Yeh Jawaani 7th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 7th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

It’s night. Cheeku returns to his home and hears music. He says that means party is on. Today Cheeku will go inside and Aditya will come out. A guy opens the door and asks if this is time to come. Everyone has been waiting for him. Cheeku says he was not sure whether party is on or no, and thanks him for waiting for him. He asks Cheeku where’s cold drinks and snacks. Cheeku says what cold drinks? He tells him to wait, he will call to his store. Cheeku says he’s not delivery boy, he’s the birthday boy. He asks him for his name. Cheeku says, Aditya. The guy tells him stop lying, it’s some other name on the cake. Cheeku says, it must be Cheeku on cake. The guy takes him inside and tells him to enjoy.

Sid and Dodo are dancing and warming up. Sid is surprised to see so many girls. Dodo says girls like famous parties so he spread rumors that Yo Yo Singh is coming. Sid laughs. He’s waiting for Devika. Dodo assures him she will surely come. He asks him to chill and have a drink. After Sid leaves, Dodo says there is no chance, but by the time he finds it out, his work will be done. Radhika comes to Dodo and thanks him for getting her entry in Yo Yo’s party. Dodo says it was very hard, but they are so close, so she’s an exception. Sid returns. Dodo tells him that he’s saying same thing to every girl.

A girl asks for milkshake as she doesn’t drink. Cheeku hears it and says he also likes milkshake. He asks which type of milkshakes she likes. She says all except cheeku’s. She doesn’t like that fruit.

The party continues. Radhika is waiting for Yo Yo. Dodo continues lying he will surely come. Radhika goes to get drink. Dodo’s neighbor comes to him. He asks who invited her and she was going to wear red. She says, yes, but later she found out that Dodo is not wearing red so she also changed her mind. She tells him if Yo Yo won’t come, then it will be the end for him. He asks why. She shows him guys who are also anxious to meet Yo Yo.

Cheeku comes to his room and starts video chatting with Kimaya. Kimaya doesn’t seem happy about her dinner date. She says Rohan was just staring at her instead looking in her eyes. Cheeku says even he can’t look into anyone’s eyes. Kimaya tells him he’s different. She continues complaining about him and apologizes to him for not wishing him at midnight as she slept after coming from dinner because she was upset. She wishes him a happy birthday again and wishes she was in Cheeku’s party. Cheeku says they will go together, but after some time. He’s excited for the party. Someone looks in the room and then leaves keeping door open. Kimaya and Cheeku continue video chatting. In all the music, Cheeku can’t hear Kimaya properly. He uses the headphones. She asks him today he didn’t close the door, he is not afraid of his brothers? Cheeku says he is not scared from anyone now. Kimaya is impressed. Cheeku says they both are busy in their love life so got no time to disturb him. Some 2 guys enter the room and they are arm wrestling. Kimaya laughs seeing them. Cheeku has no idea what’s going on behind him.

Dodo brings lemon soda for Radhika and tries to go closer. She asks him why he’s getting so close, it’s so hot. She asks him to get ice for her.

Dodo’s neighbor tells him not to use all ice as it will be helpful to him later on when all find out Yo Yo’s truth and beats him up. She continues teasing and scaring him what will happen if Yo Yo doesn’t come. Dodo says no one is going to remember anything after free drinks.

He gets sod with ice to Radhika and flirts with her. A guy comes and says if Yo Yo doesn’t come, then this place will be on fire.

Kimaya is laughing seeing the guests. She tells Cheeku his friends are too funny. Cheeku says they are Sid and Dodo’s friends. He then tells her he will get her to the party. She says how will it possible, they are on two other sides of the world. He takes his laptop outside and sets it on a side. Kimaya asks him to go and enjoy the party now. Cheeku leaves.

Cheeku tries to talk to the guests, but all ignore him. He says in his mind, it’s his birthday and people are running away from him. There is no way he would become Aditya from Cheeku.

Doorbell rings. Sid goes to the door and he gets excited as it’s Devika finally. She tells her driver not go anywhere as it won’t take much time. Sid is smiling at her, but she avoids him. He says so you finally came. She says, Cheeku invited so nicely that she couldn’t stop herself. She also tells him to learn something from Cheeku. Sid is confused. She looks for Cheeku. Sid says he must be somewhere inside. He asks her to leave him, its such a special day for him. He tells her to enjoy the party and he will take photographs and capture the moments. Devika says she doesn’t like those lights. He asks if they should go elsewhere.

Dodo continues flirting with Radhika. Cheeku comes to him, but he asks him to go and find someone else. Radhika says she’s feeling too hot and goes outside. Dodo’s neighbor comes to him and says she told him he has no chance with Radhika. Dodo says he has many tricks left and leaves. She says keep trying, there’s still time before the party ends.

Cheeku is not finding anyone to talk to. He decides to use his humor and tell a joke. He goes to different guests and tell them jokes, but none of them are interested. He’s disappointed that he can’t even say a joke properly. Kimaya must be thinking that confidence she gave is all waste.

He hears a guy telling a girl that he doesn’t like whiskey, but his friends say he becomes a rockstar and girls says he becomes charming and confident after drinking. Cheeku recalls his words and go near whiskey. He drinks it despite knowing it may not be good for him. After that he wonders what’s happening to him. It was a bad idea. He decides never to drink again. His head is spinning.

Precap: They are playing truth and dare game. Devika gets the dare task to kiss the host. Sid stands up. She walks towards him.
A guest threatens Dodo if Yo Yo doesn’t come in 10 minutes, then it won’t be good for him.
In kitchen, Cheeku is with a knife. He’s looking at his cake and says, today it’s the end of Cheeku.

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