Ek Hasina Thi 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya stopping Akash and questioning him. Shaurya bribes Ganguly with Rs 10 lakhs and Akash sees them. He calls someone and there is no fault in AC. Shaurya talks to Ganguly and says I m giving you money to help me. Shaurya tells him that he will do the arrangements of his daughter’s education. Akash comes to Durga and Dayal and says I have fixed cameras there. Durga says we will see them live now. Dayal says we will get something against Ganguly now. Akash tells them that Shaurya came there and bribed him.

Dayal thinks what are they upto. He thinks Ganguly suggested Shaurya’s name in our project, did he give money for this. Durga asks what it Shaurya’s plan. Dayal says yes, he wants to be closer to you. Durga says yes, but how can this be. Dayal says then what was that 10 lakhs be. Raima talks to Sakshi and says I don’t think Rajnath is wrong, he is just being a good father. Sakshi says is Shaurya blackmailing Raj knowing his secret. Raima says only you can pressurize Raj. Sakshi asks who is the girl for Shaurya whom you liked.

Raima asks will you force Shaurya for arranged marriage. Sakshi says why not. Dev tries to find out about Payal’s rape case. Suhani says we can read the court proceedings and know who has given the statements and why. Dev says that’s great, this is good. Gautham says we don’t know Nitya is alive or not, you should have told her that you love her. Dev says my heart says she is alive, I tell her daily how much I love her. Durga thinks about Dev and is angry.

Nitya appears infront of her and asks what happened Durga, I told you you will be trapped in your own web, its very tough. Durga says no, I will find the way. Nitya says you saw what price I paid. Durga says yes, that’s why I m Durga today, but I will solve this. Nitya asks how, alone? Durga sees Dev saying no, I m with you, give me your hand, I m always with you. She wakes up seeing it was a dream. She thinks how she has mailed Dev to come back to support her. She cries thinking how lonely she was.

She thinks how Dev replied and said he can’t help her as he will support his family. She thinks how her parents died. She says I don’t have any expectations from you Dev. She says now I will ruin you. Shaurya comes to meet Dayal and says I came to take your blessings. Dayal says sure, but you have to work hard and change your life style, by bringing discipline. Shaurya says I never step back from work, I get what I want. Dayal says come, sit, I will call Durga. Shaurya says no, I will leave. Durga comes and sees him leaving.

She asks what was this, did he have any makeover, he has something in mind. Dayal says he can hurt our project. She says no, I won’t let this happen, I will meet Acharya and make sure he guides the project. Dayal asks her to be careful. He asks about Ganguly. She says I did not know anything till now, only Acharya tell us what happened with him, I think we will get the missing link from him.

Durga comes to meet Acharya and says I m really sorry, we wanted to wait for you. Acharya says no, I have to be on wheel chair for months. Durga says I want you to work as advisor. Acharya agrees. She asks how did this happen. He tells her everything. She says it means attacker covered his face. The inspector comes and gives his wallet. Acharya says there is nothing missing in this. Durga asks him about CCTV camera. The inspector says there is no camera. Durga thinks and why did the man attack Acharya, it means Shaurya attacked him, to get a hold on the project.

Durga sees Ganguly having an affair with a girl. She says be ready, its time to see you.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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