Dil Dosti Dance 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kriya and Rey say I love you to each other. Kriya asks did he tell everyone about the academy plan.
Swayam apologizes Sharon, she says she is helpless but can’t do anything.
Kriya lays her head on Rey’s shoulder telling him she is so happy for him.
Kriti says sorry to Vicky. She says I am sorry Vicky, he gives her a chocolate. He says you made me feel comfortable when I came to hospital for the first time. He says I was wrong, and was over-reacting. She insists that he is her friend and had full right to know about her engagement. He says he wants her to consider a good friend, she says had she not considered him she wouldn’t have come here. He says there must be a treat on this. He orders his favorite cheese-omellete. Kriti gets a call, she goes to take it and says that she came to St. Louis College and is coming in a while. He asks fiancé? She says he came to hospital to surprise her. She takes a leave then comes back and hugs him for understanding her. Nil comes and finds Vicky lost.
Kriya sees her photo in an office, sees her photo and tells the receptionist to tell him she came here to collect her cheque. She was in the waiting room, two girls comes to appreciate her photogenecity and pose. A man comes to her and introduces himself as Mr. Abhishek Kapoor. He says he is a casting director at Bollywood films. He talks to her for a while about a script and asks Kriya is she interested in films? Kriya says she has no interest in films but is a dancer. He says there’s a director making a film on dancer and he wants a dancer. They exchange contacts. He tells Kriya to change her mind and call him. Kriya throws his contact number in the dustbin before leaving. The receptionist announces that her cheque is ready.
Rey comes to dancing room and hugs Sharon. They all come there. Rey tells everyone about the plan of the new academy. Sharon interrupts but Rey says he know Sharon will do the marketing and PR so don’t interrupt. Sharon begins to cry. Rey asks her what happened, they were all worried. She tells them she cant be a part of their academy as she has signed the contract of NYU. They all blame her but Swayam tells them to relax. Sharon tells them it was a deal to get rey and Kriya freed. Rey asks you did this for us. Sharon says what could we do, finally mom convinced them but for that there is no other way. Rey says it was because of me. Sharon says I am sorry. I just hate that I wont be able to help you, Sharon says that unofficially she is there to help them . Bharat and Amar apologizes her. Rey holds her face and tells her that no matter how many problems are there in life, they will always be friends. They all hug.
Rey says we should now tell the VP that we aren’t going to be a part of NYU. Sharon’s mom was also there. VP asks for privacy but she says she is heading the academy; she can be a part of the conversation. Rey says we have decided that if they can’t take us all in the academy then no one will join the academy. Rey and Swayam declare together that no one of us will be a part of the academy. VP says that the affiliation for which you worked so hard- you will leave it. Rey tells him that they have decided to open their own academy. Sharon’s mom says this is a brilliant idea and he should be proud of their determination at such a young age. They say that I assure that from the board of directors there will be no problem, you all are free to go. She calls Sharon and tells her to wait as she has to talk to her about the academy. She says your friends would want to discuss about their own academy and will be afraid to have someone from the competitor academy to steal the ideas from them. Sharon comes inside, while all of them leave.
Sharon’s mom tells her that a delegate is coming from NYU in the evening; she wants her to be a part of this meeting. Sharon says she won’t be able to make it today. Her mom gives her a file and tells her it’s about the pre launch of the academy which has to be made successful. She urges her to sit. Sharon says when one work is left; she can’t take another, so she has to go now ma’am. She leaves.
Kriya thinks about cutting her finances. Mr. Kapoor calls her and tells her to save his number. She tells him that it is night and she hasn’t changed her mind. He says one can change his mind and life in days.
She turns around and is shocked to see Rey. She makes up to him that it was some marketing man. She asks how he came here, he hugs her and says he wanted to hug her girl-friend. She tells him she wont ever let anyone to expel him again, she can sacrifice anything for him. He says Sharon has actually sacrifices for them, it was a condition by board members that Sharon must join NYU to get him and Kriya back.
Swayam tells Sharon that its time to go back home. She says she want to have ice-gola. He says you just had two ice-creams but she insists. They buy it, she says they will go back home from a longer route as she likes riding through bicycle with him. He says whats the matter, she never likes this ice-gola she is eating so excitedly? Hey girlfriend, I am your boy-friend. She says she wants her mom to sleep before she goes back home. He says you cant do this. She says I can do this. He says that sometimes we don’t understand the point of view of our parents. You must discuss this with them, as parent think about our betterment. She says you look very irritating when you are right; she wishes sometime you are with me. He says he is saying this all because he is with her. She agrees but she says she want to spend the whole night with him.
Rey comes to Kriya and asks can’t she eat anything instead of these instant noodles. He says he wants to eat something good and orders something from a restaurant. He turns around to find her lost in what Rey told her Sharon did for them.

PRECAP: They all announces the entry of some new friends in the show.

Update Credit to: Sona

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