Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira meets Aditya and says she is not tensed and knows what to do. She says she has a plan with which Madhu herself will give him divorce.

Mohanto and Jai come out of Madhu’s mental ward. Jai asks Mohanto to sit in car as he has some work. Once Mohanto goes, he asks wardboy about Madhu’s mobile who informs that it is with other nurse. Jai goes to that nurse and asks mobile. Nurse says she needs money in exchange of mobile and asks 50,000 Rs. Jai says he will give 1 lakh. Lady happily gives mobile to him.

Jai comes home, adds memory card in his mobile and checks Aditya’s video confessing his love for Samaira. Aarya also watches the video and says we should show this to Mohanto so that he can kick Aditya out. Jai says if we show this, Aditya will be out o house, but it will prove Madhu is not mad and he will bring back her home and make her MD again.

Samaira meets Arnav and says she will pay a game with him. He has to identify people in pics and will get chocolates as reward. She shows Mohanto and Sunaina’s pics which Arnav identifies. She asks who is she. Arnav does not reply anything. Samaira says she is his mamma and asks him to call her mamma. Arnav calls mamma. Samaira emotionally hugs him and gets happy. Sunaina watches Arnav happily playing with Samaira and thinks she should let them be together for some more time.

Mohanto asks Sunaina about Arnav. Sunaina says he is with Samaira and she is taking care of him well. Jai asks Mohanto what will happen to Arnav without Madhu. Aditya hears their conversation and smiles.

Mohanto and his family are having lunch. Aditya starts acting and gets up from there crying. Sunaina asks why is he crying. Aditya says he cannot see Arnav like this, Arnav is missing his mother a lot. He says he will meet Madhu and will have lunch with her. Sunaina and Mohanto say they will also come with him.

Adtiya, Mohanto and Sunaina reach Madhu’s mental ward. Aditya asks Mohanto and Sunaina he wants to spend 5 minutes with Madhu alone and goes in. Madhu asks why did he come here. Aditya says he and his whole family are missing him. Their Arnav is also missing him. He takes out tiffin box and says he brought home food for her. Madhu asks what drama he is playing now. Aditya says he will feed her with his hands and instead of feeding her eats himself. He asks her to eat at least something, else she will fall ill, to have food at least for Arnav. He eats food instead while talking so that Mohanto and Sunaina hear him. He throws lunch box and asks what did she do. Mohanto and Sunaina come in. Madhu sees them and says Aditya threw lunchbox and he is with Sikha planning to kill her. Aditya starts acting and asks Madhu to control herself. Mohanto asks Madhu to relax and says he will scold Aditya. Madhu asks why is he talking to her as if she is mad and to believe her that she is not mad. Mohanto and Sunaina sadly go from there while Madhu pleads to believe her.

After coming home, Sunaina gets worried about Arnav and says Mohanto what will Arnav feel when he will see Madhu mad. Mohanto says he has left it to god. Sunaina says like Madhu got second mother, Arnav will get a second mother too. Samaira comes with Arnav and asks him to be with Mohanto while she brings his toys. Arnav calls her mamma and asks her not to go. Mohanto and family surprisingly hear that while Samaira and Aditya look at each other and smirk.

Precap: Mohanto asks Aditya to marry Samaira. Aditya asks him to check with Samaira and her dad first.

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