Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman and Shravan elope together

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Vijay is on a call. He checks the news afterwards. The news of a fight between college students is coming. Anjali asks him if everything is fine. He shares that the kid started firing at each other. Packing is done? She nods. He asks her if Suman is fin. She says she will be. She will understand this sooner or later. He says you know I dint want to do this. She is capable of a lot more. Anjali seconds him. They decide to drop off Suman to airport tomorrow.

Shravan gets parting gifts from his family. Devraj asks about Bunty. Shravan says he had some work. Devraj is surprised to hear it. He is always around but he isn’t here today when you are going away. Shravan manages the situation. He hopes that Bunty manages to pull it off in time.

Kanchan asks Suman if she is fine. Suman is worried as Vijay will be coming along. Kanchan reminds her it time to take action, not to be afraid. Suman says I have to make him trust my choice. Her Chachi gives her her favourite sandwiches. Suman tells her to take care of herself and the baby. Don’t exert yourself. She nods. They get emotional. Vijay reminds them both that Pune is not so far. Suman will keep visiting. Dadu asks him if he is ready to leave. Vijay nods. I will go to work from there only. Suman tells Kanchan to take care of her rose plant till the time she is back. Vijay receives a call regarding the college firing and is asked to report right away. Vijay agrees. He tells his father about it. It is a terrorist activity. Dadu says Suman can go later but Vijay asks Ramesh to drop Suman to airport. He says bye to Suman. Her replies make him wonder if she so upset that she wont even hug him to say goodbye. Suman is relieved at the turn of events.

Shravan’s mother is emotional. Why did you have to go to US? It is so far from here. Shravan tells her to send him away with a smile. We will talk on phone.

Suman does not look at Vijay when she leaves in her car. Shravan and Suman nod at each other as their cars leave for the airport.

Anjali tells Suman she did the right thing. Your papa will always thing well for you. Life is very big. We have to move on. This is what’s best for you.

Vijay comes to Suman’s room. He thinks of the sad farewell that he just experienced. He sends an E-mail to Suman. He looks at the room. She has lived her life like a soldier since childhood. She learnt everything without training. He receives a call from his Senior. I will come right away. Vijay takes out a photo of him and Suman from one of the portraits.

Suman makes a pit-stop at a store. She thanks her family for taking care of her. I don’t want to trouble you. We will be back soon.

Devraj and his wife are also waiting outside the same store. Devraj wonders if Shravan couldn’t get all that from US. His wife says that might not be available there. Devraj says I have checked his list. Everything is available there.

Vendor asks Shravan what he wants. He drops the list. Suman also comes there. She gives her list to the vendor. He gets busy looking at it. Shravan and Suman disappear by the time he looks up.

The news of another firing is being aired on TV. Vijay is leading the operation.

Suman and Shravan’s family is getting impatient. They notice each other’s car there. Devraj and Dadu go inside to check on the kids.

Bunty is waiting for Suman and Shravan. He heaves a sigh of relief when he notices them coming towards him. Bunty introduces them to Montu. You can trust him. Shravan asks Suman if she is scared. She says I feel better after seeing you. He asks her if they are doing the right thing. She denies. It might be wrong for now but this is the only way to make our families understand our choice. Bunty teases them. Shravan tells him to focus on the road.

Devraj and Dadu ask the same shop vendor about Suman and Shravan. He hands them their list. They gave me this list and then left. Dadu says I am right outside. from where did they leave? Vendor points at the back door. Devraj and Dadu look at each other.

Bunty asks Shravan what his plan is. Shravan replies that they will hide away for a few days. Our families should drop the idea of sending us away. Suman asks them where they will stay till then. He says we will go to Indore. My Mausa ji lives there. He is very cool and like a friend. He will understand our problem and he might be able to convince my family too.

Both the families are at Suman’s place. Dadu is not happy that Shravan’s family is here. I will file a complaint against Shravan. Devraj asks him what he means. Dadu says Shravan would have forced her to do this. Devraj argues that they are equally sensible. Their argument continues. Ramesh calms them down. Both the mothers are in tears. Dadu says I wont spare Shravan. Devraj asks him why he always pins the blame on his son. his brother tells him to stay calm. They are worried too. Let’s find a solution. Ramesh says we must find them asap. They see the news. Anjali gets worried as she hears the news about Vijay leading the operation. Neither of them are around and they have no idea what’s happening here. Devraj’s wife assures her they will pray for the well-being of their kids. Devraj tells them not to worry about the kids. I will bring them home. Malhotra family leaves.

Shravan tells Bunty that Mausa ji is in Ujjain. He will be back tomorrow only. We have to stay somewhere tonight. Bunty suggests going to his home. Suman asks about his parents. He says they are out of town. Shravan thanks him. Bunty tells him that he will spend his entire life saying thanks to him this way. Shravan assures Suman things will go as per their plan.

Precap: Shravan asks Suman if she is worried. She says I am worried about mumma. She must be all alone. Suman slips while walking and Shravan falls on top of her. They come closer for a kiss. Later, they hear the news of Vijay’s getting caught in the crossfire in college and attaining martyrdom. Suman falls down on her knees in shock. Shravan holds her.

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