Ek Hasina Thi 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sakshi thinking about Shaurya and playing the piano. Suchitra comes to talk to her. She says if you have a burden on your heart, how will you play music. She says you and Shaurya are each other’s strength and weakness, he is very upset like you, he is crying being ashamed as he has hurt you. She says but its my mistake, I covered up his mistakes, I always gave him love and I have always forgiven him. Suchitra says yes you are a mum. Sakshi says you won’t understand as your son has not done any mistake. Suchitra says now Shaurya won’t do any mistake, as he has promised me. Shaurya looks on and smiles. Suchitra says you both love each other a lot. She asks Sakshi to forgive Shaurya. She leaves.

Shaurya thinks Suchitra did her work, now its mum’s turn, I m your son and I know how to tackle you. He leaves. Sakshi comes to Shaurya’s room and sees him talking to her pic. Shaurya says I miss you, I love you mum, I m not a loser, and I want to prove this, I do mistakes as I love you a lot, I don’t want to lose you. He cries and hugs her pic. Sakshi comes to him. He says I m really sorry, forgive me. Sakshi melts seeing him. She says you can apologize to this pic, but not me. Shaurya says forgive me please. He says you are my life savior, I can’t live without you, but dad….. She says I will talk to him.

Durga sees Dayal crying and talking to his daughter Durga’s pic. He says its been two years you died, its your death anniversary tomorrow, it was a misunderstanding, before it cleared, you went very far from me, you did not give me a chance to say sorry. He cries and says I m sorry. Durga says enough dad, your daughter has forgiven you, don’t hurt her heart by crying. She says I m saying you this, I will not let you apologize, its not Durga’s, but Nitya’s death anniversary. She says you have given me Durga’s face and gave her a new birth, you gave me all rights of a daughter, so I m saying I can’t see you crying.

Dayal says I will not cry now. She says we will do havan for Durga’s peace tomorrow, we will do her death anniversary. Akash talks to Rajnath and says I have cleaned Shaurya’s image and proved everyone wrong. Only Ganguly will be blamed, and Shaurya’s name will not come in any report. Rajnath says well done, good job. He says world will forget about this in few days, but how to take the cancer project back from Dayal, how to make him agree. Sakshi asks Akash to leave. Akash leaves. She talks to Rajnath and says don’t say anything about Shaurya infront of a company employee.

He says so a mum as forgiven her son once again. She says you will also forgive him, he is our son, and the cancer project will come back to us. He asks how. She smiles and leaves. He says tell me, why are you smiling. He says I can win over the world, not over my wife. Its morning, Dayal and Durga do the havan for Dayal’s daughter Durga keeping her pic with flowers over it. Sakshi comes to meet them and walks towards their living room. She reaches there. Dayal and Durga are shocked seeing her. Sakshi stands behind the pic and does not see it. Durga panics.

Dayal looks at Durga’s pic and sees Sakshi standing behind it. He gets tensed. He gets up and goes to her to stop her. He says you here, suddenly, what is the matter. She says I m sorry to come without saying, looks like you did not feel good. Durga says not at all, we were doing in the puja. Sakshi says puja? But I felt its someone Shraddh going on as I heard the mantras. Dayal says yes its Tara’s Shraddh. She says Tara? He says Durga’s mum. Sakshi looks in the mirror which is exactly opposite to the pic. She is unable to see the pic as the fire is blowing infront of it.

Durga gets tensed. She comes infront of Sakshi. Sakshi says Durga is like her mum. Dayal says yes. He asks why did you come here. She says I came to discuss an important matter, if we can’t do this cancer project, then it will shut forever. Dayal says I will decide about it, you can check the agreement papers, I m not shutting the project but ending our partnership. Sakshi says this project can’t be with anyone except us, not in any city. She says I will not let this project happen, this can happen with us or not happen at all. She says you know I have the power to do this. She smiles looking at Durga.

She says you can continue with your havan, I will leave. Durga stops her and says we don’t want to become your enemy, my dad did not mean this, we came to know about Shaurya’s degree and got a shock. But now its fine now, as Shaurya told me everything meeting me, how it happened and why. Sakshi is shocked. Durga says he told me that the rape case was going on at exam times, and he failed because he could not concentrate. Dayal says I m not afraid of your threatening words, but Durga wanted me to do this project with you.

He says Durga feels a strong connection with you. He says investors are nervous about the future of the project, so it won’t be wise to break our relation. Sakshi says Shaurya and I will make a new presentation and fix a meeting. He says we will do this project but without Shaurya, as he has accepted he failed in exams. Durga smiles. Sakshi thinks what was the need for Shaurya to talk to Durga. Dayal says if you agree to this point, then we can continue this project. Durga says you did not lose anything, as the second name for the chief architect is also like your son, Dev Goenka. Sakshi is shocked.

Sakshi says this is a gift for my son from my side. Rajnath and Shaurya are shocked seeing the gift.

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