Pavitra Rishta 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi scolding Naren for getting Ankita out of his life and then says Raunakh raped her on her wedding night and the whole incident happened thereafter. She says he stood for her and sent Raunakh jail and not Ankita. Naren asks her to shutup and says his brother cannot do that. Sunanda comes and says Mansi is right, Raunakh raped Mansi and it was proved in court. Mansi then pleads him to remember howmuch Ankita helped her and he kicked her out of his life even after so many sacrifices. She says Naren that he is selfish and says she is feeling pity on him that Ankita is not in his life now.

Archana asks sorry to Pari for slapping her. Pari asks her not to embarrass her by asking sorry and says she has right to beat her. Archana says she hit Soham once and is suffering because of it even now. Pari says she did not feeling bad that she hit her, but felt bad when she believed Ankita than her.

Naren asks Kinnari why did she tell lie even after knowing everything and says she is standing in front of him because she is Raunakh’s wife and Raunakh is dead for him. Naren comes and says Ankita is a good girl and asks him to apologise her and ask her to come back and join his office. Naren agrees to apologize. Police come with an arrest warrant for Naren and says his client has complained about a fraud against him. Rushali says her son cannot do any fraud. Inspector says he is just doing his duty. Sunanda says she will come to police with Shekhar and asks him to go with inspector. Naren leaves.

Mansi and Shashank say Ankita that she will not let anything wrong happen to her. They see a news about Naren’s arrest. Ankita reaches police station and says she is company’s owner and she has to be arrested. Naren says Ankita he is the owner and why will he give her 500 crores worth company and alleges her for manipulating him. Naren angrily goes from there. Inspector asks constable to arrest Ankita. Shekhar asks her why did she do that. She says she loves Naren, so she is protecting him. Shekhar says she will get her from jail soon and goes from there.

Naren goes to his office and sues his employee for going home early. He then asks his secretary to bring details about Ankita. He finds a paper in which Ankita has transferred the company back to Naren’s name and gets astonished. He thinks why did Ankita go to jail when she transferred company back in his name.

Mansi asks Ankita why did she accept the mistake which she has not done. Ankita says company is in her name and she is sure Shekhar will help her bail out. Shashank says he will speak to Shekhar. Ankita asks Shashank to take care of Mansi and sends them from there.

Naren gives papers to Shekhar and asks him to bail out Ankita. He says he is feeling very guilty. Shekhar says they cannot go now and will go tomorrow.

Shekhar remembers Ankita telling him that he loves Pari, but Pari loves Naren, and she will take Naren’s blame on her and go to jail. She asks him to promise her not to tell anything to Naren. Shekhar agrees.

Ankita in jail remembers Naren’s hatred words for her and he kicking her out of even his office. She then touches her stomach and asks sorry to her child for making it suffer because of her. She says she does not want Naren and Pari to separate again, so she has to do something. Naren on the other side is restless and looks at company transfer papers again.

Precap: Naren apologizes Ankita in front of his whole staff.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Good episode !!! I think that he will recover soon

  2. i thought he was already recovered…………i love naren now…….ankita is the best….

    1. Ankita is such a good person I love her …..:)

  3. Pakaaaaaau

  4. Can some please tell me the name of the song at the end where Ankita is sitting in jail? Please, thank you.

    1. it’s a marathi song, khel mandala from movie natrang
      here’s link

    2. Thank you so much 🙂

  5. I hate naren now, he were more romantic when he was insane, naren need to realize his love for ankita, they were made for each other

  6. ankita and naren must again join together i think ankita must inform that she is pregnant

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