The diary~ First Attempt

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28 April, 2017
Dear Selfie,
Yep I have decided to name you that; because you are mine and only mine, moreover isn’t it pretty cool, eh?
I really don’t have any idea to treat you like a diary, for me you’ll be my listener, the one who *hopefully* will and wants to listen to all my desires, moods and feelings about certain, different people, things and incidents.

Writing a diary seems difficult to manage , but imagining the pleasure I’ll get when I read it afterwards as a token of my life, encourages me.
Currently I am in Simra, a small village in the District of Madhubani, Bihar, India.
No I’m not here for a f**king vacation, but it’s the Shradh ( Rituals performed after the death of someone, for the soul of them to attain Moksha) of my “BELOVED” Nani (Grandmother from Mother’s side), her passing away was so unexpected and sudden for all of us, as she was still just 66.
This incident has been tiring for me, every step has to watched out.
I am maybe just like any other girl of 12, but actually I am not. There is so much to me which is hidden and I finally want to share it with you, but it needs great determination.
I am a girl. Tomorrow is my 12th birthday.

My complexion is wheatish. My eyes are brown too, but they are beautiful, may be the only pretty feature of my face. The shape of my teeth are horrible, and I hate it because that effects the shape of my lips too, and they look swollen so I have to keep them sucked in. My nose is fine. And so much do I hate my oily skin which sometimes gets dry. I’ll not say I am ugly, although sometimes I feel so, because my face just needs a little bit of pampering, and after that I look good, in fact sometimes really good or at least fine for the fact. My hair is silky and nice and I adore them.
I sometimes *almost every time* take jokes seriously and I am emotionally sensitive so I do get hurt often too, also I get embarrassed really easily.

I’ll be honest with you, because at least some one should know my real feelings in this big world. I’ll get back to you soon, mumma is at the back of me for her mobile. Btw I am today wearing a semi floral Palazzo with a pink top with Indian designs. Bye!
Yours Saumya.
Hello ev1! How are you? This is Sufina here, I thought a lottt before choosing this concept, because writing about someone is hell so difficult. But m crazy, so I am finally presenting you this. It is a work of fiction and some real life incidences written in POV of the protagonist Saumya, and is on the form of a diary, recording her real life incidences and case with love. Please note that she is really really young like literally 12.
Hope you all will like, comment and tell me your views about this.
Bye! Love y’all! !! ?

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