Dil Dosti Dance 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon’s mom see them hugging in the corridor. Swayam sees her mother there and tells her your mom is here. Sharon leaves Swayam, Swayam says Good Morning to her. she says these days close friends meet in different ways. She leaves to meet VP. Sharon reminds him that they will have to leave earlier tonight, she goes to café and Swayam heads for library. They were all excited in the café about the engagement. Simmi was a bit sentimental; she asks where is Kriya who has to do the arrangements for decorations. Sharon tells them Kriya has gone to New York. Sharon asks where Rinni is, they all say they met her in the morning but didn’t see her from then on. Sharon says she know where she might be and goes to get her.
Rey was in the dancing hall, Sharon’s mom come there. They both greet each other. She asks where you will leave being chill-pill. They sit together, Rey asks how did she like Swayam. She says Swayam. he says he is his best buddy and she must not worry about Sharon now. She says she thought Rey and Sharon will be together, but Rey says no way. He says she must meet Kriya, his girlfriend. She tells him his father had a lot of girlfriends in college. Rey takes a leave saying he wants to meet Swayam. she thinks everyone here is such a fan of Swayam. something needs to be done to him.
Sharon finds Rinni in the basket ball court. Rinni says she is worried that what if she lose the real Rinni being the wife of Jignesh and a good daughter in law. Sharon says that finding true love is a difficult thing Rinni, and one should celebrate little joys and sorrows with each other to make a relationship strong. She and simmi also have strong instincts about Jignesh so she should go with the flow. Rinni says she feels better now and hugs her. Sharon offers her to go to parlour with her driver so that she get a chance to come with Swayam on cycle.
Rey is worried that no one is in a state to listen to the news of academy. Amar is already facing problems, simmi is depressed taking Rinni, Bharat was annoyed at them already. He is frustrated that how he must manage. He thinks he wont fo to engagement, jerks the idea and thinks he should go home to take some rest.
Sharon and Swayam goes on bicycle. Sharon’s mom see them drinking tea at a minor café. She thinks what has happened to Sharon that she is drinking tea at such an unhygienic place. She calls her and asks where is she. sharon tells her she is in her way to home, and tells her she will be home on bicycle. Her mom thinks my daughter is forgetting her class in the company of this guy.
Rey comes home and checks his mobile to see Kriya didn’t text him.
Nil and Vicky were arguing about the decorations. Nil says he goes to weddings to see the girls. Simmi comes from behind. Vicky tells him to look back and see four girls together. He turns around and Simmi slaps him. Sharon and Swayam come there. Sharon says Simmi and Nil look cute together. Swayam says we also don’t look good. Sharon says you must be bad, I look too good. Swayam pulls her but bharat comes there and says they must get Rinni ready.
Simmi and Rinni were in the bridal room. Simmi says she looks so pretty. They both hug each other. Rinni’s parents arrive. Simmi says she will meet her sometime later seeing them getting teary. Her dad says not to think that they are getting rid of her by engaging them. she assures them Jignesh is a good guy. She says stop crying as her make up is getting upset.
Mr. Sharma the board member comes to meet sharon’s mom. He says he is happy that she again joined the board of directors when the college is getting in the affiliation. He says the students are creating problems upon the hiring issues. She says children are children but why are we adults getting emotional. These children don’t understand there is nothing like dying together in the practical life, they should think about the welfare of whole college.
Amar comes to the engagement, they all tease him but he says he wants to meet Rinni. Sharon takes him to her. Bharat says some love stories never have endings. Swayam says there endings are never the same.
Sharon’s mom says they should be sensible while taking decisions. Mr. Sharma begins to leave but she asks him to keep this talk between us too as she is a mom as well. She thinks to make Sharon away from Swayam she will have to make her away from her friends.

PRECAP: They all dance in the engagement. Afterwards Rey tells them the academy will hire only four among us, and they too will have to take the test and interview. Bharat shouts saying we all know those four would be you, Kriya, Sharon and Swayam. He asks who are you to take the decision about us?

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