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The Episode starts with Poonam praying for herself in jail. Mata Singh wishes Poonam gets jail for murder charges. The court case starts. Poonam defends herself. The opposition lawyer blames Poonam for Naveen’s murder attempt. The judge asks Poonam to defend herself. Poonam acts bold and tells she has a right to speak up and defend herself. Mata Singh looks on. The lawyer calls the witnesses and asks them about what they saw at the location. Everyone give statements against Poonam. They tell how Poonam slapped Naveen in public and threatened to kill him. Mata Singh also gives the statement. He tells them that Naveen was against Poonam and she has warned him.

He tells how Poonam has threatened him, and Naveen came to me to take his support. He asked me to come with him and talk to Poonam. He says we went to Poonam’s house and she has kicked them out, and then he came to know that Naveen is killed by Poonam. He says I can’t believe how can Poonam fall so low. Poonam nods no.

Mata Singh’s goons come to kill Naveen, but Akash comes on time. The doctor sees Naveen unstable and treats him quick. Poonam defends and tells about Mata Singh. She says all the witnesses are right, and told what they saw, but its half truth. The lawyer says you are using Naveen to save yourself. Poonam says Naveen was misbehaving with me, and I slapped him. She says Mata Singh and Naveen came my home, to tell me that how powerful they are and I should be afraid of him.

The lawyer says you have killed Naveen. Poonam says I will tell the details now. The doctor says I don’t know how did Naveen get unwell, someone has given him poison injection. Poonam brings a bag and says assume this is dead body and this color is blood. She says I have dragged it, but the blood did not fall on my legs, it shows the blood was already there in the office when I went there. She shows the demo. She says the dead body fell on me like this and I have nothing to do with murder. She says she tried to save Naveen and pull off the knife.

She says I don’t have any motive to kill him, but Mata Singh can get benefit by his death. Mata Singh says what is this nonsense. He says Poonam is always behind me. Poonam says I want to bring the truth out. She asks about the land on which his home is made. He says yes, I bought that land and made my home. She says lie, that was govt land which was given to school, but he took it to make home. Sbhe says Naveen was helping him and knew his secret, so he has tried to kill him. She says I had the file but hos goons have taken it.

The lawyer defends Mata Singh. The court asks for evidence. Akash comes and brings the proof. Mata Singh is shocked. Akash brings Naveen to give the statement. Neveen says Mata Singh tried to kill him, and he took the govt land. He says Mata Singh has threatened me and said he will kill my family. He tells them everything. Naveen says I have a copy of that file and gives it as proof. He says I accept that I m involved with Mata Singh’s sins. The judge gives the decision in Poonam’s favor and says Mata Singh would be given 20 years life imprisonment. Mata Singh is shocked. The judge says Mata Singh’s illegal house should be broken and school should be made there, The police arrests Mata Singh. Everyone clap for Poonam.

Mangla does Poonam’s aarti at home. Everyone praises Poonam. Mangla says its Vandana’s good values that Poonam has proved to be an ideal woman. Poonam gives the credit to Kanno when she took all the work duties on her. She thanks Kanno and she smiles. Its night, Akash looks at Poonam and music plays…………. She asks what are you seeing like this. He says we have come very far walking together. He says I met you for the first time here and you were a normal college student but today you are special, Sitapur’s MLA. She says yes Akash.

He recalls their old times and the flashback is shown. He says I fell in love with you. She says then we got married. They think about their good moments and their journey together. They smile and hug. They thank each other for being good to each other’s families. The news shows Poonam’s praising and how she proved herself innocent. They say school is going to be made on Mata Singh’s home land, we salute Poonam. Everyone welcome Poonam. She lays the foundation of the school. Akash and Poonam smile and pose with their families.

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