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Sadda Haq 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parth hears students gossiping that he has got a lottery. Randhir comes in his way. Parth asks him to move out of his way. Randhir also taunts him and asks for how long he will do this drama. Parth warns him not today, but Randhir continues talking. Randhir taunts him about love. Parth asks how he would know about love who doesn’t love his own mother. Randhir says Arpita’s brother was right and it’s good that Arpita died before seeing this day. By now both have lost their cool and beating the hell out of each other. Kastuki goes and calls Sanyu. All students are just watching them fight and doing nothing. Vardhan, Dean also rush there. Randhir is down on the floor. Parth continues beating him up like crazy. Sanyu is shocked to see that. Randhir manages to get up. Parth picks up a rod. Sanyu comes in between and asks Parth if he will kill him or what. Parth asks her to mind her own business and tells her to move. Dean and Vardhan come there. Dean tells them there can be serious action against the both. He asks both of them to be in his cabin. Randhir can hardly stand up. Vardhan asks Parth to come to his cabin and leaves. Parth follows him. Sanyu and rest take Randhir for aid.

Vardhan shouts at Parth. Parth says it was not his fault. If anyone says anything against your family, then your hand raises. Vardhan says he understands, but he has to control his anger.

Randhir moves everyone away and tries to walk on his own, but he struggles. They reach the medical room. Doctor says there is no need for everyone to be here. Jiggy says how they can leave him alone in this condition. Randhir says, there’s no need to do anything for him. If he wants, then he can just get him a new shirt from his room. Jiggy and all leave except Sanyukta. Doctor says he will get medicine and leaves.

Randhir asks her why she’s doing all this. She’s not his mum. Sanyu says, she knows and mum can only be one, no one can take her place. He asks her to go away from him. She hits him on shoulder and orders to stay quiet. He asks her, you hit me? She says, yes else you wouldn’t have listened. She says, he’s all beaten up, but ego is still there. He was half mental already, but now seems like he has gone mental fully because of wound on his head. Randhir tries to show nothing has happened to him, but it pains him when he tries to get up. She now tells him to stay quiet and he does. She does her aid. He looks at her. He calls her a dramebaaz, she fights with him in front of everyone all the time, and now she’s doing drama here. She stays quiet. He says everyone has seen her best friend’s reality now. She tells him, he’s the biggest enemy of his. She knows Parth would never do anything like this unless he has no other option. She accepts that both made mistake, but she is sure Randhir must have said something which lead Parth to do this. Now whatever happens to Parth, Randhir will be responsible. She leaves. Jiggy comes with Randhir’s shirt. Doctor comes and finishes Randhir’s treatment.

All students are in Dean’s cabin. They are watching CCTV footage of the fight. Dean says, this proves that Parth started the fight. Vardhan asks Parth if he wants to say anything. Dean tells Vardhan to let him handle now. Vardhan taunts the students and tells Dean to handle them now. Dean wants everyone to remember this day before they fight like this, therefore, he suspends Parth. Randhir interrupts and says, Parth is not guilty. Everyone is shocked. Dean tells him that’s not his business. Randhir says it’s Dean’s rule — if someone withdraws their complaint, then Dean doesn’t take any action and Randhir takes his complaint back. Dean asks if this is a joke or something. First fight and then withdraw the complaint. He warns everyone last time and asks them to leave.

Randhir stops Parth outside and says, don’t think I felt sorry for you. Parth replies, you also don’t make mistake of thinking that you did a favor to me. Randhir says he won’t let Parth go from this college until he makes him pay back. He asks him to wait and watch what happens with him in this college now.

Sanyu tells Kastuki, today was so strange, right? Kastuki agrees. She says she thought Parth will get suspended, but it was so unexpected from Randhir. Sanyu says, but it was all done by Randhir only. She then says she doesn’t get why Parth behaves like this, it took so much for him to come to FITE and he keeps getting intro controversies.

Parth finds another letter in which it says that he will forget her (Arpita) and come to her one day. He remembers Sanyu thanking him after he saved her. He asks himself, Sanyukta? Then asks why she would do all this. He took her as a friend and her?

Sanyu decides to talk to Parth. She gets up, but sees Randhir’s parents’ divorce papers. She’s in dilemma what to do with it. Vidushi enters the room and sees Sanyu looking at the envelope. Sanyu puts it inside a book and decides to wait for Renuka’s call. She leaves. Vidushi wonders what’s in the envelope that she’s hiding like this.

Jiggy and Sahil are talking about Parth and Randhir. Jiggy says he also gets mad, but the muscles that they have are dangerous. Sanyu comes to them and asks for Parth. They tell her, Parth did so much already, they saw in camera that Parth started the fight, and she’s still asking for Parth? Sanyu says, so? we are their friends. I thought you would be with them and would try that they become friends again. Randhir comes there and hears it. He tells Sanyu that she has taken a contract to worry about Parth, then why there’s need for someone else. And anyway, there are not many people in this college who have so much attachment to animals. She looks at his wound and asks him how he’s feeling now. He says, you are worrying so much about me? Small fights like this will do nothing to me, I am fine. She says, really? and touches his wound. He screams. She says, I thought you were fine. Randhir asks Jiggy what he’s doing there sitting. Has he gotten insensitive like Sanyu too? Can’t he see how much he’s injured. He can at least carry his books. Jiggy takes his books and leaves. A paper falls down. Sanyu says she will pick it up else Randhir’s back will hurt. She’s shocked to see similar letter to the ones that are being written to Parth.

Precap: Sanyu tells Randhir that he has no right to question her and Parth’s friendship. And about Parth, yes, she wants him to move on because he’s a really good friend of hers. Parth comes there. Sanyu continues, yes, she wants him to forget Arpita and for that whether she sends him letters or do anything, who is Randhir to interfere? Parth comes there and tells Sanyu, he took her as his best friend, and what she did? He asks, how could you, Sanyukta? Sanyu says, you’re misunderstanding me. He says, I had asked you if you wrote the letter, right? and you still lied. Whyyy? She asks him to listen to her, but he pushes her. Randhir gives a support to Sanyu.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. plz update fast

  2. oh tina u r back. Thank god!!!!!!!!!!! We were missing u very much:) U did awesome come back man. Updated so fast. Continue with it yaar

  3. Missed 2day’s epi:-( plz update fast….

  4. The medical room sandhir scene was something which i expected and wished to happen.. and it did!!! 😀 😀
    Parth was beating up Randhir too ruthlessly….. how dare he?? ugh!!!
    Who is writing those letters to that wild Parth?? its not sanyu….for sure…. !

    1. wasn’t is really funny when sanyu tells kaustugi parth has seen nothing in his life…… stupid sanyu, it is ur Randhir who has not seen a/thing in his life…. with no bro’ or sis’ to share a/thing, dad – aargh!!!!, mom – so far nothing…..

      1. sanyu…is unbelievable…why is she supporting that beast…that Parth??

    2. Its randhir

  5. — i simply hated that part when Randhir was beaten black and blue…..
    — loved when sanyu gave Randhir a hard beat (rather a pat?) n said chup….(first aid scene)
    — letters in printed form tht parth receives — i am so confused!!!
    — y/day got to see Parth being credited with a new qualification — a philanthropist……..well… well….. well………
    — hated when sanyu told kaustugi – agar parth ko kuch ho jaathaa??? nonsense!!!

  6. Its randhere who is writing the letter!!
    Bechari sanyu fass gye!!
    Hope randhere helps her to make her up again!! 😉 🙂

    1. Randhir?????

  7. i think vidhushi will read the divorce papers of randhir’s parents…and she will let slip the news to him….

    1. i too hv the same feeling….

  8. i read somewhere that Arpita will be back in Parth’s life….. possibly she never died!!

    1. — yaar, let her come bck soon….
      — that is not enough, i wnt samirs n sanyus marriage called off ASAP….
      waise bhi, aajkal, phone par woh samir, sanyu ko – i miss u, i ♥ u kehtha hai…..

      1. i m sure randhir will be at her rescue…..she can’t marry that useless chomu!!!!

  9. Sme thng impornant news of sadda haq on india forums tht on 6 june randhir will cme 2 knw abut his parents divorce n smethng happens n sanyu is going 2 hug him d pic is available on india forums

    1. yes shanya, read tht on fb too….

  10. Wow…wow nice episode……………………. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    thank u tina=the best updater… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Wow…wow nice episode……………………. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    thank u tina=the best updater… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Randhir to Sanyukta:
    Tumne toh Parth ki chinta karne ka contract le kar rakha hai toh kissi or ki kiya zarurat hai? waise bhi tum jaise log humaare college mein bohot kam hai, jinhe “JAANVARO” se lagaav hai…

    lol…loved this dialogue…. haha… Randhir rocks!! <3

  13. actually in y/day’s episode, where Parth punches, hits the wall…. i was ROFL…
    serious anger management issue…..

  14. Randhir’s face when Parth pushed Sanyuktha down was a picture. He looked soo angry. Aww tomorrow pass quickly!!!!!

  15. eager to knw whats gonna hppn tmrw
    i think sanyu is too much nowadays
    always parth parth parth!! when will she realiz randhirs concern

  16. Where is 5 june update!!
    WTH!! :-/ :-/ :-/

  17. 5th june Wu?

  18. update faast common please please update 5 june wu

  19. Are I m nt understanding this story u checm sandhir facebook its showing tht randhir n sanyu live 2gether as husband n wife plz smebdy check it I m so happy

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