Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber upset with the marriage functions

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 23rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia telling Kajal that Kabir is coming here and will do all the arrangements. Kajal tells that your vehicle doesn’t move without him. Nia says he is my assistant here. Kabir comes there. Kajal asks him to come and says there is so much work. Kabir asks Nia to take the strong coffee and says your head might be shaking after yesterday’s hangover. Nia is going for the presentation and stops to drink coffee. Kajal asks if she is not getting late now. Dil hi toh hai….plays….Nia tells herself that she has to forget her feelings and have to stay as his best friend only. Kabir asks what? Nia tells him the instructions about the do’s. Amber recalls all the happenings, when he gets call from Pra ji. He picks his call and greets him. Pra ji asks him to stand up and says if Pandemic would have been there then I would have come there. Amber thinks thank God, he didn’t come and ends the call. He thinks do you know what is happening with you and makes sketch thinking that very soon relatives will come, and then he will be burdened with responsibilities. He thinks he has to stop all this. His innerself asks him to go and talk to Nia about it. He thinks to talk to her and goes to her room. Kajal tells that Nia left for work. Nia asks Kabir to handle Dad today. She tells that she has to go for presentation and asks him to manage. Kabir says ok, I will manage and asks her not to worry. Nia comes out of house when she gets RB’s call. Nia asks did you come back? He says yes and asks if she was missing him. She says no. RB says you broke my heart. RB tells that he has delayed the presentation.

Nia says you are sound happy and asks what happened? RB tells that he is in company of some people and got influence with their presence. He tells that they have crossed all limits of goodness, because of them, he has forgiven some people and is feeling very light. Nia says good sir. RB says you and Sharma ji seem to be my dear ones. Nia says you are changed. He says I think I like you. Nia smiles. RB says if we have met before, then something would have happen between us. Nia says you are forgetting my dad. RB says he will run behind me holding the gun. Nia says we will set the code, NDR, Nia se door rehna to remind you. She sits in car. Amber comes calling her. Kabir tells that she left for the presentation. Amber says today…Kabir asks if you have any problem then can tell me. Amber says no. Kabir asks on which song, they will dance together. Amber says he will not dance. Kabir says it was bachelorette party yesterday, but today there is sangeet. Amber gets upset and goes from there.

Precap: Pammi and Lovely Bua ask Amber to dye his hair to look young. Amber sees Guneet coming there for the function. He gets tensed and messages Nia.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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