Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla says when did you come sammy ? She has not listened anything. Sammy says just now, i came to wish her. She says come Kalpi Pakiya and his friends are dancing. Kamla leaves. Sammy says he will wait for you till 10 pm, it 8 now and then he will give up on his life. You will be responsible for whatever happens today. Kamla is looking at Kalpi. Kamla says is her heart that i know you won’t ever break your promise Kalpi.

Scene 2
Gauri says Raghav is being distracted. My revenge is not complete yet. I jhave to remind him his mission. I want to see this Kappor family suffer. I want them to be destroyed. Raghav comes, Gauri says i wanna talk about something important. Raghav says i have something important to do we will talk later. Gauri says Raghav something should not be delayed. Raghav says okay tell wme what is it ? Gauri says you are bein g distracted from your point. You are forgetting your promise. Raghav says no i am not. I have to destroy Sahil and Nettu. I love kalpi and i am going to make her mine. I ahve to leave pakhi for that. I won’t effect our revnege in any way. I will never break the promise i made with you but i remember the one I made to kalpi too. I can’t leace kalpi. Gauri says you think we will complete revenge like this ? Nothing is gonna happen to them if you behave like this.

Manda is taunting at nettu. She says look how Kamla gives her to eat and she eats like beggars.
Manda says to a lady look at this nettu we are not stopping her from eating in our chowl. She used to beag about a cup of tea she used to gave me. Poor Nettu can’t even celebrate the birthday of her daughter. She got son in law who could not even keep them in their house.

Gauri says look at your dada’s picture Raghav. Do you remember how brutally they killed him. Can you forget that? Pakhi is the weakness of kapoor family and we can’t let that go.
I like kalpi too. She is a nice girl but you can’t marry her. Nor can you divorce Pakhi. She will be free and we won’t be able to take our revenge. They will live happily again. We can’t do that. Ragahv says i can’t live without Kalpi. I love her so much. Before its too late i have to make her realize that i still love her.

Scene 3
Pakhi lightens the candles. She says Raghav made the sweet i made. Suddenly the candles blows. She says am I just dreaming it ? She recalls Raghav saying her that you are just a daughter of my enemy. I married you because i wanna detsroy Sahil Kapoor.

Gauri says you love Kalpi not your mom dad ? Kalpi has suffered but you don’t remember what happened to your mom and dad? I suffered for years. You forgot that Kapoor made me homeless. I have no issue for you marrying Kalpi but you can’t set pakhi at large. I want you to keep her for at least a year. Torture her like they did to us. This will kill Nettu and sahil inch by inch. Raghav says this is wrong. It will hurt me and kalpi. Just like Nettu and Sahil will suffer me and kalpi will suffer too. Raghav says I won’t repeat my mistake. I have to take revenge but not at cost of Kalpi. Gauri says you ahve to do this for your dad. Raghav says I can’t do this mom . Gauri says you ahve to do that for your mom and your dad. We have suffered every moment. Kill me if you don’t fulfill my promise. It will be better for me. You will see me dead if you dn’t do as i say. Ragahv hugs her. Gauri is crying. Ragahv says okay mom I will agree to what you say.

Scene 4
Kalpi looks at her watch she wonders what should she do ? She says i can’t break the promise I have to tell Ai. Pakiya comes and says come on lets dance Kalpi. He takes her in. Pakiya and his friends dance everyone is enjoying it. Manda joins them too. Nettu judges that Kalpi is quite disturbed.

Ragahv says to Gauri kalpi is waiting for me. Gauri says you won’t go. She leaves. Ragahv is tensed. Gauri locks herself in the room. Gauri says I promised your dad that i will take his revenge. But look he will be embarrassed becasue his son never completed his revenge becasue he felt in love with a girl. I am burning my memories along with my self so nothing will rmeind you of me. She takes out all the pictures and surround herself with them. She sets them on fire. Raghav says please don’t so this mom. Stop it.

Precap- Sammy says Raghav will never be able to get you trust. Maybe when he will die you will understand how truely he loved you. Kalpi is confused. Someone turns off the main switch of chowl and its all dark. Kamla looks for kalpi everywhere but she can’t find her. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I dont like gauri she is a devil mother

  2. have we been con….well the ratings will tell

  3. if there was an award for worst mothers kamala and gauri would win that award

  4. I dnt like gauri at all..y must she insist dt Raghav shudnt divorce pakhi…Raghav shudnt listen to her pls,he shudnt break kalpis heart again

  5. everything was going to be fine…and there comes another devil….fish the hell out of me…devils will never stop approaching in this drama….tutttt

  6. daredevils of the drama:


    1. vashtie motilal

      it is one big f**kup show

  8. in precap I bet on all odds that neetu trips the main breaker

  9. Wouldnt it be funny if the EMA writters added some kind of twist to the story, like Pakhi and Kalpi were switched at birth, and Kalpi is Neetu and Sahil’s real daughter, and Pakhi is Kamla’s real daughter?!?!

  10. Feel so sorry for Raghav and Kalpi too many problems they have to face in their lives.Now it’s their mothers.

  11. To the producers and writers , when the awards take place u have no awards to receive for this stupid show you will wonder what went wrong

  12. Angie. Don’t say that BC that is probably what this warped writers will do!!
    I can’t believe how stupid Gauri is. Basically this ema shows that all moms- neetu, Kamla and gauri suck!! Ema should stand for every mother ass!!! Why would they make a show that degraded the role of a mother???
    Neetu and sahil are not suffering now so why would they suffer in a year? They don’t care about paaki or prem. They are stealing money, sleeping in a cot and getting pampered by Kamla. They don’t see paaki suffering!! Silly show! This show is sooooo bad!

  13. I was really hoping to see the raghav and kalpi meet and raghav profess his love

  14. I hate what the writers are doing. bring raghav and kalpi together and still raghav can take revenge.Why separate the two love birds when they are not at faults. Please dont make kalpi go againts raghav. the viewers wants to see raghav and kalpi together. The writers are ruining the show.

  15. This show gets worst everytime! It makes no sense..the parents wants to constantly rule the big grown ups who can think for themselves..writers it have other ways to seek revenge, your ways are pathetic!!

  16. Plz raghav dont hurt pakhi.

  17. have the ratings dropped….i thought they said raghav will marry kalpi……i am guessing basing on guri behaviour this wont happen…….well kamla and paki wins again……so sad….i guess they did what they had to do……..rakhi….mother’s of india are really said people blackmailing their children and making them promise to do things on behalf of their mother’s love…..both kalpi and raghav wanted their mother’s love so bad that it has completely wreck their lives…..the sad part none of the two is willing to bypass their mother’s promise…..are we forgetting kamla’s speech that a mother always forgives a child even when they do wrong…..so no marriage….so sad for this show what promise to be a good show only shows evil mothers’s playing on the emotions of their children…….
    on a much lighter note my country will be celebrating 169yrs of the arrival east indian immigrates ….and i must say i am a proud to live in a country free from discrimination whether by class,creed,race or gender…and freedom of speech………..we may not be the perfect country but we sure know how to live in harmony with eachother….here every creed and race finds and equal place……..for those who have the opportunity to visit they should vist MY COUNTRY TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO….the beautiful island in the sun……….home of Brian Lara, Dwight Yorke,Ato Boldon,Keshon Walcott,Wendy Fitzwilliams,Sunil Narine,Dwayn Bravo,Kerron Pollard Darren Ganga and the list can go on………so if u have a chance instead of watching EMA visit youtube and check our steelpan music,soca music and chutney music…

    1. Don’t 4get the sweet Tassa…. Maticoor and Saturday night lol

  18. StrawberryPie

    wht the heck is wrong with gauri??

  19. I hate Karla and porkie both are always unfair to kalpi


    1. Mera toh do din se waise hi miss ho rha hai
      Hi ap
      Bahut din ho gaye aapse baat kiye hue
      Kaise ho
      Howzz ur office goin

  21. Hey where r u chocopie, ek, dd, mon, ap
    Today i hav come to comment and chat wid u & u all are missing
    Y y y
    In ema
    All mothers are behind ragna love story
    Bas dadi ki kqmi hai woh theek ho jaaye toh woh bhi onn dono ko alag rakhengi

    1. hi anshu how are u yar yesterday i was too busy didnt see ur comments

  22. hi anshu m busy n xams jst open ths page & sw u here mis ur chattng also……donno where r otherz….

  23. i wz watchng JA……cn u tel me purane zamane mei ghar k darwaze nhi hote thy kya…means jb uss tym pr king itne bade mahal banate thy toh door kyun nhi hota tha……..well lagta hai EMA k cvs ne kasam kha li hai ke wo sb kuch viewrs k wish k against karne wale hai……yahan ek damla ko tolerate krn difficult horaha hai…..gauri ko b….. Aur jo thodisi kasr baaki hai wo dadi puri kregi……poor RagNa only sammy is there for them……..there r three moms & every1 r selfish…….sb ko apni hi padi hai…….

    1. dear chocopie purane jamane mai curtains ka rewaz tha dekha nahi ja main every room has too many curtains ……………….an how is ur studies going on ???

  24. Bechare luv guru ki kya haalat ho gayi hai
    Ek taraf apne frnd ko motivate krta hai dusri tarsf uski lady love ko emotional blackmail kr rha hai
    Waise all the best for your exam

  25. Mjhe waise aapka ques smajh nhi aaya
    Kahan doors nhi hote the

  26. Crystal Singh

    Just fed-up with all the bull shit, thanks to all the writers of EMA. Hope you are satisfied, you gave me stress.

  27. nyc episode

  28. this is becoming like all other stressful tele series.. all dam stupid get on with 1 divorce and get with 1 u luv and gain get apart for something else creeping up….. same old crap nothing new… I think writers have no new look in matter…
    either raghav can legally prove he did not get married to pakhi and find another way to take revenge.. In fact where the hell are they suffering… she is leading a nice life… and kamla is in fact working as maid in her house for her…. dam she acts intelligent but is good for nothing…. even a small kid would understand ..that she is being taunted and being ask to do thing that they want …. crazy…..

  29. TO day Gouri top in worst mother in whole world, EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL to her own son who already grew up alone, GOURI is burning with anger ITS worst TOXIC which will hurt herself first,
    Kamla is another she is trying her best to keep RAGHAV away from KALPANA by forcing a promise not to meet raghav.
    NEETU is selfish greedy criminal,She was hurting kalpana all the time right from childhood to HER EXAM RESULTS
    This EMA ‘s leading role is played by KAMLA, GOURI & NEETU so how can it be GOOD entertaining open concept, realistic show…..
    RAGHAV & KALPANA Pl.elope & Go anywhere be together mke your life happy let these THREE WILD CATS FIGHT THEY all three are without any shame they don’t deserve any happiness
    BOTH Kalpana & RAGHAV are highly educated & smart they can lead their own life

  30. hi frns i think pd is intentionally making gauri worse bcs hum sabne kamla ko intna citicize kiya hai isliye pd wants to divert us from kamla to gauri she is saying to us that “why shuld kamla gets all the hate there are other character too” may be shilpa shorodkar forcing her to do this an stupid pd story ko dhik karne ki jagha aur worse banata chali ja rahi hai.

  31. agree they really making it worse day by day…..study is going to b super duper its frst tym… m enjoying it…….actually it is bank test ya & in ths xam there r most mental ability questions…….& is really interstng to solve these type of ques……..& in JA ye i sw there r only curtains…….in place of doors & windowz…..& bye tym to study…..c u later…..

  32. thanx anshu fr wishz…..

  33. Anshu, Chocopie – if you need any help – about education – as iam BBM graduate and doing my 2nd year pshchology – if you need any help you can ask me , dont be surprised – as everyone is asking me why at this – you are studying. i love to study. i completed BBM in 2000 and took exams along with my daughter!!

  34. hi girija it is really so cool….&thanx if i need any help must tell u…..AP also helpd me gvn me training test information that wz really important…..

  35. hello every1 latest trp is EMA is second lowest in zee…..Ap girija mon anshu…..upload on twitter u guyz checkout….there is whole trp chart of all tv shows…..

    1. Hey chocopie
      Thank u girija ji for this mich support
      Actualy i m giving my medical entrances
      Now only 3 are left
      Ab tak sirf cbse ka result aaya hai
      Thanx 4 the support
      I wil ask u if i wud be having any prob
      And sorry when last tym i talked abt my exams i told u my 1 exam was in banglore
      U asked me its date
      Sorry forgot to reply
      Its done it was on 11 may
      I think kahin aur nhi hua toh woh last option hogi
      So may be in banglore after few months…

    2. how was the trp rating below 3

  36. I just hate kamla, and gauri…..

  37. I hope tonight’s episode is way better than last night’s one. Gauri is just overdoing it now.

  38. i really admire the indians in india who go tho work in their sari shalwar etc because at least 3 time for the yr our company request us to wear any one of the following indian attire for work and i am always fixing and fiddling when i get up or walk out my office….it is not that it is uncomfortable but i always aware i am wearing it..unlike my regular clothing…..and on those days the guys treat u like a girl rather than one of the guys….i work in a manufacturing environment doing all the planning so my team is only male with the exception of myself 1 other female….but HAPPY INDIAN ARRIVAL DAY TO ALL TRINIS OUT THERE

    1. no hoped after watching yesterday episode.it will becoming worst day by day. i tried and forgetting EMA.

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