Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam talking to Mata Singh. She tells him that she got the land file and he is shocked. He calls his goons and asks them to take the file from Poonam at any cost and kill Poonma to solve the problem at once. Poonam comes home and the guards leave. Poonam says everyone went in marriage and I m alone at home tonight. The power goes and Poonam tries to light the candle. A man comes to kill her and she tries to escape. The man catches her and shuts her mouth.

Akash comes to her rescue. The man runs seeing him. Akash holds her and she tells him about the man. Akash says don’t worry, I have come. The man takes the file. Poonm says file, I have kept it there, the man took the file. The man calls Mata Singh and says I got the file but could not kill Poonam. Mata Singh gets angry and says Poonam is winning over me, its too much now, I want the file, I will not leave her. Everyone come home and are shocked to know what Mata Singh did, how can he take the land allotted to school and how can he fall so low to try to kill Poonam.

Mangla says we can’t face all this, we don’t have strength. Akash says we have to think some other way. Mata Singh calls Poonam and laughs as he got the file back. He praises himself and underestimates heer. Poonam also laughs. Mata Singh says yes you can laugh. Poonam says check your phone, maybe you are getting some call, then you will know everything. The goon calls Mata Singh and says the file is not the one we were looking for, Poonam has changed the file. Mata Singh is shocked and scolds him.

Mata Singh asks the goons to take the right file from Poonam if they want to save their life. The goon says yes, we will get it. Poonam tells everyone that she has kept the fake file there and fooled Mata Singh. Everyone give her strength but Mangla is tensed knowing what Mata Singh can do. Mata Singh asks his goons to do their best to take the file, else he will not leave them. He asks them to search her office to get the file, he is giving them last chance. He says use all the power, but get the file. Mata Singh says I can’t lose what I earned in all these years, I won’t let Poonam ruin me so easily, never.

Akash talks to Poonam and asks where is the file. Poonam says I knew he will come at home or office, so I kept it in my car. She asks what happened, why are you tensed. He says I m thinking, the goons have made politics bad. She says I will make Mata Singh get punished. She says I m sorry for unable to give you time. He says no need. She says thanks for always supporting me. Its morning, Poonam prays with everyone at home. They bless her. Akash says I will drop you.

Parul, Ambika and Vidya come to meet Poonam while Akash tries to stop them. Poonam says its good you came. She says we all know them. They show their faces. Poonam tells them that Mata Singh’s goons are after me, so we made this plan to fool them. They have kept an eye on us, so Parul will take Poonam’s place. Poonam asks them to leave. The people see that Poonam is still at home, while she leaves with them.

The goons call Mata Singh and tell him that Poonam is still at home. Mata Singh asks what is she doing at home. The goons say nothing and tells him everything about few women going to meet her. Mata Singh says maybe one of them was Poonam. He says Poonam has fooled us, she went by infront of you, go and catch the women. The goon follow the women to catch them.

The goons catch Poonam and she tries to run.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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