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Meath and Mahi are standing in the jungle and Mahi is trying to make Meath understand that if she found about them she’ll kill them. Dhara is listening to this conversation while hiding behind the bushes. Meath says that the only way they can live together is by killing Preet Madam. Meath says that a woman so dark and so evil, someone who has done nothing but destroy the life of others should be killed. Meath says to Mahi to not to worry he’ll do all the arrangements.
Vivan is telling his Jeju about what happened at the Mansion today and how he broke Preet Madam Bangels. Jeju asks him if he is okay, Vivan says that he is okay. Vivan tells his Jeju that Dhara took all the blame for the accident. Jeju says that it means that they became friends. Vivan says that he is also friends with Randir but when he is with Dhara he feels something different. Whenever he is in school he always thinks about her. When she got scolded because of him he felt sorry but was also happy because he knew that she thinks of him. In the meantime Kinjal comes in a very good mood and says great things about Vivan. Vivan asks that what has happened to you? She says that nothing happened to me but you. She says that they are about to become relatives with them.
Vivan says that he doesn’t even know of what Dhara feels about him. Jeju tells him that to talk to Dhara. Vivan says that he cannot as what if she stops talking to him. Jeju tells him that all relationships should be dealt openly otherwise they get tangled and it becomes difficult to understand them. He says that the people are lucky who find the one they love.
Miss Fareeda brought a glass of milk for Preet Madam who is sitting in the dark. Preet Madam Looks at the glass and a black mixture appears in it. She asks them that why they are so afraid of her and that where is Dhara. Mahi is standing with Miss Fareeda. Preet Madam Calls Dhara and Dhara come. She says that for many days there hasn’t been any celebration in the Mansion therefore it is time to for an event. She says that it will be held tomorrow. Mahi asks if something is special about tomorrow. Preet Madam says that can be, as a celebration can give a lot of pain. She tells Dhara to wear her favorite dress tomorrow. She gives Mahi a dress and tells Dhara to give some matching earrings to that. Dhara wants to say something but she says that she has a lot of work to do so they’ll talk tomorrow.
Dhara is looking at her clay dolls when suddenly Preet Madam appears. Dhara says that they are very scary; Preet Madam replies that scary things can look beautiful if you look at them properly. She tells Dhara to listen very carefully and to use everything in her mind to make these dolls in such a way that whoever she fears can be hurt by them. Preet Madam picks up a doll and says to it that you are alive, you can listen to me, and you will everything I will say to you. She tells Dhara if she understood and gives her the doll and says that she’ll have to believe that they are alive. Only then can she command them. Dhara says that she wants to say something but Preet Madam says that she knows what she wants to say.
Irawati is standing in the market and looking for someone who might know Vivan. Meath is also there and is buying a rat killing drug. Irawati comes and asks for his help. She says that she has a friend but does not know where he lives; she tells Meath about his appearance and says that he lives somewhere near the jungle. Meath says that only Vivan’s house is close to the jungle and the person she is describing is Vivan, he leaves as he says that he is getting late. Dhara is making clay dolls when Vivan comes with a bowl of water. He says that why you making dolls with such anger are. Vivan says that they should make the dolls together. Dhara suddenly remembers Meath’s idea of killing Preet Madam and says that she wants to tell him something. Vivan on the other hand remembers his Jeju’s advice about being open and so crosses Dhara’s talk and says that he wants to says something first. He wants to tell her but hesitates alot. He says that he’ll tell her but is shy so will turn his face the other way. He tells Dhara everything about how he feels.
He turns around and says that this was all he wants to say. He says to Dhara that he knew that she will think wrong of him so he should never have talked about this. Dhara laughs and says that you even get scared. He says that to say something like this you need a lot of courage. He asks if something is she wanted to say something. They both laugh and play with the clay. Preet madam says to herself that Vivan you are in love and do you know what happens to lovers.

Precap: Kinjal asks of who is it. Miss Fareeda says that the both of them have to wait until madam comes down and Preet Madam is performing dark arts upstairs. Irawti attacks Vivan’s house and Mahi dies.

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