Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam calling Akash and asking him to bring the file. Akash says fine and hurries up. Kanno brings her friend Dimple to met Poonam. They talks to Poonam and asks her to sign on the file. Dimple praises her husband. Poonam speaks against him, and says he got 25 contracts and he did only 7. We can’t give them any contract, he leaves the work midway.

Dimple gets offended. Dimple gets angry on Kanno. Akash and Jai come there and hear this. Dimple leaves angrily. Poonam says I m not anyone’s relative, but a MLA. Jai acts sweet and says I understood what you are saying. Kanno leaves annoyed. Jai says I will explain her, don’t worry. Akash gives the file to Poonam and says what you did was right, don’t worry, I m happy like you showed her the mirror. She says thanks and smiles.

Kanno comes home and tells everything. Dadi consoles her. Kanno is annoyed and says Poonam should have not insulted her, she did wrong. She says she has insulted me by doing this, whats wrong in helping anyone. Mangla says you are saying as if it did not have any benefit for you. Kanno asks what will I have. Kanno gets Dimple’s call. Dadi says talk to her. Kanno says no. Mangla takes the call and is shocked. She says fine and ends it. She says Dimple was saying you to return the saree and jewellery. Dadi is shocked. Mangla smiles catching Kanno’s lie.

Kanno leaves. Mangla says Kanno can never change. Poonam comes to meet the magistrate and asks him to hear her once, as she has important work. She talks about the school and that she needs the stay order. He says I can’t help you before the court opens. She requests him and asks him to do anything before the school breaks. She asks him to do anything. He says sorry, I can’t help you. The court is closed for three days. Poonam says thanks and leaves.

The principal asks Poonam what did he say. She says he can’t help us. The man says they will break the school. She says no, I will stop it, come. Mata Singh’s man hears this and informs him. Mata Singh laughs and says I will not let her stop the breaking the school. Poonam and the people wait outside the court to open. Mata Singh’s goons come there and think to break the school before Poonam gets the stay order. Poonam asks the people to be near the school and stop the dismantling, she will bring stay order and stop them.

Poonam talks to the magistrate and the lawyer tells how the school has helped educating many girls. Poonam also presents her opinion and talks about school’s favor. The goons bring the crane to demolish the school. The people ask them to give them some time. They wait for Poonam. The police comes there and asks everyone to move and does not stop. The inspector says the school is on illegal land, move back. The magistrate passes the stay order. Poonam smiles and thanks him. Poonam asks the givt service woman to type the judge’s statement soon. The woman says its my lunch time. Poonam scares her by her MLA position and the lady says sorry mam. Poonam leaves to go to the school soon.

Poonam calls to the principal and could not talk. The men get beaten up. The crane goes ahead to break the school. Poonam reaches there and is shocked seeing the school demolished. She gets sad.

The principal gets annoyed with Poonam. He says I had the school in Mata Singh’s time, now I have lost it.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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