Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 55)

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Part 55


*Om ,and all are done with snacks ….and now all are heading towards ishana room.

Out side ishana room .

A lady is standing and was talking with some one on phone.

Lady- mine work is done here … omkara oberoi is all mine and property too…..she laugh .

Lady left the hospital .

*Om and rest reach there.

Om open the door and all r shock too see that ishana is not their .
Om call Ishana name ( ishana ishana)

Rudra- may be bhabhi washroom mei ho.
Rudra knock the door of washroom (Ishana bhabhi ….r u inn their.)

No answer ….rudra again call but again no answer .

So rudra open the door of the washroom to have a look .

But ishana was not their.

Om- where she can go in that condition .

Om and other come out from the room and called the nurse ……the one who was looking towards ishana.

Om- nurse where is my wife .??
Nurse- what do u mean sir …. Ishana mam is in her room only .

Om- no she is not there .
Nurse – what?

Om-where is she what kind of hospital is dis ….. that u don’t know where​ is ur patient !.?

Nurse – sir clam down maybe be some other other nurse took her for test i will check … plz u Wait.

(Nurse left).

All r little tensed.

After 20 min the nurse come back to inform that ishana is not in hospital ..

Om and all – What?????

Om- what do u mean she is not in hospital how dis is possible ……where she will go.

Nurse-actual unka discharge ho gya hai ……..dis is ms ishana metha discharge paper .

Om- she is mrs ishana oberoi .
Nurse- but its written ms ishana metha here .

Om- what ….he snatched the paper from nurse hand…..he was shocking its true …..she discharge herself …….and in name place it’s written ishana metha in place of Ishana oberoi.

Rudra take the paper and read it …… by one all of them read it ……all r hell shock.

Nurse- and ya sir the all payments are done by metha company .

Shivaay – what …..and u r Telling dis to us now whats going on here .
Om- can u plz show us the cctv camera .?

Nurse – sure sir ……u plz wait i will be back .

Anika- whts going on here …..and y ishana discharge herself ………?

Om- call ishana.

But its was switched off.

Rudra- shivaay bhaiya ..we should look out side .
Shivaay – ya let’s go.

Om was right now in a shock place every thing was blank .

Nurse come back with a laptop and cctv vedio.

Nurse- sir ,mam look .

Om – snatched the laptop from nurse hand. ……and he watch the vedio ….and he was hell shock … that vedio …someone was carrying Ishana in his arm (as she is not well)…..and its is clear that ishana is not in hospital .

Om – bhabhi we have to find her i think someone kidnapped​ her…. forcefully…we have to find her ….and om rush out side ….nd leaves the hospital.

Shivaay and rudra come inside ….nad ask about om.

Anika – explain everything to them

Shivaay – k I will call the police and telk him to help in searching Ishana ………i also think maybe om is right ishana ko kidnap kiya ……k…rudra and Anika u both u back to home ghr per kisi ko batana mat .k.

Both nodded in yes ….all left .

To be continued.

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  1. MahiraKhan

    Wow!!! Shock update!!

    Dhamekedaar episode…

    Superb ….

    Continue soon..

  2. Superb epi waiting for the next

  3. I’ve been a silent reader. Finally you posted after a looooong break.
    Superb update

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thank u so much

  4. Awesome…loved it waiting for next part

  5. Amazing update…

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