O Gujariya 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the college everyone is busy making project with their team mates while VAibhavi is sitting alone Sir sees all of them and asks VAibhavi what happened where is her team mates..Vaibhavi tells dont worry as she will submit on time..Sir ask when as tommorrow is submission day,,Sir tells VAibhavi all her teammates are “Useless” as they spent all their time in Canteen..VAibhavi defends tells that he cannot call them “Useless” tells they are busy with their own work..Sir tells he is impressed and expect alot..In next Scene NAtasha comes ribbon falls on her..Kabir comes Music goes on background Kabir tells “Happy friendship day”..Natasha tells now he has became friend of her..Like others he is giving friendship band to her….Natasha tells like other people want someone special in life She asks who is Kabir”s…Kabir tells there is more important than someone more special…Vaibhavi tells exactly rights…Nats tells no need to teach her..tell that she is busy with some important thing…Vaibhavi tells she gave the same excuse to Sir..Vaibhavi tells she is not atleast roam in the college like fashion doll…Natasha tells Shaurya is not talking to her thats why is she is feeling jealous from Natasha as kabir is in her life…Vaibhavi tells there is more important thing in life like she has come to college with a target..Natasha tells it was her dare and now she is fedup with itt..tells to the hell with project..Vaibhavi tells she will complete alone the the project without Ada and Natasha…Natasha smiles and goes..Shaurya sees Natasha smiling and asks why is she smiling…Natasha tells because of “her Vaibhavi”…Shaurya says just shut up as he is just concerned about her because she has no friends tells she is a good girl….Natasha tells she talk as if she is doing something good .. Natasha tells Vaibhavi”s father died 14 years ago was a Airfoce pilot Shaurya gets shocked and asks what…Natasha tells Vaibhavi father name was Abhimanyu singh…Shaurya listens..Natasha asks why he is concerned Shaurya tellls just like that and goes away Vaibhavi is sitting at canteen tells its her fault that she trusted Ada and Natasha…Baliram comes and sits tells that he also sometime talks to himself Vaibhavi tells that he have more friends also Balli tell have but they talk only when they have some work with him,,Vaibhavi tells yes children of rich people are spoiled they think that they can do anything with anyone,,But they dont knoe that they came College to make their Carrer,,Baliram tells that today is “Friendship day”..Vaibhavi tells its all stupid..As friend is always special,,always important..not a single day,,Baliram tells it is right..Baliram calls Vaibhavi as “girlfriend” tells he everytime thinks of her…have special place in her heart Vaibhavi ignores..Samar gives Ada friendsip band and tells “happy friendship day” Ada tells she must havve said that becausr Samar helped her everytime..In the examination hall,,Vaibhavi is writing the Exam Mr rao comes and snatches her paper..Vaibhavi please hom as only one answer is left..Mr rao tells that he cannot give extratime and break the rules..Vaibhavi pleases again Mr rao tells okey..tells to write an essay on “.social policy on Slum rehabilitation”…submit..in the morning…
Shaurya checks about Abhimanyu singh in Search engine but doenot find…He type About Anirudh chahuhan…Reads wikipedia..that mother nd daughter left the city when she was 4-yrs old girl…Shaurya thinls and tell that Vaibhavi is Annirudh chahuhan”s daughter as she was also 4yrs old when her father died..Thats why she stays Angry in everytime..Shaurya tells may be Vaibhavi has a very strong target…On another side Vaibhavi sits and thinks about Shaurya how he helped her in getting the Scholarship..Shaurya goes..Vaibhavi sees and stops him..He ask if she had any work…Vaibhavi asks him to call her “Vijay” not Vaibhavi…Shaurya gives tea to Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi asks him help as she said all problems…Vaibhavi tells she have to handle the project alone as Ada and Natasha are busy with their life….Shaurya tells he is sure that she is capable to that…Shaurya tells in his mind if it was better if she tells about her feelings also..

Precap:MR rao tells Shaurya that he want more information

Update Credit to: Ansari

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