Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunaina says Mohanto that he is worried about Madhu due to her wierd behaviour now a days. Aarya and Jai also backs Sunaina. Jai says they have a business meeting for their new 1000 crores project. Mohanto asks Jai to handle the meeting.

Jai comes to the meeting and sees Madhu inebriated and talking senselessly. Jai asks Madhu why did she drink and come to the meeting. Madhu says it is her office and asks him to get out from here. She starts the meeting, but falls unconscious.

Mohanto scolds Madhu for going to a meeting inebriated. He says he can bear the loss of money, but cannot bear the loss of his company’s status. Madhu says she could handle the meeting, but Jai came there and ruined her mood. Mohanto says he sent Jai to the meeting and ask Madhu to take rest. Madhu insists she is fine, but Mohanto commands she will not go to office. Madhu angrily goes from there. Aditya smirks and says Mohanto that he will check Madhu.

Aditya comes to the room and sees Madhu with a gun. He asks her who did she get a gun again. Madhu says she brought the gun to kill him. She points a gun towards him and says she will kill him if he misbehaves with her tonight. Aditya asks her to do whatever she wants and tries to go to his room. Madhu asks him to sleep in his room so that she can find the truth. Aditya agrees. Hegoes go the washroom, calls Samaira and asks her to not execute today’s plan. Samaira says they have succeeded in frightening Madhu and making family suspicious about her, then why he wants to stop their plan. Aditya says Madhu will kill him. Samaira says she will execute the plan at any cost.

Madhu wakes in the middle of night and gets frightened seeing Shikha there. She wakes up Aditya. Aditya aks why she is afraid. Madhu points at Shikha. Shikha says she came back to take her revenge. Aditya says there is nobody around there. Madhu picks her gun and points at Shikha. Shikha says she will come back tomorrow and take back her child. Madhu shoots at Shikha, but Shikha is unhurt and asks he is already dead, so cannot die. Madhu asks her to forgive her. Mohanto and whole family come there and ask who fired gun. Madhu says she saw Shikha’s ghost and she will kill her. Mohanto says she must have dreamt. Madhu says she for sure saw Shikha’s ghost and does not want to die. Aditya consoles her and asks her to sleep.

Shikha comes back to her room and removes her makeup. Aditya comes to her room and praises her that her plan is going right. Shikha says if he would not have been in Madhu’s room, she would have been killed and thanks him for saving her. Aditya then remembers how he changed the bullets. Shikha/Samira says Aditya that their plan to make madhu schizophrenic is working well and asks him to wait and watch. They both smile.

Avinash gets a calls from Mahi who informs him that Sudha is unwell. Shikha asks Avinash what happned to Sudha. Avinash says Sudha is having high fever. Shikha insists to go and check Sudha. Avinash asks Shikha to execute her plan properly and asks her not to worry about Sudha.

Madhu wakes up in the morning and sees Shikha’s soft toy next to her bed. She gets frightened and shouts. Aditya comes there on time and hides the toy. Servant also comes there hearing Madhu’s voice and says there is no toy over there. Madhu worried hugs Adigtya and asks him to save her. Aditya asks her to go and freshen up. Madhu goes to the bathroom and shouts seeing the toy there again.

Mohanto and his family with Samaira are having breakfast. Mohanto asks Samaira about Avinash. Samaira says he has gone out on a business meeting. Mohanto then asks about Madhu. Madhu comes there. Samaira asks Madhu why she saw Shikha when she did not do anything wrong to her.

Precap: Madhu shouts seeing Shikha in her calls. Shikha asks her to give back Manav to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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