Dev thinks how can Durga love Shaurya, whom she doubted.

Durga tells what happened between her and Shaurya till now, about Payal, Babjee and others. She says whenever she wanted to go to him, something happened that made her confused about him. She says then one day I decided, I will clear all my doubts about him, so I took him to meet Payal. She says Payal reacted badly seeing him, I was worried, and I felt everyone is right and I m wrong, was he involved in rape case. Sakshi says if Payal could tell you, she would have said you are wrong. Durga says yes, he told me the truth and gave me case details.

She says then all my confusion cleared. Dev says what is she saying, why is she saying all this. He thinks about Durga’s words against Shaurya. He feels what she is saying is not true, I will find it out the truth.

Durga makes Shaurya wear the ring. Dayal drags Durga and she says Shaurya…………

Update Credit to: Amena

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