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Jodha Akbar 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha comes to jalal. She looks so happy. She says Shahenshah, he says what happened Jodha begum ? She hugs him and says the decision you made, made me so happy. From where do you bring all these things ? Such beautiful thoughts ? I considered you my husband and Shaheneshah till now but now I wanna greet such a good man. Truly, the ones who could never be together, you made them one. You united Hindus and Muslims. After this Muslims will celebrate Diwwali with Hindus and Hindus will celebrate Eid with Muslims. There will be peace and live everywhere. It would have been so good if every ruler starts thinking about you. He says how is that possible. None of them has a wife like I have. She says no, You have done such a good thing. He says then I deserve a gift. I am your husband and your Shahenshah I will feel good if you call me by my name. Jodha says we Ranjiwanshi ladies does not call their husbands with names. he says what do they call them ? When their husband is not Shahenshah. She says you are teasing me. He says no I am saying truth. He says I would love it if you call me by my name. She hugs him and says I can never do that. Jalal smiles.

Scene 2
Jodha is in her room. A servant comes and asks you look worried ? She says no its not like that. She says can I help it ? Jodha says I am looking for some words int his book. she says its in Urdu should I read it for you ? Jodha says no need to read it. Just want some words. I learned it but forgot because I didn’t revise. She says okay then let me tell you. She asks what were you looking for ? Jodha says letter ‘a’. Servant says you mean ‘alif’ let me tell you. She writes it for her. Jodha says now the second letter is ‘k’, the servant writes ‘k’ in Urdu. Jodha says now ‘B’ she writes it in Urdu and smiles. She completes Akbar and says this is all you wanted ? Jodha says what have you written ? she says Akbar. This is what you wanted to write ? The name that people have given to Shahenshah. Now you should revise it. Jodha says thanks, no what is in Urdu, ‘shukriya’. Servant says that’s your generosity. She leaves. Jodha looks at Akbar written in Urdu. She smiles and hugs it. She starts practicing it.

Scene 3
Jalal is done with the prayer. Hamida is in his room. He says adab to her. Hamida kisses his forehead and says may God give you long life, Shahenshah Jalal Uddin Muhammad Akbar. He smiles and says I will be just jalal for you. People have given me the name of Akbar. Hamida says I am proud of you and all you ancestors must be too. I wish your dad was alive to see this day. He would have bee so proud to see people loving you so much. Jalal says this is all because of you. Hamida says when I held you first I prayed that you should be the greatest shahenshah ever. I wished that you could rule hearts instead of just land. Allah accepted my prayers. Jalal swipes her tears. He says you are happy there should be no tears in your eyes.

Jodha comes in the room. she says parnap to hamida. She says I didn’t know you were here ammi jaan. I will come later. Hamida says no I was about to go. She leaves. Jalal says this morning is so blessed indeed. Why you came ? Jodha says actually.. Jalal looks at the paper in her hand. He says whats in it. She says don’t see it right now. He opens it. Its Akbar written on it. She says I have practiced your name writing your name. Jalal says this is so good. Jodha says I just tried. He says you tried best. He says you rajwanshi’s are not allowed to says the name of your husband are you allowed to write it ? Jodha says yes we are. He says just wanna hear it once from you. Ruks also call me jalal. She says shsheneshah I told you we are not allowed to say our husband’s name. He says this is amazing when you hated me you used to call me jalal and when you love me you stopped saying my name. You know I can’t read. Can you read it out whats written on this paper ? Is it jalal ? She says no your other name. he says what shahenshah ? Jodha says not its Akbar the name the people gave you. Suddenly she realizes that she has said his name. Jalal is smiling. She says what have I said. he says thank God I heard it. She says you teased me again. he says what else could I do you never agree when I ask. they both smile.

Jodha says you know Akbar means, big, highest and I am proud that public gave this name to you. She asks what happened ? You look serious. He says I have to be. People have given me such a big responsibility. I have to be like the name they gave me. Jodha says you don’t have to prove anything. You are doing everything perfectly. He says not really, I can’t even be good at being a son. My dad’s wife my ammi jaan, I can’t help her. Jodha is there something ? You at least realize and you can do it. I know you will be successful. Jalal says I will find her but who know how will she be till then ? In what condition she would be in.

Scene 3
Maham comes to chand begum and asks do you recognize me ? She says no. Maham grunts tell me you did. She laughs and says my daughter how can I forget you. Maham says I am not your daughter. Chand begum says go away from here. I won’t give you my daughter, you are here to take her. Maham says you have to recognize everyone, me and yourself. You will remember everything. She goes out. Maham is covering her face with a shawl when she comes out. She sees a mark on the wall. she says it looks like some one marked to remember it. Has someone figured about this place.

Scene 4
Shreef says I don’t know what to do. The way jalal. is winning hearts of people is killing me. You want me you be patient. abul mali says yes be patient. He says I have been patient till now. I can’t do it anymore. I have to get whats mine. He says don’t worry you will get all that you want soon. sharif says till jalal is alive its not easy. The other one says you have beat a shahenshah not killing is only option. He laughs and abul mali I think the bruise has effected your brain. Jalal will lose. He says yes he will. This war will take everything from him. He says not me. Someone else whose army has spread all around. They will beat him. He says jalal is like a lion he can’t be defeated that easily. Abul mali says he has mind of the fox and speed of a leopard. Killing is his habit. There are nothing like mercy and peace in that heard. The one who can bring down jalal on knees. She is the step mother of jalal. Machuchak.

Some people are shown in icy area and a lady comes on a horse there with her face covered. A man is handing from legs. She comes down from her horse and move towards that man. She steps up. The hanging man says please forgive me. someone save me please. The lady says last wish of the dying person should be granting but you are asking for something that I don’t have. No forgiveness, no mercy. She takes out her sword. She says you ahev to leave the world without your wish being granted. She cuts his chest. he is screaming. He says please forgive me. She cuts his rope and says his death should be good so I can be happy. A man comes and cuts his neck. She takes off her cloth and laughs. She says Jalal will remember my name till the day of judgment.

Precap-Jalal says to jodha forgive me jodha begum. It was not my mistake. She says its was yours you sent brother in law. He says no I didn’t send him. He said I will go by myself and tell you how much I love you. Jodha smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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