Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali calling Astha. She asks why did you come late. Astha says I was stuck on the way. The maid laughs. Anjali asks her to make the dish with potatoes. Astha says why does she give importance to potatoes in this house. She talks to the vegs. The maid laughs. Astha says do your work. Astha boils potatoes. The maid says put some Khatta in it, else the throat will be itching. Astha gets an idea and sends her happily saying itching. She calls Ajju and asks how to get rid of itching. Ajju answers her. Astha says something will happen now, sorry Baba, I m making special dish for you.

She thinks she is not doing anything wrong. Renuka comes home and talks to Ajju. She says it would have been better if Sid loved Jyoti, but Sid loves a guy. Ajju says what, how do you know. Renuka says I saw him hugging, and maybe they have………… chee……. Ajju says you are mistaken. Renuka says he said he does not like any girl, it means he likes guys. I saw on tv, guys love guys and marry too. Ajju says I will explain him. Renuka imagines Sid marrying a guy and shouts no…………

Niranjan coughs having food. Anjali gives him food. Everyone get worried. He gets itching and asks how it this dish, its itching. Astha says but you like this dish, why will it itch, does it itching to everyone. Everyone say no. Shlok asks does he have allergy with potatoes. Varad says maybe he has an allergy now in this age. Anjali says he has been eating since years. Astha gives him a chutney and this relieves Niranjan. Shlok asks Niranjan to go and rest. Anjali thinks did Astha did anything. Astha is happy. Anjali comes to her and asks what are you doing. Astha says cleaning.

Anjali sais throw all these potatoes. Astha says we will stop making potatoes for few days, don’t lie to me. Astha thinks sorry Bappa to lie, and lies to Anjali. Anjali says I don’t trust you. Astha says its potato’s mistake, scold it, why me. Anjali says I will go market to buy potatoes. Astha says I will also come with you. She says it is important for our family. Anjali leaves. Astha smiles and says I will market with Anjali now.

Ajju talks to Kalindi. Sid comes and greets them. Kalindi says I have made hot puran puri. I will pack for you. Sid asks Ajju did she talk to Jyoti. Ajju says no. He says call her, I will also talk to her. Ajju says its morning, she might be sleeping. He says will she like me or not, but I decided I will love only Jyoti. Kalindi comes back and hears his love confession for Jyoti and is shocked. Anjali and Astha come to buy good quality potatoes. Astha says we use many potatoes, give us 10-15 kgs of all types. Anjali asks her to get tomatoes. Astha says we will take 25 kgs.

Shlok is in the meeting. He misses Astha and the staff says she is not here. He says we will talk about this later. Everyone leave. Shlok laughs and calls Astha. He asks what are you doing wifey. She says I m buying tomatoes, I came with Anjali to buy potatoes. He says come home soon, I miss you. She says even I miss you. He says come home. She says yes, you come home, I will make cold coffee for you, I will come. Shlok says what did you happen to me, if I don’t see her for some time, I become strange, I have to bring her back to office so that my drama queen stays infront of me.

Sid apologizes to Kalindi for not telling her everything. He says he loves Jyoti, love just happens. Kalindi holds his ear and smiles. She is happy for Jyoti and praises him. Sid and Ajju smile. Ajju asks don’t you have any problem. Kalindi says no, why will I, Jyoti has her whole life, Abhay does not deserve her, Sid will keep her happy. Sid promises. Kalindi says I will talk to them when the right time comes. He leaves. Shlok comes home and calls out Astha.

The maid says Astha did not come back from market. Shlok gets annoyed and goes to his room. He says I want to spend time with her and she………. She comes and gives him cold coffee. She holds her ears and says sorry. He says I took a decision. She asks what. He says you will work with me in office from tomorrow. She says office? He holds her closer. She says how will do work at home. He says I will talk to Baba now and leaves. Renuka comes to Sid and sees him with a guy. The guy gives her the card and says you have to come in our marriage. Sid says yes, she will, why won’t she, she is my mum.

Renuka agrees accepting their relation. She asks the guy did your parents agree for this marriage. The guy says yes, come in marriage. She removes her bangles and Sid asks what are you doing. The guy says I need only your blessings. She blesses him. The guy leaves. Sid says lets meet in marriage. Renuka says I told I m modern, but not this much, to accept that you are marrying a guy. Sid asks what? Do you think I m that…. She says I m seeing everything. He says nothing can happen with you. He leaves.

Shlok comes to Niranjan and talks to him about Astha joining office again. Astha hears them. Shlok says some projects are pending, she has to come office to do that work. Niranjan says I know, but she has house duties too, if she is free soon, then she can go to office. They talk about other projects. Astha thinks she understands what he means, now she will surely go to office as he does not like her going office. Niranjan comes to Anjali. He scolds her and asks her to focus on her bahus. He says give much work to Astha at home, that she can’t go to office.

He says I sent her to office, as she and Shlok had to come closer, it was about my house’s respect. He says the time has come to stop her from going office. Anjali says yes. Niranjan says explain her whats woman’s place in the house, try to show her place, as Shlok came to me asking permission for Astha to go office, I don’t want this, Shlok should not know you are doing this as I told you, make her busy at home and women suit being in kitchen. Anjali gets worried.

Astha does the same potatoes mischief again. Niranjan coughs and gets unwell. The doctor checks him and asks him to stop having potatoes. Shlok says you have allergy with this, so don’t eat potatoes. Astha smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. nice one aastha!!!!! keep irritating niranjan like thus

  2. Loved it…niranjan deserves a lot more

  3. Excellent Asthaaa <3 Love this show 🙂 Keep going on and Teach Niranjan a good lesson that he never dare to harass a women…Make Anjali to take a right stand with confidence against the injustices she is tolerating..make her to realise that tolerating the injustice is equal to the sin O:-)

  4. vry gud Aastha.i know u’ll teach a gud leson 2 NA.
    THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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