Gustakh Dil 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar talking to Lajjo. He says Trishna, stage is waiting for you, spotlight is ready to put light on you, go now. Lajjo looks beautiful while Barkha waits outside with Aarushi. Sagar comes to them and says everything is fine. The show starts. Lajjo appears on the stage and starts dancing. She turns and Barkha is shocked its Lajjo. She thinks how can Lajjo reach till here. Barkha leaves. Aarushi likes the dance and says I think Barkha was right about you. Sagar asks how can she leave without telling us. Aarushi says I want to meet Trishna and goes with Singh. People praise Sagar and he smiles. Sagar thinks why did Barkha leave like this.

Barkha comes home and tells Chaya to leave her alone. She thinks about Lajjo being Trishna and is in a state of shock. She thinks how can Sagar choose Lajjo, how can he make her a star. She thinks about Nani’s words to accept Lajjo and says mum won’t help me, not even Inder. Lajjo comes back home and thanks Rancho for bringing her to Delhi. She tells her details what happened in the show. She says Aarushi hugged me after my performance. Rancho says now no one can stop you, you will win everyone’s heart you proved Barkha wrong, see she will welcome you now. Lajjo misses Nikhil and says he would have been very happy if he saw me today.

Rancho says yes and teases her. Its morning, Barkha still thinks about Lajjo. Nani asks what happened. Inder reads the news and tells them. He reads about robbery attack on Nikhil’s store and is shocked. Barkha gets worried.

Inder reads the whole article that the employee have saved the shop from robbery. Nikhil comes to them. Nani asks him not to go for work, as the store is not safe. Nikhil says I m this employee. Everyone is shocked knowing the man shot him and he got the shop saved. Inder asks are you ok. Nikhil says yes, don’t worry. Nani says see him, he can’t work there now. Nikhil says I can’t change this job, I m independent now. Barkha thinks Nikhil is happy as he is living for Lajjo, I have to stop her at any cost.

Anjali meets Lajjo and tells her about the competition where Ratri is also participating, she has to win the event to get the year long sponsorship, there will be many rounds, give your best today. The girls say we will help her, we were jealous, but after seeing your performance, we are your fan. Lajjo thanks them and smiles. Barkha comes to meet Ratri at a restaurant. Barkha tells her that she has to win.

Ratri says I think you are Sagar’s supporter. Barkha tells her about the new girl and sponsors being very happy with her. Ratri says let the competition begin. Barkha says I don’t want anyone to compete you. Ratri asks but why, what will you get if she lose. Barkha says you need not know all that, I want your help, win over her. Ratri says you mean I should end her career. Barkha says yes. Ratri asks what will you give me. Barkha says sponsors. Ratri says what else. Barkha says cheers. Ratri smiles. Nethra brings pics and shows to Lajjo. She said they will help Lajjo, and changes the kajal pencil.

Lajjo applies it and her eyes starts burning. Nethra smiles. Nethra calls Barkha and tells her that she did her work. Barkha smiles. Lajjo says my eyes are burning and holds them. Anjali comes and asks Lajjo to get ready. Anjali says oh Godm, her eyes are swelling, is there any reaction, we will find some solution. Lajjo falls unable to see anything. Anjali says how will we do photo shoot now. Nethra looks on smiling.

Ratri sees Lajjo as Sagar’s new find and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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