Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 195 2ND LAST EPISODE (2nd Dec Episode) (45th of this FF)

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Before I begin with the episode let me tell you that I have decided to extend ONE more episode so this is NOT the last episode. This is the 2ND LAST EPISODE. The LAST EPISODE will be published tomorrow.
Till then enjoy this 2nd last episode.

Episode No: 195 ,2ND Last Episode
Episode Date: 2nd December 2016

Scene 1: Shraman’s Room
The episode begins with Shravan angrily storming into the room.

Shravan: What does Sumo think of herself? How can she do like that?

Suman is walking up the stairs, and she is feeling pain in her belly. She closes her eyes.

Preeti is carrying Shivin.

Preeti: Dii, are you fine?

Suman nods.

Sumo: Preeti, it’s late now you should go to sleep.

Preeti: Let me leave Shivin to Mummyji he is really cranky today maybe she can get him to sleep, and if you need anything do tell me.

Sumo: Ok.

Suman comes in the room.

Sumo: Shravan you are…

Shravan: So finally you came!

Sumo: Look Shravan is nothing like you are thinking.

Shravan: What nothing? Sumo there isn’t any use of hiding the truth from me and I know very well that resignation and irritating me that idea you gave to dad.

Suman smiles.

Shravan: What is it?

Sumo: Shravan, you are slowly forgiving dad I know that now you even called him dad.

Shravan: Oh Sumo please, that was slip of tongue, but you shouldn’t have done so.

Sumo: Even today, you love your dad, right?

Shravan: Whatever it is! You shouldn’t have interfered between me and Ramnath Malhotra.

Sumo: Shravan, I am your wife and at the same time, the daughter in law of this house. And dad has considered me like his daughter, so this much I can’t do. Can’t I try to solve the problems between you and him?

Shravan: Sumo, if you don’t know how to solve problems, don’t solve them, okay. And I am really disappointed with your step today.

Sumo: Shravan…

Shravan: Look Sumo, I don’t want to scream on you in this condition, but you shouldn’t have done so.

Sumo: I don’t think I have done anything wrong.

Shravan gets angry.

Shravan: Okay fine, think whatever you want to. But remember one thing! No one can solve the problem between me and Ramnath Malhotra. I will never forgive him for his deeds.

Sumo: Shravan, he’s your dad! And don’t forget, even you have done mistakes too!

Shravan: Whatever mistakes I have done, is mostly because of that guy. I considered him like an idol, that’s where I went wrong.

Sumo: Shravan, it’s high time you should forgive dad.

Shravan: Enough, Sumo now leave me alone. I am in very bad mood now.

Suman is about to come to him,

Shravan: Sumo please,

Sumo: Okay fine.

Suman goes outside.

Shravan angrily looks on.

Scene 2: Living Room
Suman is sitting in the room.

Sumo: I wonder how long Shravan will cool down. Oh God he’s so short-tempered, and Preeti must be sleeping. I can’t even sleep there now. And on top of that, this pain!

Suman is holding her belly as she feels the pain.

Sumo: Ouch!This pain is a bit too much today. Maybe it’s normal. I think I should just relax for a while. Maybe it will reduce.

Later, Preeti comes and she finds Suman,

Preeti: Dii, you and here? Why are you not going to your room? And in this condition you should take as much rest as possible.

Sumo: Actually Preeti, I wasn’t feeling good in the room, I was feeling suffocated.

Preeti: Dii are you sure or you had a fight with Jiju?

Sumo: No, no nothing like that.

Preeti: Dii are you sure?

Suman nods.

Sumo: Preeti come and sit beside me, I am feeling bored.

Preeti: Dii, I do one thing Shivin is with MummyJi, I pass the milk bottle to Mummyji she will feed him.

Preeti is about to go, Suman touches her belly in pain.

Sumo: Ahh!

Preeti gets surprised seeing Suman.

Preeti: Dii, your hand? Your hand is very cold!

Sumo: Ahh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Preeti: Dii, are you okay?

Sumo: Preeti, looks like now it’s time.

Preeti: Time? Dii, did your…

Suman nods.

Sumo: It’s paining a lot. Ahhhhh!

Suman is crying in pain.

Preeti: Dii, you don’t worry.

Preeti: Maa! Jiju!

Sumo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Preeti: Relax dii,nothing will happen to you.

Just then Kamini comes downstairs,

Kamini: Suman beta!

Kamini rushes to her.

Preeti: Dii is having labour pain.

Sumo: Chachi, is paining a lot. Ahhhhhh’

Suman is still crying.

Kamini: Quickly call Shravan.

Kamini holds her hand.

Kamini: Oh God, her hands are way too cold and numb.

Kamini frictions her hand.

Preeti rushes upstairs to Shraman’s room.

Preeti: Jiju, Dii…

Shravan: Sumo? What happened to her?

Preeti: Dii is having labour pains. We have to take her to the hospital.

Shravan panics and he quickly rushes downstairs.

Shravan: Sumo what happened?

Sumo: Shravan, it’s paining a lot. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Shravan: Sumo, relax. Okay. I will do something.

Shravan tries to call the ambulance.

Shravan: Hello ambulance?

Shravan keeps the phone in anger.

Shravan: What nonsense! They can’t reach before an hour! What kind of ambulance is this!

Sumo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Preeti: Dii, don’t worry we will get to the hospital soon.

Shravan is about to call Pushkar and he realises his phone has no charge.

Shravan: Oh God there isn’t any charge! Preeti call Pushkar or Aditya!

Preeti: Jiju…

Suman is about to close her eyes,

Sumo: I can’t take it anymore.Ahh!

Suman is crying.

Preeti: Dii? Jiju we have to take Dii hospital as soon as possible.

Shravan without thinking lifts Suman in his arms,

Sumo: Shravan? I am sorry.

Shravan: Shut up! It’s not time to talk about all these. I need to take you to the hospital.

Sumo: Shr…Shravan Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Shravan: Sumo, don’t worry we will reach hospital very soon.

Kamini: Preeti you go with them? I will take care of Shivin.

Shravan takes out the car and makes Suman lie on the back on Preeti’s lap. Shravan goes to drive the car. Shravan gets thinking and stops as he is about to start the car.

Preeti: Jiju what are you thinking? Drive fast!

Sumo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhj!

Shravan without thinking further starts the car and drives the car,

Shravan: Sumo, don’t worry we will reach the hospital very soon. Everything will be fine.

Suman cries in pain.

Sumo: I can’t take it anymore, Shravan.

Shravan: Sumo, we are very near, just tolerate bit more.

Scene 3: Hospital
Suman is taken by the stretcher, Shravan holds Suman’s hand.

Sumo: Shravan…if ….if anything happens to me, then…you Ahhh… will take care of our baby, okay!

Shravan: Stop speaking nonsense! Nothing will happen to you or our baby I promise you.

Sumo: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

The doctor comes and checks Suman, and checks her BP.

Doctor: Her BP is very high and it’s not good for someone with low BP.

Shravan gets worried.

Sumo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Shravan: Sumo, remember you said that a woman can tolerate equal pain when 20 bones break when they get into labour.

Suman nods.

Shravan: And you are my strong Sumo for you 20 bones is nothing even if your 205 bones break, nothing will happen to you. Just be brave for our baby.

Sumo: Sh…Shravan?

Suman starts getting breathless.

Shravan: Sumoooo!

The doctor puts oxygen mask on Suman’s face. Shravan cries. And she is taken to the operation theatre.

Shravan cries.

Preeti: Jiju, everything will be fine.

Just then Nirmala, Ramnath and the rest of the Malhotras and Tiwaris come.

Nirmala: Shravan?

Shravan: Maa? Sumo?

Just then the doctor comes,

Shravan: Doctor?

Doctor: Mr.Malhotra, your wife condition is critical. And she already had complications too, and she shouldn’t have take any stress.

Shravan: Doctor, is Sumo fine?

Doctor: She has lost a lot of blood. We cannot say anything for now.

The doctor leaves. Shravan starts crying.

Shravan: Again! Again I have done mistakes!

Pushkar: Bhaia, please stop blaming yourself without any reason! Sumo and the baby will be fine!

Shravan: Chotte, I…I shouldn’t have fought with her.

Ramnath: No Shravan, it’s not your fault it’s my fault! I shouldn’t have asked Suman for help.

Shravan: If you don’t say anything now, it’s better so please keep quiet.

Nirmala: Shravan, why are you talking with Ram like that?

Ramnath: Let it be Nirmala, Shravan! I understand his situation, and I think you should console him.

Nirmala comes and sits beside.

Shravan: Maa, nothing will happen to her right?

Nirmala: Why are you saying like this? Nothing will happen to Suman and the baby. I know my daughter-in-law very well. She is very strong. Keep hopes in God.

Shravan prays for Suman and the baby’s wellbeing.

Suman gives birth to a baby. The cry of the baby is heard. The doctor comes.

Shravan: Doctor, Sumo?

Doctor: Congratulations, Mr.Shravan Malhotra! You have been blessed with a baby girl!

Shravan gets really happy and the nurse brings the baby. Shravan gets emotional seeing the baby. The nurse hands the baby to Shravan. Shravan gets afraid.

Nirmala: What happened?

Shravan: Maa, I am afraid. I have never properly lifted a newborn baby. What if… what if I hurt her?

Nirmala: Beta, don’t be afraid. Just carry the baby like this.

Nirmala helps out Shravan, and now he comfortably takes the baby in his arms.

Shravan gets emotional as he eyes the baby.

Nirmala: Her eyes! Her eyes resembles a lot to you, and…

Everyone comes to see the baby.

Mausiji:The baby looks a lot like Suman when she was born. And yes Nirmala jii is right, the eyes resembles to yours.

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Doctor, Sumo?

Doctor: She is absolutely fine now, but she is unconscious. We will call you once she comes back to conscious.

Shravan: Doctor, can I meet her now, please!

Doctor: But she hasn’t regain consciousness.

Shravan: Doctor please I want to stay with her.

Doctor: Okay fine you can go.

Scene 4: Cabin
Shravan goes to the cabin with the baby in his arms, and Suman is sleeping.

Shravan talks with the baby.

Shravan: See baby, your mom! Your mom is sleeping, how lovely she is looking while she is sleeping. By then let me talk to you, if not you must know your mother very well by now.

Shravan talks with the baby.

Shravan: Baby, you know your Papa loves you so much! There will be three girls your daddy loves the most from now, your daddy’s mom, your mom and yes of course you, my Princess.

The baby looks and smiles.

Shravan: Looks like you will go completely on your mom. You know even your mom loves smiling like this. And I will make sure you keep smiling like this, and yes if anything happens don’t worry. Always remember that your dad will be there to protect you.

Shravan: If anyone hurts you, I won’t spare that person no matter what! And whenever you need anything just tell your dad!

Shravan kisses on the baby’s forehead.

Shravan: And yes your mom is a bit crazy types! So she may scold you for no reason, sometimes, she is like that. And we both will bear her, together, Okay!

Just then Suman regains consciousness,

Sumo: So, you are complaining about me to our baby!

Shravan: Sumo?

Suman gets up.

Shravan: Sumo, carefully?

Sumo: Shravan, how dare you say like this?

Shravan: Leave that and here is our baby. Our sign of love.

Shravan gives Suman the baby and she carries the baby in her arm. She eyes the baby emotionally.

Sumo: Don’t worry Baby! Mom will never hurt you! I promise! After all you are my girl.

Suman kisses the baby on her forehead.

Sumo: You know baby how can your Mom even hurt you! You know you reminded your mom of her mother. Yes, my mom.

Suman gets emotional.

Sumo: My mom must have lifted me in this way when I was born just the way I m lifting you in my arms. Mamma loves you a lot. And yes don’t worry about your dad, he always utters nonsense!

Shravan: Oh, so now you are complaining about me to our baby! Sumo, you will never change, right!

Sumo: You are also no less. But now my daughter will be with me, so you better think twice before speaking!

Shravan: Oh really! No! She will be with me! After all she will be Papa’s girl!

Sumo: No she will be Mamma’s girl.

Shravan: No she will be closer with her dad.

Sumo: No she will be closer with her mom.

Shravan: Sumo!

Sumo: Shravan!

The baby starts crying.

Sumo: Oh, my Princess, stop crying. See Shravan you made her cry!

Shravan: You are the one who started not me! She was so happy in my arms, and then after you took her she started crying!

Sumo:Oh so now my fault!

Suman and Shravan are fighting, and Nanu and Nirmala comes there.

Nirmala: Stop! You both are fighting! Both of you have become parents but yet you both cannot stop fighting and acting like kids.

Nanu: You both are always kids.

The baby is crying.

Sumo: Oh my baby don’t cry, Mamma is here!

Shravan takes her in his arms.

Sumo: Shravan?

The baby is still crying, until Nanu takes her in his arms and she stops.

Sumo: Nanu, the baby became silent once she came to you!

Shravan: Yes Nanaji.

Nanu laughs.

Nanu: This is nothing. Suman beta. You know, when you were born you also used to cry like this, infact more than this. The entire hospital was afraid of your crying.

Shravan: Now I know where my daughter got this crying habit from!

Nanu: If I can stop you, then this baby is nothing. She looks like she will be very calm when she will grow up.

Sumo: Thank God she won’t be like her dad! Short-tempered!

Nirmala: Suman you again started!

Sumo: What to do Maa, your son always blames me!

Shravan: Now I am at fault. Wow.

Nirmala: Stop fighting both of you, if not the baby will start crying again.

Sumo: Maa is right!

Shravan: Okay, and Sumo I am bringing your medicines by then.

Scene 5: Hospital
Shravan goes out to bring the medicine,

Ramnath is telling others,

Ramnath: I think I should leave now.

Ramnath is about to go, Shravan stops him.

Shravan: Stop!

Ramnath looks on.

Shravan: Come with me!

Ramnath: Shravan beta?

Shravan makes Ramnath sit, and Shravan looks at him. Ramnath looks at him sadly.

Shravan: Are you really guilty for what you did!

Ramnath: Yes, beta, I am really guilty I can’t tell you how much guilty I am for what I did!
Shravan: I just asked you if you are guilty or not, not how much guilty?

Shravan bends down to Ramnath,

Shravan: What if I never forgive you?

Ramnath: I knew it! I did wrong with you the last 11 years! And I think I somewhat deserve it! Beta, please forgive me for that!

Shravan: What if I forgive you?

Ramnath looks on emotionally, Shravan holds his hand.

Shravan: I have realised one thing today. That is parents have immense love for their children, and what they do for their children is their love! What you did was wrong! Very wrong!

Ramnath cries.

Shravan: But I realised you did so because you love me! But the path you chose was wrong! And you didn’t realise how much you would hurt your son! How could you keep me away from my mother?

Ramnath: I admit it, I shouldn’t have done so!

Shravan: Okay fine, and then my love of my life, Sumo. How can you treat my love as a thing? How could you even think of buying my love! If anyone forcefully adopted me from you, how would you have felt?

Ramnath: I would never let this happen!

Shravan: Exactly! This is where you went wrong. One was keeping my mom away from me, and second is trying to buy my love!

Ramnath: Yes beta, you are right.

Shravan: Then listen to one thing carefully! Today I have forgive you!

Ramnath gets happy.

Shravan: Today I have become a dad! After that I realised that you deserved a second chance. You know, when I lifted my daughter in my arms that was the best feeling for me. I didn’t want anything to happen to her, and no one to hurt her or take her away from me. Then I realised the fact you deserve another chance. Your way and intention was wrong, that’s it. Promise me, you will never ever do something which would hurt me!

Ramnath: I promise.

Shravan: Dad!

Ramnath: You called me dad! You know beta, last 6 months, last 6 months I was so desperate to hear this word with your mouth!

Shravan and Ramnath hug each other. Nirmala gets emotional seeing this.

Nirmala: Looks like the father-son forgot about me.

Shravan: No mom, nothing like that! Come!

They three share a hug. Aditya smiles seeing this.

Scene 6: Cabin
Shravan and Ramnath come to the cabin. Suman gets happy seeing them together.

Sumo: Shravan! Dad!

Shravan: Sumo, dad came to see his grand-daughter!

Suman gets happy.

Sumo: Shravan you, you forgave dad?

Shravan nods.

Suman gets happy.

Sumo: I am so happy.

Ramnath takes the baby in his arms.

Ramnath: Today only because of my grand-daughter my son forgave me.

Suman smiles.

Preekar are also there.

Preeti: As soon as this baby came, she changed everything. Now everything is fine. Dii, have you thought of any name of this Princess?

Sumo: I haven’t thought of much, but Shravan have thought of some right!

Shravan: Yes, but those names? Those names won’t suit my princess.

Sumo: Oho Shravan at least say some names.

Shravan: You want to hear?

Sumo: Yes.

Shravan: Okay the names I have thought are Sara, Stacy, Sandra…

Sumo: Shravan, our baby is not from London. What English names you are saying?

Shravan: See I told you it won’t suit my princess.

Pushkar: Bhaia, if you don’t mind can I recommend a name for this princess?

Shravan: Yes you say Chotte.

Pushkar: Since she brought happiness in everyone’s life and hopes, I have decided to name her Pari. How is the name?

Sumo: This name is really good.

Shravan: Yes, this name is the best for my Princess. My Princess, Shravan and Sumo’s Pari.

The baby smiles.

Sumo: Even our Pari loved her own name.

After a week,
Scene 7: Outside
Suman is being discharged from the hospital. Shravan takes her.

Sumo: Shravan, we are supposed to go home! Where are you taking us!

Shravan: Shh! You won’t say anything now!

Sumo: What Shravan I want to go home and sleep, and also I need to feed Pari!

Shravan: Sumo, we are just there.
Shravan brings Suman and Pari somewhere and Suman gets surprised seeing the place. The episode ends.

Precap: Suman gets a message and as she goes upstairs she gets surprised as she looks.
And yes full of Shraman and Shraman scenes in tomorrow’s episode.

By right I was suppose to publish the last episode today. But while editing this episode I made it way too long and added extra scenes so I decided to split it into two episodes and hence tomorrow is when I will publish the last episode. And yes, I am very very happy because I got my first ever salary today! ?That’s why, and yeah I even went to watch a movie with one of my friend today ?. Just think that in happiness of getting my salary treat for all of you is one more episode ?. And yes tomorrow is really the last episode and I am almost done with the editing of the last episode. But I have a full shift work tomorrow so I may most likely get late in publishing the episode. I tell you work at Saturdays are way too stressful ?.

And yes LAST EPISODE will be published tomorrow.

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  1. Arni

    Its a nice ff why ending it

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rivanya i suppose u r siddhi thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff well I have classes and work that’s why I had to end my ff

      1. Arni

        Oh i understand

  2. awesome

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      Hey Aisha thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff ?

  3. WeirdSister

    They have an angel!?
    I always expected them to have a daughter..
    I would have loved to see this story on TV..
    You have written it so beautifully.. I don’t think anybody could have done a better job.. ?but sadly…not all wishes come true..
    But I am happy.. that I got a chance to read it here..
    I can’t thank you enough for keeping the story alive for so many days..
    And now that I think of it.. when this gets over tomorrow.. I feel that once again. That pain would be felt.. but then there would be happiness too.. happiness of a complete story.. joy of not missing out on something..and lastly.. of them getting what they deserve..
    I can’t tell you.. how wonderfully you have carried this story..
    It has been my pleasure to have met a person like you.. and to come across a story like this..
    Please do keep writing. Because you are great at it..
    Loved it…
    Love you loads?
    And for one last time.. do post soon..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff yeah they have a baby girl ? Well i m sure there are many better writers than me yeah i always wanted EDKV to have a proper ending
      Love u all ? Will keep writing I may get a bit late in posting today though

  4. Berry

    Oh my god ….as soon as I read the description first I was like m in the heaven u knw I was happy really beyhadh happy ??…before starting to read the episode nearly half hour before I was thinking of what will happen to me cz I’ll not get to e episodes n I had many more thoughts bt as I read the news I jumped out of happiness n the episode was fantastic awesome mind blowing fantabulous …u r really a great writer cz u r jst going to end the story with a perfect n proper ending n yes if their will be shraman scenes tmrw then now only I can tell that it will be amazing episode n congratulations on getting ur first ever salary today n thanks fr giving me n all ur readers the treat of one more episode …love u n tc ..post soon …I will be waiting like a mad fr tmrw ..actually m totally in ur ffi jst love it …??????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff ?OMG it reallly means a lot to me that u loved my ff that much ? Well yeah I wanted a proper ending that’s why I wrote this ff and thanks for the wishes love u too ??? Thank u so much ?

  5. Fantabulous dear !!

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      Hey Diya thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ?

  6. Ruchi

    Hey Jo!!
    Congrats for ur First ever Salary 🙂 😀
    M soo sooo Happpy that u extended one more epi!!
    Wow nd this what we call perfect edkv ending (although one epi is left but m damn sure that it will also be super amazing)
    Frankly speaking i really dnt want this ff to end …
    First the show ended after the show ur ff which refreshed all the memories!!
    i so wish to watch season 2 Of edkv with same cast !!
    This Epi was amazing as usual !!
    i will miss this ff alot !!
    nd yes do tell me if u will write any other ff!!
    take care
    Love you
    Ru… 😉

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey ru thanks for commenting happy u liked my ff and i m so happy to see u back ? Thanks for the wishes ? Even I don’t wanna end this ff but what to do classes plus job but yes I won’t stop writing will commit to writing at least once or twice a week love u too ???

  7. Hey jo….
    Wonderful episode.
    All going so nicely.
    Totally loved it.
    Thanks for one more episode….
    Loads of love and take care.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Reema thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? N yeah extension ? Love u too ???

  8. Awww! Parii! And finally he forgave! I loved this. You know, once I was talking to one of my friends, I was like remember that time when Suman cleaned Shravan’s cabin? She’s like noo.. then I realized that it happened here! I consider this as the end. Im gonna miss this as much I miss my edkv, atleast you covered all the topics, unfortunately, our EDKV couldn’t.
    I love youu soo much for starting this!

  9. Fenil

    Congrats for your First ever Salary ? ?
    I M soo sooo Happpy that u extended one more epi!!
    Wow & this what we call perfect EDKV ending (although one epi is left but m damn sure that it will also be super amazing)
    Sorry for late

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh Baapre itna Sara comments ???

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