Saraswatichandra 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka bringing Kabir to his room. He thinks how can she be so sweet, she will taunt me now surely. She does not. She acts more sweet. He is still arrogant. She leaves. He says this all is her drama. Badimaa asks Anushka where is she going. Anushka says Kabir’s feet got hurt. She goes to Kabir with the Haldi and oil lep. Kabir says you, what now. She says I brought this lep for you. He say will you take care of me now, remember stay away from me, else. She says else what, I kept it here, apply it. He says I don’t want. She asks why. He says its my wish. She says apply it else I will throw your phone. He says go and threaten anyone else. She says I do what I say, so what did you think, are you applying it or not. He says no. She smiles and asks again. He says are you deaf, I said no.

She says you remember you made my phone fall by mistake, but today I will break this. He says what nonsense, give it to me. She says I will count 10. He says count 100, but it’s a no. She starts counting. He says give me my phone and walks after her. She drops his phone and catches it. He says fine, but phone first. She says first lep. He says ok and gets angry on her. He applies the lep and she smiles. She keeps his phone and says good boy. She goes. Kabir says I can get saved by a goon, but not from this mad girl, she will make me mad. She hears this and smiles.

Kumud gets ready for going out with Saras. Prashant talks to someone on phone and says I will bring the documents with me. He stands at his window and sees Kumud dressing up. He ends the call and starts staring at her. He sees Saras coming home and says shit……… Saras comes to Kumud. She says you said 5, you are one hour late you could have called me and told me. He smiles looking at her. Piya………..plays………. She says say something, He says you are looking so good, don’t know what to say. He says let me see you first, it does not matter if we become late. He starts romancing and says lets not go out, its my office, I will talk to client, let’s be at home.

She says go and get ready. Kumud really looks beautiful. Badimaa tells everyone that Anushka took lep for Kabir. She praises Anushka to be very good hearted. Vidyachatur says yes, she is like our daughters. They say she is the best for Kabir. They laugh. Badimaa says if we find outside, we won’t find anyone like her, we have seen her nature, she will keep him happy. He says but they both don’t want to marry, but they don’t understand there is happiness in settling. They wish they agree, as Saras will be the most happy man then. Prashant sees Saras and Kumud going out hand in hand. He makes an angry face. (As if Saras is taking away his wife, LOL!! )

Saras and Kumud come in the office party. Nikki welcomes them. Kumud identifies her and says I heard a lot about you from Saras. Nikki smiles. Saras introduces Kumud to the clients. Kumud answers well and Saras smiles. The client introduces his wife Ritu. Kumud greets her. He says thanks to Nikki, we met each other. Ritu asks do you a problem Kumud with your husband’s work timings. Kumud just smiles. The man asks Saras to have a drink. Saras says I never drink. Kumud says you should have taken it, they might have felt bad. He says we can’t change out good habits to please anyone. Saras goes to make Thapar and asks Nikki to take care of Kumud.

Ritu asks Kumud how did you like Mumbai, Kumud says I felt people are good here, but have to understand the lifestyle. She says you should come to Ratnagiri once. Ritu says we will come surely. Saras and Kumud gel well with others. (It does not look its their first party in Mumbai!!) Saras tells something to Nikki and says don’t say this to Kumud. Nikki says ok boss. Kumud looks at them. She gets Badimaa’s call and talks to her. Saras drinks something (maybe water, it looks plain) and Kumud thinks he is drinking wine. She gets worried.

He comes to Kumud. She gets angry and says I want to go home. He asks why, what happened. She leaves annoyed. He says stop, listen to me. He holds her hand and asks what happened. She asks then why did you do the drama, you said you won’t drink and you were drinking hiding. You supported that aunty yesterday, why are you doing this, do you think I m village girl and won’t understand this. I won’t bear this. Saras says Kumud listen to me. Nikki says Mam dinner. Kumud leaves. Saras goes to talk to his client.

Kumud comes home and burns her blood thinking about Saras drinking. Saras comes and sees her crying. She turns being much upset with him. He says see Kumud, what happened, tell me, talk to me. He holds her hand and she says leave my hand, I m getting hurt. He says even I m getting hurt. Prashant sees them through a binocular and smiles seeing things going wrong between them. She says you said Nikki not to tell me, and she brought a drink for you. He says its nothing like this. She says I heard this. He says you used to read my eyes, don’t you trust me now. She says no, I can bear anything, but I can’t bear lie. He asks what did I lie, I thought you understand me, but maybe I was wrong. Rahe na kuch bhi duriyaan…………….plays…………. He leaves her hand. He moves away.

Prashant is glad watching this. Kumud goes to sleep. Saraswatichandra………….. plays……………Saras gets tears in his eyes. Its morning, Kusum sees her and Danny’s pic and smiles. She says you did not call me since morning. She calls Danny while he is busy in work at the factory. She says why is he not taking the call. Danny leaves with someone discussing work. She says I will call on factory number. He asks about Danny. The man says he is not here, don’t know he did not tell anything. She thinks of Kiran and assumes he went to meet her. Saras gets ready for office. Kumud keeps his tea and leaves.

Kumud packs Saras’s tiffin. He says I don’t need it and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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