Ek Hasina Thi 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaurya telling Karan that Dev can’t do this, as Suchitra has already warned him, and he would not hit at the back, he would hit at face if he wills. He hears Suchitra asking the servant to clean Dev’s room. He says lets act like we are depressed and crying, so that it can affect Suchitra. They talk loudly and make Suchitra hear. Suchitra hears them and comes to their room. Shaurya says its my mistake, if mum does not forgive me, I will die, I m missing her, mum pls forgive me. He cries. Karan says see Shaurya, he is so sad. I can’t handle him. He asks Suchitra to console Shaurya. She says you don’t worry, I will take care. Karan smiles and leaves.

Suchitra talks to Shaurya and pacifies him. He says yes, I m angry on myself but I m trying to be a good person, I accepted this project to show that I can take this responsibility, but mum is not talking to me, I don’t know what to do. He asks her to talk to Sakshi, he can’t see her sad, else he will kill himself. She says no, don’t even think so, think good, become strong, if you decided you have to be a good man, then don’t let anything come in between. He says I promise, I will show you my change. She says that’s like my Shaurya. She leaves. Shaurya smiles and says I wish every mum was innocent like her. Durga is also innocent, how to explain her. He whistles.

Dayal and Durga make Payal happy. Durga says lets play a game, close your eyes, tell me, whats your fav dish. Payal thinks of Nitya and her fighting for golgappa. She says golgappa, you tell me what you like. Durga thinks Payal making Aloo dish for Nitya. She says Aloo dish. Payal is stunned. Durga hides her tears from her and asks her to have soup, then she will bring golgappas for her. Dayal thinks of Durga cooking pasta for him. She made it really bad and he said its yummy. She tastes it and spits it. They have a laugh.

Dayal cries and leaves. Durga sees him sad. He says its two years, still your memories make me sad, I miss you my daughter Durga, every day, every moment. Durga comes to her and asks what happened, did you miss your daughter Durga today. He says its two years now she died, but you and Payal have taken her place but sometimes I miss her. Durga comes to know Shaurya came to meet her. He says you are looking very beautiful, thanks for meeting me, I really appreciate you gave me this chance. She says yes even the law gives a chance to explain, but if dad comes, he will not listen to you.

She says dad is upset that I meet you, so I called you home, tell me what do you want to talk. He says I m ashamed, I know I did a mistake, my parents did not know about my fake degree, the rape case was going on at the final exams and I was upset and could not focus on studies. She says what? He says this happened because of it, I failed, Ganguly came to know this and he gave me offer of fake degree. He says I should not worry my parents with my result and I agreed to him.

He says I passed in exams but failed in life, I gave just pain to my parents, I did this to see my parents happy, just think if this happened with you. Durga thinks about her dad dying by suicide. She cries and wipes her tears. He thinks his lines affected her. She says tell me Shaurya, how will you relieve your parents, how will you handle this project. He says I studied and you saw my designs. I did this for my parents and wanted to see them happy and proud of me, I wanted to impress your dad. He holds her and she moves away.

He says the truth is I did many mistakes before I met you, but now I got the courage to face you, I don’t want to lose you as I love you Durga. He says I m serious about you, if you support me, I can walk on the right way, I need you. She says come on Shaurya. He says take your time, I will wait, but remember you can complete my life. Durga turns and smiles. He says I m sorry, I know I should have told you about my fake degree, but you know I have clean intentions. She says this project is not mine, but my dad’s, I can’t decide in it, he is very upset, the media is after him.

She says I asked him not to talk to the media, I can’t promise you but I will try to explain him again. She holds him and says I understand you need courage to tell the truth, thanks. He says I will regard this as my second chance of my life, your heart is very big, you are pure hearted and this is why I have fallen for you. He leaves. Durga thinks even I m waiting, for ruining you and your family. Dev sees the file and sees Payal accepted in court that Shaurya did not rape her, but it happened by her wish, then why did she blame Shaurya, no there is some reason behind this step, but what, I don’t have any answers.

Dev says what to do. He thinks of Durga saying she has Nitya’s diary. He says I have to take that diary from her. Durga looks at her diary and says Dev Goenka, now you will want this diary, you don’t have any answers, Shaurya is again in trouble, you will try to link this with me. She says I will wait for you to fall in my trap, you won’t even know, what did you think, you will be saved cheating me and Payal, no Dev, no.

Durga says Dayal that we will do a havan for Durga’s peace. Sakshi comes to their house while they are doing the havan. They are shocked to see Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i luv this show every girl shd b strong like durga

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