Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila starts searching for Mr. Bharath/Ahem. Baa, Hetal, Parag try to convince her that Bharath did not come here. Kokila then sees Urmila/Premaltha there and asks why did she come here at night. Urmila says she was worried about her health, so she came to check her. Kokila hugs Urmila and then asks Rashi to tell Jigar/Hasmukh driver to drop Urmila. Kokila then thinks she surely saw Bharath.

Gopi, Kinjal, and other family members wait for Urmila. Urmila comes there. Ahem thanks Urmila for helping him. Urmila says it is her duty.

Rashi and Jigar get Ahem’s spectacles and think of calling Gopi when Ahem calls Rashi and asks her to send his spectacles via Jigar.

Kokila thinks her whole family is lying her that Bharath was not here, but why did Bharath come to Modi Bhavan at this time. Radha comes with milk glass and asks her to drink milk. Kokila says Mani/Radha that she is the only one who takes care of her.

Urmila applies ointment on her wound and scolds Kokila for hurting her. Gopi comes and says Urmila that she will apply ointment on her wound. Urmila gets angry on her. Madhuben comes there and takes Gopi from there.

Radha sees Rashi peeing into Kokila’s room and thinks what she is up to now. Rashi calls Gopi and informs that Kokila ate medicine mixed prasad. Gopi says Kokila would have been well if she had medicine before. Rashi assures Gopi that she will take care of Kokila well.

Ahem says he went to take Modi bhavan to take his file, else he would not have gone there and troubled Kokila. Gopi says she knows he cares his mom a lot. Ahem asks Gopi to wake him up early in the morning as he has to reach Ahmedabad.

Gopi calls Rashi and asks if she gave medicine to Kokila. Rashi says she is mixing medicine in prasad and will give it to her soon. Radha takes video of Rashi mixing medicine and thinks after seeing this video, Kokila will be under her control completely. She takes even baa’s video and think she should meet Kokila before baa reaches her.

Ahem comes near his car to go to a meeting and sees his car tyre punctured. Dhaval comes there and asks why is he looking tensed. Ahem says his car is punctured and he has an urgent meeting. Urmila comes there and asks Ahem to take her rickshaw. Kinjal says Ahem does not know to ride rickshaw and asks about the driver. Urmila says she kicked the driver out. She then sees Dhaval’s scooter and says Ahem can take scooter. Dhaval asks Kinjal to bring scooter keys.

Radha shows Kokila rashi’s medicine mixing video. Kokila is shocked to see it and thinks why is her family conspiring against her. Baa comes there and calls Kokila.

Gopi comes out and asks Ahem how will he go to a meeting now. Dhaval says he asked Ahem to take his scooter. Ahem leaves in scooter. Dhaval says Gopi that he forgot to inform Ahem that he scooter’s clutch is not working properly. Gopi says Ahem will manage.

Baa says Kokila that she prayed god for her good health and tries to feed her prasad. Kokila holds her hand and says she used to feed her prasad and today she feed her prasad and tries to feed it. Baa says she has diabetes and cannot eat it. Radha hears their conversation and smirks. Kokila says she will not eat that prasad now and will have it later. Baa goes from there. Kokila thinks her whole family is against her and nobody is caring about her. She thinks of getting answers for her questions from her family. Radha thinks Kokila is under her control now.

Ahem drives scooter and is stuck in traffic. Traffic moves and Ahem starts moving his scooter. Kokila walks on the road thinking about her family betraying her. Ahem tries to save a kid and hits Kokila instead. Kokila starts shouting. Kokila starts alleging Bharath of trying to kill her again.

Precap: Rashi brings food for Kokila. Kokila says she will not eat food prepared from anyone. She checks pickle bottle and asks why is Gopi’s pic with Rashi’s name on it.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. When will this stupid kokila get her memory back???????????

  2. What is this Disgusting story!!!!!!!!better kill that kokila instead of killing us with this boring episodes.hey I know that in this serial they are the big disciples of khannaji and they choose a way to express their devotion through Radhacharithmanas…….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What is this Disgusting story!!!!!!!!better kill that kokila instead of killing us with this boring episodes.hey I know that in this serial they are the big disciples of khannaji and they choose a way to express their devotion through Radhacharithmanas parayan…….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Khanaji please save us saathiya fans from this radha kaandh only you can do something now. The writers are interested in only radha kaandh, but we want ahem gopi, rashi jigar, tolu molu , meera and vidyas sweet story. We have had enough of urmilas kalakari, kokilas shouting, and radhas criminal kaandh, it is high time that this stop . Today is saturday on Monday again when i sit to watch saathiya i want that radhas all crime is out. Bahut intezar kar liye humne. ab toh aankhe kol ghiridhari, tumhari radha aisi nahi hai, toh yeh radha kyun aaisi hai, pls pls humri winti sun lo. kuch toh aacha kar do.

  5. OMG!!this show I pure CRAP..Whenever watc evn a minute by mistake,i feel like never watching TV ever again!and to think I used to watch a whole episode every day so long ago!

    dear viewers,
    a humble request-stop atcing this piece of shit..for a week,your life will surely improve 🙂

    1. They so just need to cancel the show

  6. O lord! It’s getting pathetic. They should have named the serial #bullshit# instead of saathiya! They are basically testing our patience.

  7. This show is getting beyond pathetic. I literally can’t stand it. It’s dragging on and the story lines are plain stupid. The writing team are not very creative. Even if they are trying drag it on purposely it’s making people not want to watch it because there’s no build up it’s full stupidity and he most dumbest situations. I don’t think I’ve ever hated an Indian program more than this. Come on man get some substance! Think of something better

    1. From tomorrow, I will no longer watch this stupid, idiot program. Dil jalta hai Radha ko dekh kar. Got better things to do!!

  8. It getng 2much. Such dragng is nt requird at all. All what they r showng is crap. Please cnt see ths anymore

  9. Wat nonsense plz stop dis radha’s melodrama n save d viewers otherwise sab dekhna hi bandh kr denge agar radha ko serial se bahar nai nikala to enough of radha’s stupid face….plz chng d topic or send radha 2 jail……serial bacahni h to radha ko nikalo…

  10. all of you
    if you hate it so much then dont watch it ok

    1. So thank u for your advice Naina!!!!!! All of us pity you naina because reason forthis type arrogant behaviour is due to your high affection towards saathiya and I know most of the fan got mad and began to talk rubbish after getting influenced by kokila so we can’t blame you for this type of behaviour.
      ***********by gods grace GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!! NAINA…………….

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